Sudden: Dashi Johnson and Neymar are diagnosed! The return of overseas students to Australia has been suspended again! Trump Hotel goes bankrupt, Australia epidemic rebounds

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Let’s look at the number of the outbreak in Australia today.89Cases were diagnosed and dropped to double digits again! But there is59Unfortunately, he died of illness. Although it has returned to double digits, the death toll has risen and the status quo is not optimistic.



New in NSW8example.


No new additions in Queensland.


Yesterday morning, a road map to unblock Victoria was posted on the Internet. The leaked road map shows that Melbourne will continue to enforce the curfew; people have only 4 reasons to leave home; people can receive 2 visitors at home, and so on.


But the Victorian government subsequently issued an official statement saying that this is an "outdated" plan, and the governor will announce the official plan this Sunday.



Sudden: Two superstars diagnosed with new crowns.


In addition, the hot searches on Weibo have been maxed out yesterday!



Two world-famous celebrities have been diagnosed: The well-known American famous Dashi Johnson recorded a video announcing that he and his wife and daughter have been diagnosed with the new crown.



Dawn Johnson posted on social media that he, his wife and two daughters were all infected with new coronary pneumonia. However, the condition is not serious and is currently in the recovery stage.


The 48-year-old said that he, his wife Lauren and his daughters, 4-year-old Jasmine and 2-year-old Tiana were all diagnosed. Although they felt unwell at first, fortunately, they feel better now and ask fans not to worry. In addition, Johnson also said: “This is one of the most challenging and difficult things that our family has to go through, and this is also true for me personally.”



Johnson also revealed that after several weeks of treatment, their pneumonia is no longer contagious.


Johnson also persuaded fans based on his own experience. He hopes that everyone can avoid attending parties as much as possible. He also hopes that everyone can pay attention to protection and wear masks when going out.


This kind of heart-warming act is even more sad in the eyes of fans. Fans hope that Johnson can take care of himself and recover as soon as possible.



After learning about Johnson's illness, netizens were eager to know why Johnson was suffering from the new crown.


In particular, Johnson has never stopped work during the epidemic. During this period, did he come into contact with other people? What is the current state of these people? It is also the most concerned issue of the public.


Regarding the question of why and when, Johnson did not give an answer, so we can only wait for the result before the person responds.


In 2020, Johnson will have many movies online, but judging from Johnson's current state, whether these movies can be launched as scheduled will be a question mark.



In addition, Johnson not only has a lot of work in 2020, but his schedule for 2021 is actually full. Not surprisingly, Johnson will have 2021 works to meet with you in 4, and the workload is quite large.


However, Johnson was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia under such circumstances. It is not known whether the subsequent filming and publicity of other films will be affected.


Dashi Johnson is a well-known Hollywood actor who has starred in "The Mummy 2", "The Scorpion King", "The Adventures of the Center of the Earth 2", and the "Fast and Furious" series.





TalkOP One Piece: The most profitable actor in the world has also been recruited


Wait and think about being rich: It must be fine, and your physique can defeat the virus.


Mu Mu did not shed tears: Anyone who did what the Americans did might get...


Poke the fire sauce of the Lord: A person with such a good physique should recover quickly!


Private nineteen: Don't really have a fluke mentality.


In addition to internationally renowned playersNeymarYesterday, the new crown was also announced.



Hey, how many fans should be disappointed by this...


The return of overseas students to Australia has been suspended again!



The pilot program for returning overseas students to Australia may be shelved again!


Yesterday, Australian media revealed that the plan to bring 300 international students back to South Australia has been suspended pending the approval of the Prime Minister.


The pilot program was originally scheduled to start this month, but now it must wait for Morrison to hold talks with the states on the country’s restrictions on international arrivals before proceeding.



It is understood that Morrison will review the current limit of 4000 international inbound passengers per week on Friday.


After the international limit is confirmed, the South Australian International Student Returning Pilot Program can be signed.



The state government said it is ready to conduct a pilot program that will allow hundreds of students to return to South Australia to study after two weeks of isolation.


Federal Minister of Education Dan Tehan expressed concern that he hopes the governor will ensure that no international students can replace Australians returning from overseas.


Trump Hotel declares bankruptcy



According to documents from the Canadian Bankruptcy Supervision Office, Trump International Hotel in Vancouver, Canada has filed for bankruptcy.


The hotel staff said that the hotel has been permanently closed.


Hotel operator TA Hotel Management Partners Co., Ltd. filed for bankruptcy last Thursday.



The hotel opened in Vancouver in 2017 at a cost of 3.6 million and has a total of 63 floors, making it the second tallest building in Vancouver.


The creditors' meeting is scheduled to be held on September 9.


The TA Hotel Management Partnership listed in the bankruptcy file has a debt of $480 million.



Affected by the epidemic, Trump Hotel's business is also very bleak. The staff here revealed that this hotel does not have any business.


A representative of the hotel staff union said the news was shocking, and the staff learned about the closure from the media.


The following are other related news about the epidemic:


Water supply in 100 districts of Melbourne is affected, water supply company proposes compensation measures


Source: 7news


Last week, due to the bad weather in Melbourne, the water supply of small partners in many areas was affected, and the tap water could not be directly drunk.


Last Friday, more than 200,000 households of the Yarra Valley Water Supply Company and the Southeast Water Supply Company were told to boil water because tap water cannot be drunk directly, otherwise it may cause gastroenteritis.


After the backup generator failed, the deadly storm last Thursday night caused untreated water to drain from the Silvan Dam into the drinking water supply of 100 suburbs.


Source: 7news


Customers were told to boil the water before drinking, which also caused a wave of "water purchases", and the bottled water in the supermarket was out of stock.


On Sunday night, the Yarra Valley Water Supply Company informed all affected customers that safe drinking water is available.


Lara Olsen of Southeast Water Company said: "We know this is a very difficult time."


"We want to thank our customers for their patience, and we are sorry for that."


Source: 7news


However, it is understood that the water fee will not be discounted.


But the two water supply companies both said that if customers do not have the money to buy bottled water, it will provide customers with a refund.


"The water quality test has confirmed that the water in the network is safe to drink. Customers are advised to rinse the tap for two minutes first." Yarra Valley Water tweeted.


"If people have to buy bottled water but don't have money, please call 1300 853 811 during working hours to get a refund."


There are still many confirmed cases around Melbourne, with more than 50% of residents experiencing symptoms without testing



Recently, the situation in Victoria has improved and confirmed cases have fallen.



However, it can be seen from the epidemic map that the epidemic around Melbourne is still very serious, and now we can't relax.


At the same time, although Victoria’s daily new cases have decreased in recent days, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said that the spread of coronavirus is still high in nursing homes, medical institutions and high-risk workplaces.



Brett Sutton said: "Our burden is in 25 administrative regions. There are still clusters of infections in Casey in the north, west and southeast."



Moreover, according to surveys, many people with symptoms have not been tested.


Professor Sutton said he fears that less than half of people will be tested after they develop symptoms.



In recent days, he has been persuading people to be checked even if their symptoms are mild to ensure that health authorities fully understand the level of infection in the community before relaxing restrictions.


He also revealed that an investigation found that less than 50% of Victorians with symptoms are being tested.


"We hope that 100% of people with symptoms will be tested."


Victorian disaster status continues to extend


Image source: smh


The original state of Victoria’s disaster should expire yesterday afternoon, but Victoria’s Premier Andrews said that the state of Victoria’s disaster will be extended until the end of Melbourne’s strict fourth phase of lockdown on September 9.


This means that the government will continue to enforce Melbourne’s curfew and prohibit residents from leaving their homes more than five kilometers.


Image source: smh


Andrews said in a statement: "In practice, this means that the police can ask people to provide their names and addresses to check if people are within five kilometers of their home, or enter a home or business to check whether residents are complying with party restrictions. "


He emphasized that even if the restrictions of the fourth phase are relaxed, the disaster state will not necessarily end on September 9.


He said: "These decisions are influenced by the confirmed data."


Outbreak in central Sydney


Source: daily mail


The situation in Victoria has improved recently, but the number of confirmed cases in Sydney has been increasing. Yesterday, 17 cases of coronavirus were recorded in New South Wales.


There are now 49 cases related to the Sydney CBD outbreak.


The state’s chief health officer, Dr. Carey Shant, announced the figure at a news conference on Wednesday.


Fifteen of the new cases are related to known cases, and one of the new cases was diagnosed in hotel isolation.


Source: daily mail


Eight of the new cases are related to the growing CBD cluster.


Dr. Shante said that because of the large number of people flocking to the CBD to work every day, the CBD cluster may grow further.


She said it is important that people should be tested in time.


Source: daily mail


In the past 24 hours, NSW has conducted about 20,083 coronavirus tests, compared with only 14,000 people tested last weekend.


The New South Wales Department of Health said there are currently 75 active COVID-19 cases.


Five of these cases are in a severe state.


87% of active cases receive treatment at home.


Australia's economy suffers for the first time in 30 years


Source: daily mail


According to reports, Australia has experienced its first recession in nearly 30 years.


Data for the June quarter showed the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in the 6s. Economists predict that the coronavirus pandemic will shrink the economy by at least 1930%.


Following the 0.3% decline in GDP in the March quarter, national accounts data will experience the first technical decline since mid-1991.


CommSec chief economist Craig James predicts that economic activity plunged 6% in the June quarter, the largest decline in 5.4 years.


Other economists are more pessimistic and are expected to plunge 6%.


Recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of contraction in GDP. The GDP is expected to shrink by 4.7% this year, which is the largest decline since 1945.


James said that the Australian economy may have officially entered a recession.


Source: daily mail


Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg is now facing the daunting task of promoting economic recovery.


It now appears that the unemployment rate is expected to reach the highest since 1994 before Christmas.


Philip Lowe said that the Phase 4 shutdown in Melbourne hindered Australia's economic recovery.


"In Australia, the economy is in a very difficult period and is experiencing its biggest contraction since the 1930s."




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