Recently, the "New York Post" reported a shocking news-

"Bin Laden's niece backed Trump: Only Trump can prevent the second 911/XNUMX incident from happening!"
When seeing this news, it is estimated that people all over the world have a subtle WTF mood in their hearts.

Bin Laden has been the number one public enemy of the United States for the past ten years, and even now, he is still the object of hatred by countless Americans.

And his niece swaggered to cheer for the US election?
If you put this news together with another news in July, it would be even more ironic.

On July 7, a reporter interviewed Trump's niece and asked:"If you were in Trump's office today, what would you say to him?"

But Trump’s niece only dropped one word:"resignation!"
The same niece... Trump's niece publicly asked him to resign, but bin Laden's niece shouted for him to be re-elected.

I am afraid that even Trump himself, when he saw the support of the Bin Laden family, was in a mixed mood...

Otherwise, according to Trump's character, he would probably have to repost this supporting tweet in a high-profile way to prove that he is the "chosen man".

Although when we talk about bin Laden, of course we are referring specifically to the former leader of Al Qaeda who planned the 911/XNUMX incident, Osama bin Laden.

But in fact, bin Laden is just a surname.

Under this surname, there is a huge "bin Laden" family.
In Saudi Arabia, the bin Laden family is one of the richest families outside of the royal family.

In Bin Laden's grandfather's generation, they were still impoverished. Old Bin Laden was a farmer and could only make a living by doing odd jobs every day.

But in Bin Laden’s father’s generation, he caught the ride of the times:During World War II, Osama bin Laden’s father saw the opportunity that Saudi Arabia had to develop domestic infrastructure in preparation for the founding of the country, so he used up all his father and son’s possessions and created the "bin Laden Construction Group."
It was a big bet, but they were right.

Relying on his strong interpersonal skills, Bin Laden’s father worked step by step with higher-level people until he established a relationship with the royal family and even established a trusting relationship with the first king of Saudi Arabia. He directly contracted a series of government projects, including the Holy Land Mai. Added repairs.

From then on, bin Laden’s family wealth began to snowball step by step, establishing a business empire, and becoming the richest family in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi King Tower

——If it were not for bin Laden's appearance, this family would be like countless rich families, and everyone would live a life envied by normal people.

From the beginning of his birth, he was destined to worry about food and clothing, and to chase a BMW. Even though Bin Laden’s father had dozens of children,Even the least favored children can get hundreds of millions of dollars, enough for them to spend a lifetime.
Great Mosque in Mecca

Osama Bin Laden, as the most famous person in the family, made people all over the world think that the entire family is a terrorist who believes in extremism.

But in fact, for members of the family...

Osama Bin Laden is the "alien"...
Bin Laden

Unlike bin Laden’s line,Almost all other young people in the bin Laden family grew up under Western education.

For example, Bin Laden’s niece, Nusa Bin Laden, who made this amazing remark (her surname is different from Bin Laden, written as Ladin)

She received a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Geneva and a master's degree in business law from the University of London. She has hardly returned to Saudi Arabia since she was a child.

This time, in an interview with American media, she directly issued a warning:

"If Joe Biden of the Democratic Party is elected President of the United States on November 11 this year, then terrorist attacks on the United States will come back."

"Only Trump can prevent the second 911/XNUMX from happening! Trump will be re-elected this year!"
In fact, everyone who knows her knows that it is not surprising to say this...

Her father and Osama bin Laden are brothers, but unlike Osama bin Laden’s hatred of the United States, Noosa is a complete “exquisite”.

"I have regarded America as my second hometown since I was young!"
Noosa was born in Switzerland. When he was 3 years old, he and his mother went back and forth to the United States. Even in his room, the American flag was hung.

"I have had an American dream since I was a child, and I hope to travel all over America in a motorhome."

When Bin Laden launched the attack, the 14-year-old was hit hard and her life changed completely... But because of this, did she love the United States more?

"Even though my name is bin Laden, Americans have never treated me badly. Their kindness and understanding even make me at a loss."
In short, no matter what the reason is, this man truly regards himself as an American and is also concerned about the US election.

Since Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States in 2015, she has unswervingly supported Trump.

"I have been observing from a distance, and I admire this man's determination."

Even walking on the streets of Switzerland, she often wears the red hat of Trump's slogan "Make America Strong Again" to directly express her political inclination.
Although Obama directly killed her uncle Bin Laden during his tenure, in the eyes of this sister, this was not enough.

"The leftist forces in the United States have united with extremists."

“Former President Obama sat and watched the rise of extremist organizations in the Middle East during his tenure, and they have now penetrated into Europe!”

"Only a preemptive American president like Trump can completely protect us Americans."
In her view, if Trump is not re-elected, the future of the United States will be ruined, and even the entire Western civilization will be greatly affected.

Therefore, on Twitter, she spared no effort to vote for Trump. Almost every article praised Trump and forwarded Trump's propaganda.
Even at the top of her, there is a "letter to the United States", naked and loyal.

She referred to the United States as the last guarantee of human civilization, and wrote "Noosa the Patriot" at the last place of inscription.
In fact, she is not the only bin Laden family, her sisters are also representatives of secularization.

My sister Wafah Duffer, after bin Laden's attack, immediately changed her surname to her mother's surname... However, unlike what the sister said, in the statement of the sister:

"After the 911/XNUMX incident, my family and I were repeatedly threatened with death, and we often fell into depression and confusion. Our family was forced to move to Geneva and London, but even so, as soon as we were in a public place, gossip would come to our face."
For my sister, the most terrible thing is probably not these gossips, but the terrorist attack that has changed her career a lot.

After 911/XNUMX, even if she changed her name, her identity was firmly locked on "Bin Laden's niece."

"Is there anything less suitable for being a star than bin Laden? Unless your last name is Hitler."
But Wafah, who dreamed of becoming a star, never gave up...

She has been expressing her love for the United States, hoping to be accepted by the entertainment circle again——

"I basically haven't seen Bin Laden, I don't even speak Arabic, and I still have an American passport!"

"I really love America."
Black eyes, long eyelashes, plump lips, caramel skin... But apart from the apparent "exotic style", her behavior has not been influenced by Islam at all.

She smokes, drinks, and wears a super low-cut mini skirt.
She takes sexy photos and works as a magazine model.

I also tried to release my own album and be a singer.

She is even willing to expose her privacy and shoot reality shows to "become a star".
However, after getting married, she seemed to have given up these struggles and began to be a wife with all her heart.

"Westerners hate me because of my last name, and Saudis hate me because of my values."

"I don't understand, why can't I live my life well?"

On the one hand, every child in the bin Laden family has a wealth of wealth, which is really enviable.

But on the other hand, the inconvenience caused by that terrorist attack is also a bit embarrassing.
My sister wanted to break through the limitation of this surname, but in the end she couldn't realize her dream because she could only bear the name "Bin Laden's niece" forever.

The younger sister, even more because of being "bin Laden's niece", is even harder to cheer for the United States, and is recognized by others.
Many people expressed their opinions in the news that "bin Laden's niece supports Trump."

"My eyes have no flowers? Bin Laden's niece supports Trump"
"Wow, congratulations to Trump for getting the support of terrorists!"

"This is more prestigious than getting the support of white supremacists and Nazists!"
"Is this a threat?"

"Biden will launch another terrorist attack when he is elected?"
"Well, under Trump's leadership, we have died 911 times as many people as 65/XNUMX due to the epidemic."
Perhaps, in the current chaos, in the eyes of Trump opponents--

Don't talk about bin Laden's niece, even if bin Laden scams the corpse himself, she will vote for Trump...

After all, no one knows how to harm the United States better than Trump...

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