US Secretary of State Pompeo said on Monday (August 8) in an interview with WMAL, a regional radio station in Washington, D.C. US President Trump (Trump) is considering temporarily banning Chinese students and researchers from coming to the United States to study or conduct research. After the news came out, many Chinese students were frightened. It is reported that Chinese students have come up with new strategies. Some Chinese students have adopted the "curve entry" method to bypass countries that can not only avoid Chinese visas but also apply for US visas and apply for visas to study in the United States.
US media reported that on August 8, US Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview with US media that US President Trump is considering restricting Chinese students to study in the US, and the US government may announce that it will target the US in the next few weeks or months. New initiatives for Chinese students studying abroad.

Chinese students wanting to enter the country in a detour, visa-free country to do US visa

In this regard, many Chinese students are working hard to find ways to obtain US visas. Some Chinese students use the "curve entry" method to bypass countries that can not only avoid Chinese visas but also apply for US visas and apply for visas to study in the United States.

According to mainland media reports, Wang Qiang (pseudonym), who intends to study business at the University of Washington this year, said in an interview with Lu Media on September 9 that as the U.S. visa is currently not available in China, he chose to study abroad for the longest time abroad. It is one and a half years long. I am worried that I will not be able to pass the identification of the qualification certificate for studying abroad after I return to China. So I chose to go to Cambodia to apply for a US visa recently.

"There were 8 people who went to apply for visas on the same plane with me, but the hotel I was staying in was full of Chinese people who wanted to apply for visas," said Wang Qiang.

He accidentally found such agency services on the Internet. At present, he is familiar with at least three agencies that apply for student visas through visa-free countries. "This kind of agency will send people to pick up and drop off the plane, review materials, and help customers line up to'brush' the appointment number for face-to-face signing."

According to reports, the agency business in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is currently the most mature, and it is also a visa-free country relatively close to China. Some organizations said that customers can choose Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Kunming as their departure locations. The number of people in a group is basically 8-10, and the maximum number is no more than 12.

It is understood that a series of package fees for applying for a student visa is nearly 5 yuan, and there will be a slight increase in the near future. However, this fee does not include the visa fee and the deposit fee to the customs when entering Cambodia. The two add up to approximately US$2160 (approximately RMB 14734).

"As long as there is no problem with the school, visas can definitely enter the United States," a staff member of an agency revealed that his agency handled 8 students in August, and 10 students have obtained visas, of which 8 Has left for the United States.

It is reported that the processing time for visa application is not short, and it needs to stay abroad for at least 3 weeks. "There are 14 days to be quarantined in the hotel and undergo a nucleic acid test before the interview can be arranged. Although it can be confirmed on the spot, but after the interview, it will take 4-5 days to sign out. If you are unlucky, you will be listed by the visa officer. 'check (review)', the time will be delayed at least 10 days." One of the agency staff said.

Many international student groups regard agency service as a ticket to the United States

It is understood that there is still a risk of being rejected by the United States for majors such as computer science, biology, and chemistry. "One of the students who was'checked' before was a major in electrical engineering," said the staff member.

And even if you get a visa, there are still certain risks.

Several international students said that in the previous group that went to Cambodia to apply for a US student visa, there were cases where the visa was revoked by the US embassy within a day after the visa was issued. Even with various factors such as expensive visa package fees and instability in visa application, there are still many groups of international students who regard the agency service as a ticket to the United States.