inhuman! Women after the defeat of the war!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Wars have always been cruel,
War has always been a man’s business,
But in the long history,
The fate of women after the defeat of the war is even more cruel!
1: Shame of Jingkang
After the occurrence of "The Shame of Jingkang", the number of concubines, princesses, and clan maids in the Northern Song Dynasty captured by Jurchens amounted to several thousand.
These Northern Song women who fell into the hands of the Jin people, regardless of their ranks, were all reduced to the sex slaves of the Jurchens. They were tortured, humiliated, physically and mentally devastated by the Jin people, and some were beheaded on the spot when they resisted. Some were unbearable, and committed suicide by piercing the throat with an arrow. Those who were pregnant were aborted by a medical officer by the golden man, and then let the golden soldier vent his animal desires...
However, this big event, which is also counted in Chinese history, is so undocumented in official history, the reason is-too! Ever! shame! disgrace!
2: Moldova after the collapse of the Soviet Union
Among the republics of the former Soviet Union, Moldova is the most unfortunate. Since the country's independence, the economy has never recovered like sunset. About a quarter of the country's population is unemployed, and people are living in dire straits. Experts estimate that 40 women in the tiny country of Moldova have been forced to become prostitutes. This figure accounts for 10% of the country’s total women’s population. Since the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, there has been an unstoppable wave of female immigration in Eastern Europe. Women from Russia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and other countries go to the West at all costs. Moldovan women form a special group. Most of them are beautiful, but they lack education and are isolated and helpless. They happen to be the prey of pimps.
3: "Sister Nanyang" after Japan's defeat
From the 1870s to the 1920s, a large number of young Japanese women were sold overseas to make a living for people to have fun, forming a large flow of prostitution population that is rare in the history of the world. Since the Nanyang Islands are one of its largest gathering places, it is directly called "Nanyang Sister" in Chinese. In their eyes, the work they have done should not be ashamed, and it has promoted Japan's national economy like other work.
Then, Japanese fascists fell under the artillery fire of World War II, and many Japanese women became widows, causing the "Sister Nanyang" to reach a historical peak at this stage. Under the work of these "Nanyang sisters", Japan's economy has indeed grown to a certain extent, and it even became one of the main means for Japan to earn foreign exchange at that time. Although many countries acquiesced in the existence of the "Nanyang Sister" group at that time, their group was still exploited in every way, even exchanging their bodies for living space.
4: German woman after the defeat
As captives, they had to endure abuse by the Soviets. According to a German woman who survived this disaster, some German women would even be injured by as many as XNUMX Soviet soldiers. Some women Suicide because of unbearable abuse, some surviving German women have left a lot of psychological trauma. As long as they see men, they can't be afraid, and they even shake their legs.
The cruelty of war is far from being as simple as victory and defeat, it is only the final result.More is the suffering of civilians,, For every citizen, it is an unavoidable disaster!The so-called: prosperity, people suffer; death, people suffer!exactly!
love peace,
Reject the war!

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