Trump is on the cover of Time magazine again. Although he does not have his name, in my opinion, this should be the most shocking cover of Time magazine.
"Time" can't stand it anymore.
The cover is very simple, with black and red on the bottom, but it is shocking.
The White House is still the White House, but there are four chimneys on the top of the White House, which are continuously spewing viruses out, densely and terribly hideous, covering almost the entire page, and even swallowing the four letters of the English "TIME" (TIME).
Please note that the White House is indeed spraying poison.
The headline of the "Time" weekly tweet is:"Patient Zero" and the White House outbreak.
"Patient Zero" should not be said, but it is President Trump.
In the cover article, there is a paragraph like this:

When the president sneezes, the United States catches a cold.When the president is diagnosed, the United States must also consider its vulnerability.His sickness is our sickness.Trump, like the virus, disrupted our national identity, and its influence will continue until November 11.How has the past four years affected us?What kind of recovery do we need?Will we feel inferior due to weakness, or will we fall into a dangerous state of denial?

One question mark after another.
Why is this happening?
The article disclosed some interesting details:

Trump will make faces when he sees his assistant wearing a mask.He would say that when an official wearing a mask speaks, he can neither hear nor understand.When Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Podinger told his colleagues that he was wearing a mask to protect a family member with respiratory illness, he was told that you "frightened everyone" and should stop doing this with the president...

Then, everything we already know next is ironic.
Trump was diagnosed, and not just him. More than a dozen guests who participated in the White House event were diagnosed, including two Republican senators, several senior White House officials, and an admiral of the Coast Guard...
Among Western countries, it should be only the United States.
Therefore, at the end of the cover article of "Time", I feel a little bit distressed:

There are now more cases related to the White House than New Zealand reported in the past week... According to another study by Cornell University and Harvard University, Trump himself is the biggest source of false information about the election and COVID-19.He is the super spreader of our country: lies, fears, divisions, tossing.

But for Trump, science is just another lie of a biased dark power, another loser who has been bullied and yielded.He could have done responsible things, but his ideology is power.It's too early to conclude on Trump's presidential career, but one day we may look back and see this as his ultimate weakness.

Ruthless enough!
This is all said by Time magazine, not by me.
However, this is not the first time that Time magazine is heartbroken.
I remember that just last month, "Time" also posted a very shocking cover image.
It is also very concise, and there is no Trump, but it is all black!
The red frame is the symbol of the cover of "Time", but there have been two black frames in history. The last time was after the September 2001 incident in 911. 19 years later, the black frame is again.
Look carefully at the cover, it is a series of death figures collection:
On February 2020, 2, 29 case died;
On March 3, 1 cases died;
On March 3, 2 cases died;
On March 4, 14 cases died;
On March 4, 15 cases died;
On March 4, 16 cases died;
On September 9, 8 cases died.
The death data of each day is finally condensed into a shockingly huge number:200000.
The only red letters on the cover are these three capital letters:AN AMERICAN FAILURE (an American failure)!
This kind of cover makes people feel very depressive and simple. The cover is full of despair.
But the reality is more cruel.
Another month has passed, and there are now more than 21 deaths in the United States.According to Dr. Fauci's prediction, there may be another 20 deaths.
What kind of human tragedy is this!
Nor can it be said that the US media has not issued a warning.In May of this year, "Times" also specially published heavy articles on the cover:There is a right way to reopen the United States, but not this way!
Which one is not?
In the corner of the cover, it should be Trump. He is indeed wearing a mask, but the mask is worn under the mouth.
Look closely, there is no nose yet.
It seems that there is no need for a long nose.
This kind of cover is three points into the woods, and after making the case, it is more reflection and wry smile.
What can Americans do?
Finally, three simple sentences:
1. Trump is indeed a magical existence in American politics.Don't forget, after he was elected president in 2016, the cover of Time magazine at the end of the year was: President of the Secession of America.Please note that it is not "the United States" but "splitting the country", which has profound meaning.But now it seems more or less prophetic.
2. Americans should also reflect.The most powerful empire in the world, an America that has been the envy of countless people, has suffered such a tragic death in the 21st century, the world's first, it is really speechless. "Time" is very sad. Among all developed countries, only the United States is out of control.
3. This is really a big test.Again, at the critical moment, the thunderbolt method is really the heart of the bodhisattva.Disrespect for science, it will inevitably pay a painful price.The lie was repeated 1000 times, and it was still a lie.No matter how powerful a country is, it cannot withstand such a toss.So that "Time" can't stand it anymore. With this most shocking cover, the White House is spraying poison.
Alas, what kind of world is this!
Toss it, then toss it!
Personal opinion does not represent any organization!
Don't want to say anything
The same sentence from yesterday
Ignorance is not an obstacle to survival
Arrogance is
Those countries
Toss, just continue to toss
But China
Don't toss!

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