To say that the Australian border has been continuously closed recently,
Daigou is also forced to be "unemployed", and the hot scene in the pharmacy no longer exists.
Especially when it comes to grabbing milk powder, the "honorable deeds" of Daigou can be said to have been spread.
Once shocked the entire Australia.
However, although Daigou is no longer available, there has been a lot of news about Daigou and milk powder recently.
Among them, the act of "stealing milk powder to sell" can be said to be common.
Recently, the police were in the Auburn district of western Sydney
Two more agents were arrested on suspicion of theft.
A large number of stolen goods were subsequently seized,
Including 1350 cans of infant formula milk powder,
More than 1000 bottles of vitamins, etc.,
The total value is up to $10.
It is reported that the police were investigating a local organized shop theft gang in Sydney, and carried out an arrest at 11pm yesterday.
A 53-year-old man was arrested in a shopping mall parking lot on Queen Street, Auburn. 
Subsequently, the police launched a raid on a house in Greystanes in the Western District.
And seized there
350 cans of stolen milk powder,
42 bottles of vitamins, 47 boxes of mints. 
It took the police a lot of effort to transport all these stolen goods away.
Not only was a number of police officers dispatched to carry it,
Also rented a large van
Just loaded all the stolen goods. 
However, this was not the full harvest of the police that day: the police later raided a warehouse on Parramatta Rd in Homebush and arrested another 40-year-old man at the scene. 
After being arrested, the man cooperatively opened the lock of the locker full of stolen goods for the police, showing that the police officer in front of him was an even more astonishing stock of goods than the results of the previous search: 
There are not only 1000 cans of infant formula, but also 1000 bottles of vitamins, 300 papaya cream, and 100 electric toothbrushes! 
The police also confiscated all the stolen goods in this warehouse as evidence and accused the two arrested men of stealing milk powder and other goods from the store and exporting the goods overseas.
The two suspects have been released on conditional bail and will appear in Burwood Local Court on November 11.
Editor: The Little Prince, Xinran