1. [Causes of women's aging]
One is lack of gas, the second is cold, and the third is kidney deficiency.
Conditioning: Three slices of ginger, a cup of honey water, three red dates every morning, a bottle of yogurt every two days, and usually eat more duck blood.
special reminder:Kelp, seafood, bananas, and tomatoes are not allowed during the period.After taking a bath, use a hair dryer to blow your belly button (dantian), low blood sugar to blow your waist, blow your head after irregular menstruation, soak your feet in hot water every night, knock for three miles a day.
2. [Thirteen taboos for women during menstruation]
One prohibition: strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor.
Two forbidden: gluttony and cold.
Three prohibitions: eating too salty.
Four prohibitions: drinking coffee and strong tea.
Five prohibitions: excessive drinking.
Six prohibitions: activating blood and removing blood stasis drugs.
Seven prohibitions: tights.
Eight prohibitions: swimming and bathing.
Nine prohibitions: beat the back.
Ten prohibitions: extract teeth hastily.
Eleventh prohibition: singing loudly.
Twelve Forbidden: Lost of emotional control.
Thirteen prohibitions: sex life.
3. [The harm of anger to women]
①Skin: When angry, it will irritate the hair follicles, causing inflammation around the hair follicles and staining.
②Uterus and breast: a woman is angry and hurts her breast and uterus.
③ Thyroid: Old anger can cause thyroid dysfunction.
④ Brain: A large amount of blood rushes to the brain. At this time, the blood contains the most toxins, which accelerates the aging of the brain.
⑤ Lung: When women are emotionally impulsive, shortness of breath, or even hyperventilation, harms lung health.
4. [Women eat more and younger food]
①Fresh cheese-rescue memory;
②Tuna-PK fat;
③Honey——purify the blood;
④ Oranges-enhance immunity;
⑤ Green cauliflower-young heart;
⑥ Eggs-care for breasts;
⑦ Oatmeal-lower cholesterol;
⑧Peanut butter-keep youth forever;
⑨Coffee-food aphrodisiac;
⑩Chocolate-get out of emotional depression.
5. [What is the fastest blood supplement for women with anemia]
①Black beans: For better blood enrichment, use black beans to cook silky chicken.
②Carrot: It contains a lot of vitamins B and C and has the effect of nourishing blood.
③ Gluten: contains a lot of iron.
④ Flammulina velutipes: rich in iron, vitamin A, B1, C, protein, etc.
⑤Longan meat: In addition to rich iron, it also contains vitamins A, B, glucose and sucrose.
⑥ Dried radish: high iron content.
6. [Eating spicy food for a long time, drinking iced drinks, it is easy to suffer from gynecological diseases]
Continuously pouring ice water when eating spicy food is more harmful. Under ice water, blood will immediately accumulate in the intestines and pelvic cavity, which can easily cause dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders. The uterus will shrink and harden, and adenomyosis will easily occur Gynecological diseases greatly increase the chance of infertility.The most important thing is that the infertility caused by pelvic congestion cannot be detected by B-ultrasound or gynecological examination.

7. [Stay away from breast hyperplasia]
① Marriage and breastfeeding at the right time.
②The married life is harmonious and regular.
③ Feel comfortable (emotional instability can inhibit ovulation and increase estrogen).
④ Avoid using creams and drugs containing estrogen.
⑤ Actively prevent and treat menstrual disorders, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases.
⑥B-ultrasound of breast should be done every six months or one year.
8. [How to maintain health during period?]
A few days during the menstrual holiday will always cause women to face various conditions, such as dysmenorrhea, back pain, etc. The instance holiday is a very important and special period for women. These days must be well maintained to be healthy.
Day XNUMX: Beware of migraines.
The second day: treatment of gynecological inflammation.
The third day: vitamin supplement.
The fourth day: weight loss slightly.
Day XNUMX: Hairdressing and skin care.
Day XNUMX: Discharge the waste from the body.
9. [Farewell to dysmenorrhea]
① Motherwort boiled eggs: It has the functions of regulating menstruation, relieving dysmenorrhea, tonifying blood, pleasing color, and moisturizing;
②Black Bean Eggnog Soup: It has the functions of regulating the middle, lowering the breath and relieving pain;
③Ginger and coix seed porridge: It has the functions of warming meridians, removing blood stasis, dispelling cold, dehumidifying and moisturizing;
④Ginger jujube red syrup: has the effect of warming the meridian and dispelling cold.
10. [Magic Dysmenorrhea Treatment Method]
"Dysmenorrhea", which is worse than death, now finally has a way to save it.
Ingredients: (water, brown sugar, red peanuts, red dates, red beans, goji berries) can be boiled and drunk one week after menstruation! It won’t hurt after drinking it next month~ It’s really useful!
11. [10 kinds of women are most likely to get breast diseases]
①Mammary gland hyperplasia does not heal for many years,
② Repeated abortion operations,
③Commonly used hormone drugs or cosmetics,
④Have a family history of breast disease,
⑤Not breastfeeding or breastfeeding too long,
⑥ Obesity or excessive fat intake,
⑦Depressed, often angry, bad mood,
⑧ Repeated long-term exposure to various radiation,
⑨ Single but without child or infertile after marriage,
⑩ Menarche or late menopause before the age of 13.
12. [Enriching Qi and Blood: Chinese Yam and Red Date Soup]
You can add some brown sugar on those days of the month.
Method: ①Wash the yam, dry, then peel and cut into small pieces.
②Wash the red dates and put them in a bowl for later use.
③Pour the yam and rock sugar into the pot, put in water, and cook for 30 minutes. If you like to eat soft, you can cook more.
④When the yam is almost cooked, put the red dates in the pot and cook for 10-15 minutes!

13. [What to eat after menstruation]
Every menstruation will cause the blood's main components of plasma protein, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. to be lost.Therefore, within 1-5 days after menstruation is clean, protein, minerals and blood-enriching foods should be supplemented.Choose foods that are both cosmetic and blood-enriching, such as milk, eggs, quail eggs, beef and mutton, spinach, longan meat, apples, and cherries.
14. [When a woman comes to menstruation, her belly is cold and painful]
It shows that there is cold in the abdomen and mouth sores in the mouth.At this time, orange nuclei (i.e. orange seeds) can be used. The orange nucleus has the functions of regulating qi, warming the stomach, and relieving pain. It can drive away cold and relieve pain.It is recommended to use orange cores for tea.
15. [5 nutritious foods for breast maintenance]
①Fat supplement: fish, meat and soy products,
②Supply water: just right amount,
③Replenish collagen: meat skin (including chicken, duck, goose skin), tendons, chicken and duck feet, chicken wings and soft-shelled turtle,
④ Eat more fish and seafood: loach, hairtail, squid, oysters and kelp, etc.
⑤ Supplement calcium and vitamins: cabbage, whole grains, milk, beef.
16. [Tips for eliminating breast pain before menstruation]
① Change eating habits.
②Massage the breast frequently.
③ Wear a solid bra.
④ Avoid diuretics.
⑤ Never eat salty.
⑥Try hot compress.
⑦Prevent obesity.
⑧ Apply castor oil to the chest.
⑨ Take vitamins.
⑩Keep away from coffee.
17. [Often wearing high heels may cause infertility]
When women wear high heels, they lean forward, and the weight of the whole body will be concentrated on the forefoot, which may cause flat feet, cramping foot pain or phalanx fracture; when wearing high heels, the pelvis will tilt with the body tilt, which will occur over time. Displacement of the pelvic cavity can easily cause the uterus to tilt forward, and even cause menstrual disorders and decreased libido.

18. [Ginger and red dates flush with eggs]
Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning to drive away the cold and warm the stomach and repair the gastric mucosa.Three slices of ginger when the cold is severe, two slices if it is not serious. If it is used for health care, one slice of ginger is fine. The number of red dates is also 2-1 according to the size.Add water to a high heat and turn to a low heat for 6 minutes. Put the eggs in a bowl and stir evenly. Use boiling water to rinse the eggs.
19. [What cold foods should not be eaten during menstruation?]
Everyone may know that cold drinks cannot be eaten. In fact, there are some cold foods: cucumber, loofah, eggplant, winter melon, crab, escargot, kelp, bamboo shoot, pear, grapefruit, watermelon, etc.You can eat more: peanuts, walnuts, jujube, longan, rose tea, etc.
20. [Five Strange Foods Good for Women]
①Durian—Relieve dysmenorrhea (sex heat, promote blood circulation and dispel cold, improve abdominal coldness)
②Garlic-bright and beautiful hair (strong anti-bacterial effect, anti-breast and ovarian diseases, black hair)
③Coriander-prevent osteoporosis (protect bones)
④Mustard—make the complexion ruddy (adjust endocrine, stimulate blood circulation)
⑤ Chinese toon-assisting pregnancy (anti-aging, nourishing yang, nourishing yin, clearing heat and dampness)
21. [Applying on the belly button can also cure dysmenorrhea]
For girls with dysmenorrhea, apply medicine to the belly button one week before menstruation, so that menstruation will be less painful.
Recipe: 6 grams each of cinnamon, fennel, dried ginger, Yuanhu, Wulingzhi, raw cattail yellow, myrrh, and red peony, grind the fines, and put it in a sealed bottle.Wash the belly button when using it, take a proper amount of powder, apply vinegar, cover it with gauze, and fix it with tape.Change dressing once every two days and use 3 times before menstruation.This method is most suitable for dysmenorrhea with cold blood stasis.
22. [Brown Sugar Therapy]
Brown sugar is warm in nature, sweet in taste, enters the spleen, has the functions of replenishing qi and blood, invigorating the spleen and warming the stomach, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.
①Boiled poached eggs with brown sugar can complement the nutrition of the eggs and brown sugar, making the complexion ruddy and energetic;
②Dried longan with brown sugar can improve sleep;
③Ginseng soaked in brown sugar can regulate breath and improve hypotension;
④Ginger brown sugar water, treat cold and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea of ​​cold congestion type.
23. Always the same, the yellow-faced woman must eat these 6 things
Papaya and red date honey: nourishing blood and nourishing beauty;
Peanut sesame paste: anti-aging;
Fried chicken liver with yam and green bamboo shoots: improve skin color;
Eat more "double beans" (potatoes, peas): freckle and whitening
Eat pollen to keep away wrinkles;
Eat oysters for skin-refinement and beauty.
24. [Special points for treating dysmenorrhea-cold blood stasis type]

There is a special effect point for the treatment of dysmenorrhea-the seventeen vertebrae. For severe dysmenorrhea, pressing the seventeen vertebrae for 2-3 minutes can get immediate results.This method has the best effect on dysmenorrhea caused by cold blood stasis.The seventeenth vertebra, on the line of the Du Channel, is an odd acupoint outside the meridian, located under the spinous process of the fifth lumbar vertebra.Try it when it hurts.
25. [Tips for women to prevent cold]
① Carry out outdoor activities when sunshine is sufficient;
②Go to bed early to ensure adequate sleep, which is beneficial to the hidden Yang Qi;
③Diet therapy nourishes the kidney, eats beef stew with red dates, beef soup with ginger and jujube, etc.;
④Wash your feet with warm water every day, massage to stimulate the acupoints of your feet, and walk for half an hour;
⑤Drinking black tea can resist cold;
⑥Drink hot porridge in the morning, such as millet porridge.
26. [Must to see the beautiful MM]
① Add a little salt to the water, which not only sterilizes but also removes grease;
②Add a little honey to the water, long-term persistence can make your skin 10 years younger;
③Add a little vinegar to the water to make your skin smooth and elastic, and not easy to develop acne;
④Women who work in front of the computer add a little green tea to the water when washing their face, which can effectively resist radiation.
27. [Get rid of chloasma, sooth the liver and invigorate the spleen]
30 grams of Chinese yam, 30 grams of Poria, 10 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, 6 grams of licorice and 600 ml of water boil it well, take it sooner or later, and persist for two to three months to see the effect.
In addition, be careful not to expose to the sun for a long time in your life, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, less spicy and other irritating foods, and keep your spirits happy.
28. [Benefits of Women Drinking Red Wine]
①Increase appetite
② Proper drinking has nourishing effect
③Helps digestion and prevents constipation
④It has beauty and anti-aging effects
⑤ Lose weight, each liter of dry wine contains 525 calories, which are all consumed within 4 hours
⑥Diuretic and prevent edema
⑦Bactericidal effect
⑧ It can inhibit fat absorption.But don't drink it in the morning.
29. Must-know recipes for health preservation and blood enrichment: Angelica ginger lamb soup
This soup is especially suitable for women with qi and blood deficiency, serious illness and chronic illness, and postpartum women. It also has a significant effect on improving dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.
Ingredients: 500 grams of lamb, 30 grams of angelica, 50 grams of ginger.Wash the lamb with water and then stir-fry with ginger. Danggui is wrapped in gauze, and then cooked with the stir-fried lamb.

30. [7 best soups and porridges for women]
① Tremella red date soup: breast enhancement, whitening and weight loss;
②Black glutinous rice, longan and red jujube porridge: nourishing qi and nourishing blood;
③Danggui Red Date Pork Ribs Soup: nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, nourishing skin and skin care;
④ Oatmeal with walnuts and red dates: nourishing skin, nourishing blood and improving intelligence;
⑤ Sweet Potato and Red Date Soup: Enriching blood to lose weight and help digestion;
⑥ Papaya and Tremella Soup: breast enhancement and weight loss;
⑦Yellow Bean and Snow Pear Pig's Feet Soup: Nourish the lungs, beautify the skin, clear the heart and lower blood pressure.
31. [Secret Recipe for Menstrual Warm Palace Fiber Legs]
Ingredients: ginger slices, tangerine peel, dried lemon slices, cola.
Effect: Warm the body, warm the palace, and remove fat. If you insist on taking it for more than 3 weeks, the symptoms of cold hands and feet are obviously improved or disappeared, weight begins to decrease, and the lower body becomes thinner, especially the legs. If the effect is obvious, the legs can be thinner by 3cm.
32. [The Secret of Breakfast and Wrinkles]
Breakfast occupies 60%-70% of the nutritional content of the day. If you do not eat breakfast, you are likely to suffer from 180 chronic diseases such as reduced immunity, gastrointestinal problems, cold hands and feet, infertility, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Women who do not eat breakfast are the most damaging to the uterus. It will not only affect the fertility, but even wrinkles will grow earlier than ordinary women, so women who love beauty can't skip breakfast!
33. [Six kinds of rice used by women in their lives]
Japonica rice is the most nourishing, invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing the qi, nourishing yin and promoting fluid;
Brown rice is best for digestion, lowering cholesterol and reducing heart attack and stroke;
Black rice is the most tonifying kidney, nourishing yin and liver, improving eyesight and anti-aging beauty;
Glutinous rice is the most detox, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, etc.;
Barley is the most nourishing, diuresis, invigorates dampness, invigorates spleen, relieves diarrhea, clears heat and detoxify;
Millet nourishes the stomach, invigorates the kidney qi, clears deficiency and heat and facilitates urination.
34. [Sleeping on your back hurts the uterus the most]
Long-term poor sleeping posture will not only make the body shape look bad, but may also cause damage to the body.
①The breast is most afraid of prone sleeping position: this position is easy to put pressure on the chest;
②The uterus is afraid of long-term supine sleeping position: the position of the uterus should be forward flexion, and supine sleeping position can easily lead to posterior uterus.

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