According to the Herald Sun, on the morning of September 9, Melbourne woman Rebekah sent her 29-year-old son Brodie and 5-year-old daughter Keirah to a nursery in Harkness, near Melton.

At about 9:20, the three of them rode their bicycles along Weeks Road towards the nursery. Keirah fell slightly behind his mother and brother on the way. When Rebekah turned to look at his daughter, he was shocked to find a man grabbing his daughter’s arm and trying to drag her. Off the road.

Rebekah immediately walked to the man angrily, and the man let go of Keirah to escape.

The police considered the attack "very serious" and have stepped up patrols in the area.According to the police, the suspect was of African descent, in his 20s, wearing dark clothes, a baseball cap, and no mask.

Rebekah said the incident caused trauma to her daughter. She urged the suspect to surrender and remind parents not to let their children out of their sight.