Victoria's record-breaking firefighting fleet is ready

Thanks to the 2900 million yuan investment from the state government, a record XNUMX firefighting aircraft will help Victoria deal with the summer fires.

The 2020-21 Victorian firefighting aircraft team includes water bombers, aerial surveillance and aerial intelligence gathering aircraft.Two large airplanes capable of carrying XNUMX liters of water, foam or flame retardants, and two helicopters with a capacity of XNUMX liters will join the firefighting fleet of XNUMX airplanes, providing necessary supplies for the state support.The fleet also includes many professional aircraft with night vision capabilities, which can carry out water bombing and intelligence collection after dark. The total number of firefighting aircraft can be increased to XNUMX when needed, providing assistance to Victoria's core firefighting team.The Victorian Emergency Services Department is preparing for the fire season under normal conditions across the state.However, the location, timing and intensity of spring rainfall may affect the fire hazard situation in western Victoria.Victoria’s firefighting aircraft will provide real-time response across the state and respond to fires at the same time as fire engines.

Victoria’s firefighting aircraft played a vital role in stopping the fire from spreading last summer, effectively supporting the firefighters on the ground by coordinating the fire from the air in the early stage of the fire.

Public Primary School in Port Melbourne is completed and will be opened soon

The new public school located in Docklands is ready to officially open in 2021 after its construction is completed.

New students will start classes in the first semester of 2021, and Gowrie Victoria has been designated as the educational service organization for the kindergarten attached to the elementary school.The kindergarten, which will be opened during the first semester of 2021, will provide 2021 degrees and serve three and four-year-olds.Building elementary schools and kindergartens together can ensure that local families get rid of the trouble of sending their children several times for education.Starting in XNUMX, every elementary school built in Victoria will have a kindergarten next door to reduce the burden on parents and gradually realize Victoria’s goal of building an education state.The new Docklands Elementary School will have a library, music and art classrooms, outdoor learning terraces and a competition-grade indoor playground for basketball.This three-story school will accommodate XNUMX students.

The Victorian Government’s plan to create a state of education has invested an unprecedented 72 billion yuan in funds, created XNUMX jobs, upgraded and built a number of schools to ensure that every community in Victoria has a first-class school in the local area. , Support students to the greatest extent.

State Employment Plan promotes employment of residents in remote areas

The State Government’s Work and Employment Program for Victoria will create about XNUMX new jobs in Gippsland, and the government has already brought XNUMX jobs to the region.

The new jobs include more than forty positions in the East Gippsland County Council that began this week.Among them is a team that provides maintenance and weed management plans, and will work with the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP) to restore the area near Heyfield that was affected by the fire last summer.Carry out road repairs, removal of dangerous trees, and repair of damaged infrastructure in national parks and state forests.Other jobs for Victoria include more posts in regional councils and posts specifically for young people.The XNUMX jobs created by the state government in the region usually last for six to twelve months, providing residents with an important connection to the job market, creating valuable practical work experience and realizing real community benefits.Actively cooperating with the XNUMX regional councils in Victoria for the Victorian Work Plan, more than XNUMX jobs have been created, involving land and asset management, community liaison, relief services and crisis coordination.Since its launch in April, the program has created more than XNUMX jobs.

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