Variety show of recent fire"Actors please take their place 2"
The topic remains high!
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The highlights of "Actors Please Take Place 2",
Not onlyGuo Jingming as a judge
There is also the "three things behind" Masu,
Ni Hongjie, who has participated in "Wulin Biography"
Sister Hong was born,Came all the way from TVB
"Back View" Myolie Hu
These fewSeniors aged 40+actress
To put down
Standing in front of the younger generation
Respectfully accept the judgment
What makes the jaw drop is even more shocking
After Ma Su and Ni Hongjie performed,
Are all assignedWorst Group B
AndMyolie Hu relies on acting ugly,
Take downChen Kaige's S card!
Myolie Wu's acting is supernatural, her eyes and crying scenes are disturbing
SharpLi Chengru finished reading,
They call Myolie Hu "you" in honorifics
I was not familiar with Myolie Hu,
Mainland audiences who said "She has no acting skills"
Also give praise overwhelmingly!
"Dare to be ugly,
There are too few shameless actresses! ! "
When commenting, Director Chen Kaige revealed the truth at a glance
"She is cruel to herself"
 The word "ruthless", in variety shows, is to concentrate on rehearsing
Forbearing, not to see my little son who is under one year old
When Myolie Hu was young,
BeWhile taking the Final exam, choose Hong Kong sister at the same time!
After Myolie Wu finished secondary school in Northern Ireland in 1998
Admitted to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study Biochemistry
In her freshman year, she accompanied her friends to run for the Hong Kong sister,
结果Advance all the way on your own
Finally won Miss Hong Kong
Third runner-up and energetic style award,
BecameShuanglianggang sister
Myolie Wu never expected to win the prize
evenI also completed a Final exam during the competition
From 20 to 41 years old,
"Cruel" to the actors and actresses of Myolie WuYa
She only sleeps for one or two hours a day when she is the hardest
Not afraid to sleep in a "haunted" room
 Fought all the way, finally won the "behind-the-view" crown
Huading Award for Best Actress,
The best actress at the Wanqianxinghui Awards Ceremony,
Best Comedy Actress in Asian Television Awards
-All her
Myolie Wu's life,
Relying on the word "Desperate", it came back against the wind!
Now, what is even more surprising is her experience of skin care
When she enters the stage in "Actors please
The lens gave a close-up
You can see that her face is not only free of wrinkles
evenCaused by gravity
No sagging skin! !
Huang Yi standing next to Myolie Hu, but two years older than her
Facial skin sagging and nasolabial lines are very obvious
Have you noticed this comparison?