Because I applied for a "special visa",


A South African man,
Waiting for 50 years for visa approval!


But this allows him to stay in Australia permanently...
Stunned!It takes 50 years for a man to apply for an Australian visa to be approved!May make him wait till death... The-remaining-relative-visa-allows-immigrants-to-stay-in-Australia
Craig Rookyard, 32, left South Africa in 2011.


I moved to Perth to reunite with my parents and sister.


Rookyard spent A$6 to complete a business degree in university.


However, they are still not eligible to apply for a skilled visa upon graduation in 2013.


Subsequently, he applied,


The last family member visa (remaining relative visa),


This visa allows applicants to become permanent residents of Australia and live with their close relatives.


When Rookyard applied for this visa in 2013, the waiting time for visa approval was 12 years, but it was later extended to 50 years.


This means that he will not know if he can get the right of abode until 2063, when he was 75 years old.


During the waiting period, Rookyard holds a bridging visa, which allows him to stay in Australia, but cannot enjoy the benefits of permanent residents and citizens.


He has a full-time job, pays taxes normally, bought a house in Perth Hills, and is engaged to his Australian girlfriend.


Rookyard said his visa situation was “incredibly frustrating because I am all Australian in all aspects except the visa”.


Although Rookyard still holds a bridging visa, his parents and sister have become permanent residents of Australia.


Rookyard said that the crime rate in South Africa is very high and our days there are very difficult. People often break in, so we must get out as soon as possible.


Stunned!It takes 50 years for a man to apply for an Australian visa to be approved!May make him wait till death... the-little-known-australian-visa-that-comes-with-a-50-year-wait
And his biggest worry is uncertainty,


Because maybe one day, a new government will come to power.


They might say to everyone who is still on the waiting list,


You are not a resident here,
So we will cancel your bridging visa.


Rookyard didn't want to go back to South Africa, because he had no relatives there anymore.


"My family is here, where can I go?"


Recently, because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Rookyward lost his job.


But because he is not an Australian citizen, he cannot apply for JobKeeper subsidies like his colleagues.


The last family member visa is one of the four visas in another family visa category.


There are only 2019 places in this category during 2020-500.


The Ministry of the Interior website stated:"Currently, the processing time for visa applications for relatives and elderly relatives who qualify for the queue is estimated to be about 50 years."


Another type of visa with a longer waiting time is the non-contributory parent visa, which is expected to take 30 years to process.


Mr. Rookyard plans to marry his Australian fiancée in December and will apply for a partner visa afterwards.


The application fee for a partner visa is 8000 Australian dollars, plus thousands of Australian dollars in immigration agency fees, but the waiting time is relatively short, only 3 years.


He plans to marry his Australian fiancée in December and apply for a partner visa later.


Emmm... Isn't 50 years too long?


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