August 10th epidemic data notification
——The XNUMXth day of the second step of Victoria's "Unblocking Map"

Last 24 hours
7 confirmed cases of new crown in Victoria
15 new cases in NSW today
Cluster infection associated with Chadstone shopping mall
As of Tuesday
Has risen to 35 people

5 new deaths
The total number of deaths in Victoria reaches 816

The total number of confirmed cases in Victoria rises to 20,311
186 active cases
4,281 cases of unknown origin
23 cases treated in hospital
0 cases of intensive care

There are as many support and opposition
Do we live in two Victorian states?

As October 10 approaches, more and more Melburnians are supporting relaxation of restrictions this week!

Earlier, Andrews made it clear that there would be no major unblocking plan on the 19th and extended the state of emergency and disaster in Victoria for another four weeks to November 11th!

Many people expressed dissatisfaction with this. Through various platforms this week, they hope to convey their public opinion to Governor Andrews!

After months of lockdown, many Melburnians said they had had enough!Especially for the standard that the number of cases in Victoria can only be reduced to 0, it is considered an impossible task!

New opinion polls show that support for strict restrictions has dropped significantly. One of the measures is particularly unpopular-the five-kilometer travel restriction.

New opinion polls show that support for Governor Daniel Andrews is declining, and Melburnians who are fed up want to immediately end the fourth phase of the blockade.

A new Roy Morgan poll, exclusively published in the "Herald Sun", revealed that:Most Melburnians believe that ifThe number of COVID-19 cases can be kept at a very low level, and they will support the relaxation of restrictions.

Today, most Melbourneans want to lift the restrictions on visiting relatives and dining out, especially the controversial 5km travel restriction.

Among the 2350 people surveyed from Monday to Tuesday:

1. 73% of people support that Melburnians should be allowed to visit their immediate family members, a 14% increase from the survey data two weeks ago.

2. 62% of people hope that Melbourne's food venues can be reopened.

3. 72% of Melburnians want to lift the 5km travel restriction.

4. If the new crown vaccine is on the market, 85% of people are willing to get it.

Their survey also showed that compared with younger age groups, people over 65 want to relax restrictions on restaurant and home visits.

Governor Andrews’ approval rate fell 2% to 59%, while his disapproval rate rose 2% to 41%.

Another "Basic Report" latest poll found that only 45% of Victorians approve of the state government’s pandemic response, which is lower than the record of 6% in June.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said that people's frustration is increasing due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions!

She said: "This is since Victoria implemented the fourth phase of the lockdown,The seventh poll conducted by Roy Morgan. "

"In the early days of the lockdown, Victorians were willing to comply with the restrictions."

"However, as the data continues to decline, more and more Victorians want to lift the restrictions every week."

"Now the Victorian government is needed to create a safe environment for COVID-XNUMX."

Another poll conducted by the market research company Dynata of the Institute of Public Affairs found that Victorians are divided on whether Governor Andrews should resign.

When asked if he should resign because of the government's mismanagement of the pandemic response, 41% agreed and 41% disagreed.

Victorians also disagree on whether Governor Andrews understands the impact of his restrictions on ordinary Victorians.

IPA Research Director Daniel Wild said: "We live in two Victorian states. Because there are as many supporters as there are opponents!"

The opponents said: “Victorians have lost faith in Daniel Andrews because they do not believe that Daniel Andrews understands the impact of his restrictions on ordinary Victorians.”

"The Victorian government must abolish all remaining lockdown measures, and on the basis of maintaining medical capabilities, adopt security measures commensurate with the number of people in the epidemic, and replace the total lockdown with risk-based targeted measures. The current implementation of the virus eradication strategy means There is no work, no freedom, and no hope."

Opposition leader Michael O'Brien filed a motion of no confidence in the governor in Parliament on Tuesday.

Although the bill seems to have failed, Mr. O'Brien said that special circumstances require urgent changes.

He said: "Because the Andrews Labor government has caused immeasurable damage to my beloved state, I proposed this motion of distrust."

"Mr. Speaker, what's going on? How did the Labour Party make Melbourne from the most livable city in the world to the most closed city in the world?"

At a press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Andrews rejected his suggestion that he should resign.

"My view is that I will not escape from difficult tasks, I will not escape from challenges. I will continue and complete the work." He said.

"That's me, that's what I'm doing, and this position will not change."

Not surprisingly, Governor Andrews will announce the next unblocking measures on the 18th of this Sunday. In the face of a sharp drop in support and increasing voices for lifting the ban, there is not much time left for Andrews to make a decision. Up!

How to draw a successful end to the Victorian fight against the epidemic will be a huge challenge for Andrews and his team!

NSW governor urged to step down due to ex-boyfriend involved in Chinese company scandalRecently, the political arena in Victoria and NSW has been turbulent, and the two governors are facing a vote of no confidence in parliament at the same time this week!

The governor of Victoria was due to the failure of the hotel quarantine project (not approved by Parliament), and the governor of NSW was due to the close personal relationship with the notorious former MPs (three weeks of hearings)!

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (Gladys Berejiklian) will face a vote of no confidence in Parliament today.

Her ex-boyfriend and former MP Daryl Maguire (Daryl Maguire), who is notorious for being caught in the scandal of a Chinese company, will attend the corruption hearing today and is expected to explode more explosive information, further threatening Berejik. Li'an’s leadership.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison said that if Berejiklian stepped down, it would be a "stupid decision" for NSW.
Berejiklian recently publicized his close personal relationship with Maguire, and the whole country was in an uproar. Berejiklian insisted that he had done nothing wrong in his five-year secret relationship with Maguire.
The leader of the opposition Labor Party, Jodi McKay, stated that the governor has the responsibility to report what she has learned. The vote of no confidence is not initiated randomly, and that politics requires integrity.
Currently, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of NSW is investigating whether Maguire used his political influence to seek financial rewards in another case.
NSW Governor Berejiklian confirmed at the anti-corruption investigation meeting yesterday that she has been in a relationship with Daryl Maguire since 2015 and did not break up until a few months ago.

She said: "The first thing I want to say is that Mr. McGuire has been my colleague for 15 years; he is a trustworthy person for me and has developed a close personal relationship."

Maguire served as a member of the Wagga Wagga district in southern NSW for nearly 20 years. Later, he admitted in an investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) that he had reached an agreement with a Chinese real estate developer. After receiving a commission in his transaction, he resigned in 2018.
Berejiklian said that after the real estate transaction scandal broke out, she asked Maguire to withdraw from the Liberal Party and withdraw from politics, but she remained in a relationship with him until August this year.
Berejiklian strongly denies that there is anything wrong with maintaining a romantic relationship with Maguire, and told the Anti-Corruption Committee yesterday that she does not care about Maguire’s financial situation and also denied any suggestion that she benefited from her ex-boyfriend’s good financial situation. The argument.
Berejiklian admitted that he had “broken up in his private life” and apologized to his coalition colleagues at a party meeting.But she refused to resign and told reporters: "I did nothing wrong."

Ms. Berejiklian said that she never worried that he would try to use the influence of his office to promote his own business activities or other business activities.

"I can say that I will always, never, never turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing that I have to disclose that I have seen or any activity that I think is inconsistent with what members of Congress should do. What I want to say is very clear," she said .

Scott Robertson, an attorney assisting the Independent Commission Against Corruption, asked Berejiklian if he knew of any circumstances in which Mr. Maguire "seeked or received commissions or other payments."

Berejiklian said: "I don't know any specific details, but I know he has these arrangements, and I think he revealed these details in due course."

Mr. Robertson also asked Berejiklian whether there was an example of “when you establish a personal relationship with him, where are you responsible for encouraging or preventing a certain course of action”.

Berejiklian replied: "Never."

She said that she "will only take actions that are in the public interest."

“For example, if he wants voters to upgrade the road, this is an important thing. Then I can raise it to the relevant minister, just like I do to any other MP,” said Ms. Berejiklin.

2020 is really eventful. In addition to facing the epidemic, there are many personnel tests. Do you have anything to say about the current predicament these two governors are facing?Welcome to leave us a message!

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