When you are in China, you can check the time, navigation, checkout, etc., as long as you have a mobile phone and you are ready!Especially the payment method of scan code checkout, really liberated the wallet!

However, since I came to Australia, I used cash, credit cards, and PayPal when I went out. I really miss the days when I can pay with QR codes in China!

The increasing number of Chinese in Australia, and because of the advancement of technology, more and more small businesses have begun to use QR codes to pay.The Victorian government also hopes to develop related platforms!Does this mean that checkout in the future may be as convenient as in China!

But recently, Australian cybersecurity experts warnedQR code users must be vigilant!Beware of fraud!Because he may not only let you losemoneyAnd yoursInformation!

Between January and September this year, Scamwatch received 1 reports of QR code fraud, which have caused11.2 million Australian dollarsLost!among them, 9 cases came from NSW and 6 cases came from Victoria, most of which were due to QR code payment!

It seems that QR code payment is more than just a code

The technical problem behind it is the key!

An ACCC spokesperson stated that with thisIncreased use of technology is expected to increase fraud cases.Because in Australia, QR codes are currently used to provide more product information or to make payments in shops and cafes, and recently they are also used to track the use of the new crown virus.

At the same time, some people in Australia are beginning to worry that if they are used to QR codes, then stores and the government will use QR codes in the future.Cybersecurity issues.Yes, but QR codes have not been popularized. Australia has frequently reported security problems caused by the Internet. If you want to have the same protection in China,Need the efforts of the Australian governmentAh!

So, the best way to deal with this scam is,Always pay attention to the URL of the QR codeFor example, when you scan a QR code to pay in a store, you should see the name of the store at the beginning of the URL, instead of displaying the store information in the information below.

of course!ifDo not scan the QR code of unknown source easily!In this case, for the safety of funds, you still have to use relatively safe credit cards in Australia or PayPal when paying.

Everyone must not only be convenient, the most important thing is the safety of funds!Today's scammers can come up with any trick to get something for nothing, especially when the QR code usage system in Australia is not sound, so pay extra attention!

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