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Early this month,
Lively dinner of the whole family,
But I didn't expect to end up with
All 9 people were poisoned and diedending…



And just this Monday,
The truth is finally revealed,
originalDeadly "poison".
It turned out to be common on our table,
These humble foods!


Attention all Chinese Australians!


All 9 members of a family were poisoned and died...


The last few days,


The experience of the Heilongjiang family affects everyone’s hearts.


Also to allAustralian Chinese have sounded the alarm!



On the morning of August 10,


47-year-old Ms. Li and her husband Lao Zhang went to dinner at relatives’ house.


When it was time for dinner, the relatives brought out a local special food——


"Sour Soup"


Entertain everyone.


(Network map)


"Sour Tangzi", also known as Tangzi, 馇子,


Yes useAfter corn water mill fermentationA kind of thick noodles,


It is a specialty snack in eastern Liaoning, southeastern Jilin and eastern Heilongjiang.


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Because the production process is not complicated, many locals oftenDo it yourself at home.




But who ever thought, just such an ordinary home cooking,


Just eat itTerrible question...


(Source: Zhongxin Video)


At the dinner that day, the 9 elders in the familyI have eaten this "sour soup",


And three young people didn't eat it because they didn't like the taste.


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It didn’t take long to finish eating,


These 9 elders gradually became unwell,


And the situation deteriorated rapidly,


The family rushed them to the hospital for treatment and rescue.


But what they didn’t know at the time was,


The tragedy has just begun...


(Source: Red Star News)


In the next few days, several elderly people never left the hospital.


Until October 10, the hospital announced,


Rescue failed,
Seven of them died one after another.



On October 10, the death toll from the poisoning incident rose to 12.


By Monday, October 10th,


The last poisoned person, Ms. Li, 47,


But also died...



For 2 weeks,


A family of 9 people,
All those who ate "sour soup" died!
None survived!


It is heartbreaking!


(Source: Red Star News)


And Ms. Li’s son spent a high cost of treatment,


I didn't save my parents...


(Crowdfunding initiated by Ms. Li's son, source: Red Star News)


In an interview, Ms. Li’s son told reporters,


During the rescue of his mother, the doctor told him:


"99% of the liver is completely damaged,
It may be life-threatening at any time. "



Ms. Li’s son couldn’t figure it out.


Just because I went to eat a meal,
Why did my father and mother both pass away?


Why is there something wrong with the sour soup that the parents ate?


(Source: Red Star News)


After undergoing epidemiological investigations in Heilongjiang Province and multi-day sampling and testing by the CDC,


Finally found out the "true murderer"——


Bongkrek acid



According to the news released by the Food Division of the Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission,


After testing, a high concentration of rice yeast acid was detected in corn flour, and it was also detected in the patient's gastric juice.


It is preliminarily identified as being contaminated by Pseudomonas cocos,


Resulting inFood poisoning incidents caused by rice yeast acid.



So, what is the origin of this rice yeast acid?


Why canKilled 9 people in one fell swoop?


How poisonous is "True Killer" Rice Yeast Acid?

In bacterial food poisoning,

Rice yeast acid toxin is

One of the most lethal bacterial toxins.

(Network map)


First of all, theExtremely heat resistant.


Even use 100℃ boiling water to boil or use pressure cooker to boil


Nor can it destroy its toxicity!



Once you accidentally eat food containing rice yeast,


To the human bodyLiver, kidney, heart, brainImportant organs


Cause serious damage.


(Network map)


Depending on the intake, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, general weakness,


In severe cases, jaundice, hepatomegaly, hematemesis, unconsciousness, convulsions,


Even death in shock!


What's more serious is that once poisoned,
There is no specific antidote!The fatality rate is 40%-100%!

Since 2010,


There have been 14 cases of this type of poisoning nationwide, with 84 people being poisoned.37 people died.



The main foods that cause poisoning areFermented corn flour products,Metamorphic silverear,


And other spoiled starch products,


IncludeGlutinous rice, millet, sorghum and potato flourAnd other prepared foods.





The smelly ballast, sour soup, and gege beans in the north,


(Source: CCTV News)


Attention should be paid to the glutinous rice balls, glutinous rice dumplings and rice noodles made after fermentation in the south.


(Source: CCTV News)


These foods are most likely to be contaminated by Pseudomonas cocos during production.


Produces deadly saccharic acid.


At the same time, these foodsThe requirements for preservation are very high,


Failure to pay attention will lead to serious consequences.


(Network map)


Like the "sour soup" that claimed 9 lives above,


According to local police investigation, this "sour soup" is not onlyHomemade,


But alsoOnFrozen in the refrigerator for nearly a year!


(Source: Beijing News)


Before eating, it was placed in a cool place at home for a period of time.


It was created for this deadly toxin


"Perfect breeding soil"...


(Network map)


After the tragedy, the National Health Commission also issued a reminder,


Let everyoneEat fermented rice and noodles with caution.



But you don’t have to panic too much,


Because there are a lot of Pseudomonas cocos which produce rice yeast acid"weakness"of,


Only when certain conditions are met, will they multiply in large numbers, and cause safety hazards.


(Network map)


First of all,
Not all "fermented products" are worth worrying about.


Such as steamed bread, bread, yogurt, sauerkraut, glutinous rice, etc. will be used in the productionStarter.


The starter contains a large number of fermenting microorganisms, which will formDominant flora.


It avoids the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms such as rice yeast acid.



Of course, the best is


Don't do it at homeNatural fermentationOf rice noodle products.



Secondly, everyone should keep in mind that


High temperature and humidity are the best environment for producing rice yeast acid!


(Source: Xinhuanet)


Therefore, it is best to buy foods that are prone to produce rice yeast acid from outsideBuy on the same day and eat on the same day.


If you can’t eat it in time,
Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator!


Avoid placing food in a high temperature and humid environment for a long time.


(Source: Official website of Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration)


Another very important point is,


If there is any deterioration or peculiar smell, throw it away immediately and do not eat it again!


Don't put your body in to save a little money!


(Network map)


especiallyAustralia is now beginning to summer,


Food becomes difficult to preserve, and it is more likely to spoil accidentally.



LikeBags of wet rice noodles available in Hua Chao,


Be sure to put it in the refrigerator and finish eating in time.


(Network map)


There are also fungus and white fungusDon't soak for long.



And eat it in time, preferably not overnight.



I know,


Be diligent and frugalIs a tradition that we Chinese have followed for generations,


It deeply affects our living habits.


(Network map)


Faced with some food that is not sure whether it has gone bad or expired,


We will comfort ourselves by saying:


"It's okay, just eat it once."


(Network map)


Facing the persuasion of the younger generation,


Instead, many older people will say:


"I've been eating for so many years and I'm fine.
What a waste to throw"


(Network map)

However, it is such a "thrifty" mentality,
let usAlways reluctant to throwFoods that are out of date but seem okay on the surface.
Some spoiled and moldy food always feelCut off the broken part and continue eating...
So, invisibly,
Increased the risk of illness from the mouth...

(Network map)

May cause cancerAflatoxin.
Now it is extremely toxicRice yeast acid...
The tragedy not only makes us feel sad, but also makes us take warning,
Pay attention to food safety!

Today's Conclusion

A tragedy,
Let us get to know the deadly rice yeast acid,
It has once again sounded the alarm for all Chinese!


Diligence and thrift is a virtue,
But good health is more important!
Don’t do it for temporary “savings”,
Put safety in!

Editor: Sweet OrangeSources of materials: China-Singapore Video, Beijing News, CCTV News, Red Star News, Chinese International, People's Daily, Xinhuanet, etc.
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