The 433 municipal council elections in Victoria, covering 2020 million voters, are in full swing. This is the first time all elections in Victoria have been completed by mail.

Commissioner of the Election Commission Warwick Gately encouraged voters to vote as soon as possible.

Gately said: "Since this election is all mailed, voters must fill in and return the ballot materials as soon as possible to ensure that the ballots can be delivered in time."

After the voter receives the ballot, he should fill it in and return it as soon as possible.The completed ballot must be returned to the election office by 10:23 on Friday, October 18, either by mail or in person.The hours of postal closures vary from place to place, so voters should check the hours of local postal closures to ensure that their ballots are delivered on time.

Voters who have not received votes as of Friday, October 10 should call the local election office to arrange an alternative plan.Please visit for the contact information of the election office.

As of 8pm on Friday, August 28, all existing voters in the state voter register are required to vote compulsorily.Registered voters who fail to vote may be fined.

For voters who have registered to participate in the Melbourne City Council election, voters already in the Melbourne City Council electorate must vote-including state voters and city council voters.

If there are constituencies and councils with the same number of candidates as the number of seats required at the end of the nomination, there is no need to vote, and the candidate will automatically be judged as elected because there is no rival.Voters in the undisputed constituency will be notified that no vote is required.

As of the end of the nomination period, the number of candidates nominated for the Eastern Constituency of Hindmarsh Shire City Council was insufficient for the number of vacant seats.

The only vacant seat in the Southwest District of the Northern Grampians Shire City Council has not received any nominations.Therefore, the local council elections for the Southwest Constituency in 2020 have failed.

By-elections will be held in these areas later to fill the vacant seats in the Hindmarsh Shire City Council Eastern Constituency and the Northern Grampians Shire City Council Southwest Constituency.