Elegant style

Recently, Australian Prime Minister Morrison started a wave

"Concave human design" model

I often share some of my family life on my Facebook page,

Continue to build his image as a "good man at home".

However, Brother Mo’s recent style of painting has become more and more exotic.

Even his wife can't stand it anymore...

Last Saturday, Morrison posted a picture on his Facebook that made people laugh.

It turns out that he just ran to Bunnings to buy a Christmas present for himself.

An inflatable toy of Santa Claus riding a shark!

In fact, a few weeks ago, Morrison took a fancy to this thing at Bunnings.

At the time, he also posted a Facebook message saying it would be on his Christmas shopping list.

So buying the shark home this time is a fulfillment of my previous promise.

It is said that Morrison has such a soft spot for this shark,

It should be because he is a fan of the Australian Football League NRL Sydney Cronulla Sharks.

Just a month ago, when Sydney just lifted the ban, Morrison ran to watch a Sharks game.

Then it was sprayed into the sky...

But having said that, although Morrison himself was very happy, his wife Jenny put on a helpless expression...

As if the subtext is saying:

How old is...

In fact, this is not Morrison's first "concave design" recently.

Not long ago,

He just built a chicken coop at home...

Wearing the beloved Sharks uniform with a lollipop in his mouth (looks like), holding an electric drill.

There is no sense of disobedience in the vivid image of a native Australian man.

If you think Morrison’s upper limit is to assemble a chicken coop, then look down on him,

On Father’s Day before, my brother built a small wooden house for his daughter...

The construction of the cabin is a "school passion project extracurricular interest project" arranged by the little daughter Lili School.

And according to Australia's usual "task school arrangement, coolies parents to carry them" routine, this job naturally falls on the father.

At that time, people often saw Morrison at a Bunnings in North Sydney on weekends.

Because he is buying wood for the house.

It took several weeks to build this hut, during which Morrison's finger was smashed with a hammer.

After several weeks of hard work, finally on Father's Day, Morrison and his little daughter completed the final capping steps of the cabin.

Perhaps to show off, he also recorded the whole process with video.

I don’t know if this is a skill that every Tu-Australian man naturally possesses, or was forced by the school...

Not to mention, the old man is really good at carpentry work!

If the video cannot be played, please click to view the video

Because the Morrison family lives in Kirribilli, Sydney, the little daughter Lily named the cabin Kidabilly House.

Although this was a task assigned by the school, it was also a Father's Day gift from his daughter to Morrison.

Morrison said with emotion,

"Building a cabin is a lot of fun and it is a great Father's Day gift for me.

During the epidemic, it is really difficult to find time to stay with family members.

The mission of this school has given me a huge opportunity to spend more time with my daughter. I am really happy. "

According to this trend, I really don't know what new tricks my brother can make next.

Don't mention it, it's really a little look forward to it!

Source: Herald Sun, Dailytelegraph, Facebook