This is a group of human body image works mainly based on the theme of female "nude back".Such an angle reflects the "beauty" of women, which is rare.His painting career can be summarized as:"Nobles show the way to become a monk", "Diligently learn to paint and learn from others."

Brilliant colors, like colorful petals; exquisite human body,Like a delicate flower bud.They are dreamlike,Like blossoming female flowers, quietly blooming unique "delicate and pure".These paintings are all by Liang Junwu, a Chinese painter who lived in Spain for more than XNUMX years in Taiwan.

Liang Junwu
Spanish Chinese Painter
Good at character oil paintingMasterpiece "The River of Life""The Shackles", "Demolished German Shipboards", etc.Work "Travel Brings Peace"Won the honorary award of Spain 1989 International Tourism Fair

In 1949, he went to Taiwan with his parents.In 1964, graduated from the Department of Textile Dyeing and Chemistry, Taipei Industrial College, Taiwan Province,Like painting art since childhood. In 1968, he went to Europe and was admitted to the Spanish Art School.Five years later, he graduated and settled in Spain, earning a living by painting.Good at character oil painting.His representative works include oil paintings of large figures"The River of Life", "The Shackles", and "Demolished German Shipboards" etc.His work "Travel Brings Peace"Won the honorary award of the 1989 International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain,As a contemporary painter, he was included in the "Art Dictionary" of Spain.

Liang Junwu, who likes to paint since childhood, has not received professional training.During his military service, Liang Junwu often spent his free time copying famous paintings.At a reception, Jiang Jingguo, who knows art well, accidentallyI saw a Mona Lisa statue in an old friend’s house,I thought it was bought in France for a big price.The old friend smiled and answered:"This is from one of your soldiers."Jiang Jingguo was surprised, so he wrote down the name Liang Junwu.

One day two years later,A phone call from Liang's father called Liang Junwu, who was working as an engineer after retirement, home.Jiang Jingguo has never forgotten this young man with drawing ability."Finally saw you. You are very artistic,Have you considered engaging in art? "A week later, Jiang Jingguo came again,Said: "Have you ever thought of going abroad to study painting?"Jiang Jingguo visited 7 times in six months.But Liang Junwu did not agree.Until Jiang Jingguo talked to his father,Expressed willingness to help Liang Junwu go out for further studies.Father thought it was the honor of the Liang family, and this was finalized.

In 1967, recommended by Jiang Jingguo to study painting in Europe,When he first came to Spain, Liang Junwu tried to overcome the language barrier.Under the guidance of mentors and their own efforts,Successfully passed the exam that had taught Picasso,Dali's top art school in Spain-"San Francando Advanced Art Institute".

In 1973, he graduated with the highest grade of "Honorary Registration",The five years there laid a solid foundation for Liang Junwu in Western painting.The works were collected by the school during the school and used as teaching reference materials.In 1978, he participated in the exhibition at the invitation of Kreisler Gallery, one of the three largest galleries in Spain.And became a member of the gallery's presidium,Since then, the road of professional painter has started.And won the first prize of the Madrid Art Society Sketch.

Since 1978, Mr. Liang Junwu has been in
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain, Italy, Switzerland,Many countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Central and South America, Spain and Hong Kong,Exhibitions held in Taiwan and other regions have had an extraordinary impactGradually he became a famous painter who attracted worldwide attention.

Liang Junwu seriesPaintings about female human bodiesNot only a household name in SpainKing of spainJuan Carlos IAlso love to collect his worksAnd especially asked him to paint a portrait of himself

Liang Junwu's paintingsMostly oil paintingEspecially good at figure paintingIt took him 7-8 yearsTraveled to European art galleriesHe is familiar with the differences in EuropeMasterpieces of figure paintingStyle genre and painting technique

Liang Junwu is more inclined to female subjectsEspecially good at sketching women"Back View"But unlike European paintersHis works focus on combining Eastern artistic conceptionCombining Chinese and Western to pursue balance

The back image of women in his worksThe styling highlights the "beautiful, precise and colorful"No vulgar exposure, no pretentiousness

Although the character image does not show facial expressions
But I still feel like a beauty first
Despite being nude

but"Show" instead of "color"

The women in the painting are sexy
"Pure and clean"
The feminine body can be described by the artist
Behaved as the most savory guest
Optimal depiction of the beauty of the back

Liang Junwu and other female paintersThe effect of different shapes is: high useCombining realism and freehand imagery with abstraction

Painter's back view of female human bodyDisplay and grasp of structural beautyLet people in its superb composition and modelingFully enjoyed in sketching skills

Liang Junwu's color is pure and pureHis work is like a continuous poemIn figurative formTo tell the abstract fragileAnd it feels transparent

Brilliant colors are like colorful petals
The delicate body is like a delicate flower budThey are dreamlike and fantasy like blossoming woman flowersQuietly blooming unique fineness and purity

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