7000 yuan an hour, a secret outlet for 2 million single men and women

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"A secret outlet for 2 million single men and women."

Source: Investment House (ID: touzijias) Author: Chen Tianyi
"Hello, little brother.""who are you?""I am your sweetheart." Recently, an article about ""The video suddenly became popular on the Internet. A male uploader bought a service called "virtual boyfriend". The phone was connected, and the other party's full of magnetic voice and sophisticated love words made the straight male uploader face red and unable to stand it. This video quickly aroused crowds and discussions among netizens.On the original video platform B station, the evaluation video has reached 144 million views, with more than 10 likes, and then a large wave of "virtual male/girlfriend" evaluation videos have become popular online.

Tailor-made perfect male/girlfriend This incident brought the "virtual emotional service", an originally hidden industry, into the public eye.The so-called "virtual male/girlfriends" are played by real people and chat with consumers through online communication software such as QQ and WeChat. The main content is emotional love and other topics. In the past, searching for the keyword "virtual male/girlfriend" directly on X treasure could bring out a large number of shops, each with thousands of sales.However, due to the uneven business standards of each store and frequent complaints about pornography, the industry has been silent for a while. However, this business still exists, and now that the epidemic is superimposed, people are isolated at home and feel bored, "virtual boys/friends" are still on the rise, but you have to change some euphemistic keywords to search online.

What is the experience of dating boyfriend/girlfriend online? Whether it is the "dominant president", "little milk dog" and "brother next door" in the hearts of girls; or the "cute loli" and "sexy goddess" pursued by boys, all tastes and personal settings are up to you.

Of course, male/girlfriends are also divided into "top card" levels, which are divided into different levels such as gold medal, top card, town shop, and goddess. The price is based on the level of the lover, the length of companionship, and the way of chat. Yuan varies.

Once selected, he/she will be exclusive to you during this period of time you spend money to buy.Some girls said that her younger brother gave her a "first experience in love."The other party first uses nicknames such as "baby" and "dear" to get closer and create a pink atmosphere; praise the girl with high density, commonly known as "rainbow fart"; throw out the earthy love words, unexpectedly make the girl blush, and the dialogue enters deep water , And even naturally create a sense of ambiguity. When a professional "love field master" encounters a lonely soul, it is naturally like a dry fire.Of course, it is only limited to the spark of the soul, and the platforms all indicate that they provide "pure green services."

 (Photo: Stills of "The Temperature of Love") Many friends choose "virtual boy/friend" for early adopters and fun, but there are also long-term online contractors, one package for several months or even longer. Some are programmers who seem to be taciturn.Working day and night every day, accompanied by cold and merciless code all day long, and the long-term repressed life has given him a stronger desire to express. At this time, a gentle "Jieyuhua" of nephrite jade can help. He provides an "emotional experience" close to reality. Some are urban "strong women" with prestigious sceneries.Every day I pack the appearance of being cold and hard, but the innermost part of my heart still has my little daughter's thoughts. She runs for the team and customers all day long. Only the time of "returning home with exhaustion" can truly belong to me. Every day I need "sunshine warmth" "Men" can sleep peacefully after about half an hour of condolences. Some are lovers who have just suffered severe emotional damage and are in desperate need of finding a new "soul harbor".Because you are an employer, the other party will do their best to please you, so the care from your virtual boyfriend is far more intimate and meticulous than the real one. However, she just walked out of the shadows, but felt that she had fallen into a bigger "gentle trap".She felt that she had fallen in love with this "virtual boyfriend" and even confessed to the other party, requesting to meet and socialize.But it was rejected by the other party—"This is just a deal."


Human heart is the best business, loneliness is There is a saying in "One Hundred Years of Solitude" that life has never left loneliness and exists independently. How many people in China are single? The "2018 Civil Affairs Development Statistics Bulletin" shows that there are more than 2 million single adults in my country, of which more than 7700 million are living alone. The fast-paced urban life and the huge pressure in the workplace often make people feel physically and mentally exhausted; however, at the same time, busy work can also lead to a narrow social circle, and there is no one to tell, and there is no way to talk about it. Solitude has become the most true portrayal of contemporary young people.In 2018, the Maimai Data Research Institute conducted a loneliness survey on tens of thousands of workplace people, and the results showed that 61.47% of people often feel lonely. According to the statistics of the Ali Research Institute, among the post-95s and post-00s population, the proportion of one person watching a movie is as high as 54%, and the proportion of one person asking for takeaway reaches 33%. In order to resolve loneliness, people are often willing to exchange money for it."Financial Investment News" once estimated that nearly 80% of lonely people will spend at least 1000 yuan a month to resolve loneliness, and some will even buy more expensive related spiritual products or services.

As the saying goes, full of warmth and desire, in today's 30+ years of age, there are leftover men and women blooming everywhere, in the moment when you can't find the other half for a while, ""It became the best solution. Previously, a game called "Love and the Producer" was popular all over the Internet.Four different types of boyfriends are provided: domineering president Li Zeyan, gentle scholar Xu Mo, police senior Bai Qi, and super idol Zhou Qiluo.The player just follows the game as the heroine of Mary Su, and falls in love with four handsome, rich and affectionate "Gao Fu Shuai".In addition, this game will create a sense of reality in various ways. "Boyfriends" will call you, return to your circle of friends, and send text messages.

According to App Annie data, one and a half months after the game was launched in December 2017, the App Store has downloaded 12 million times, Weibo topics have been viewed 400 billion, and users paid about 31 million yuan.It was 10 times that of another explosive game "Traveling Frog" at that time. Female gamers who were fascinated by it even sent out their birthday wishes on the large LED screen of Shenzhen Jingji 1 Building on the birthday of their virtual boyfriend "Li Zeyan" on January 13.


The Future of "Virtual Boyfriend" "Qian Jing" But in fact, these "virtual emotions" in China are still pediatrics. The real "krypton capacity" of this industry is truly reflected in neighboring Japan. Last year, Japan's No. 9 Cowboy Roland's entry into China caused netizens to exclaim. In September, Roland’s Niulang shop registered an official Weibo "theclub" in China, and sent out an invitation to the girls—"Come on! Spend a good night with the handsome guys! It will make you excited. Thump!"

At the beginning, Roland’s charge was 50000 yen (3400 yuan) a night, which could not stop the enthusiasm and invitation of the girls. Roland, who was in short supply, immediately set up the price, doubled the price and raised it to 10000 yen ( RMB 6765).But even so, there are still many girls eager for it. Speaking of this, we first need to correct everyone’s perception that the Japanese Cowherd industry is generally "selling but not selling."The most critical ability is not to see how good-looking you are, but to see how good you can chat (fuss). For example, the Japanese Cowherd Ziyin, who has been in the top five of Japan's most popular Cowherd rankings for several weeks, but his appearance is like this:

Let us feel the "Super Speaking Skill" of Japan's No. XNUMX Cowboy: For example, a girl complained to Roland that she was getting uglier, just look at what they said. Roland: "No, I think you are very beautiful." (Immediately after a question is thrown out) "Do you know what the conditions of a beauty are?"Girl: "What is it?"Roland: "That is, do I feel beautiful." Roland: "Do you know who the most famous person in the store is?""It's the girl (you) sitting next to me." With such a powerful language, the girls are lining up to give them money, so only online, the Japanese cowboy dare to charge such a high price, let alone offline. 比如这位日本牛郎,曾经在3个小时狂赚1000万日元(约61万人民币),更有土豪粉丝一晚上砸了3000万日元(183万人民币);一个人就能给店里带来3亿日元的年收入,2017年他的收入是1亿7千万日元。

Of course, even if it is "salesmanship but not self-selling", this business is not allowed to be carried out in China, but it is enough to show the huge lethality of "virtual emotion". But when the fake is true, it is true and false, and many consumers are often immersed in it, and then ignore this feeling and can't help but be just a job for the other party.In Japan, there are many girls who show their true love for the Cowherd, some switched to female public relations, some broke their family for him, and some even committed crimes. In any case, although "virtual emotions" are healing, consumers must also be careful not to get caught up in it.After answering the call, he/she belongs to you only; but after the call is over, you are destined to disappear into the sea of ​​people, and each other is just passing by.His company only provides a chance to breathe; for the immediate struggle, you have to rely on yourself to overcome obstacles.

From the group: Chinese population in southeast Melbourne

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