According to a report by Channel 54 News, a XNUMX-year-old Victorian man, Jason Potts, recently prepared to go on the roof to clean the drain.When he climbed the ladder, the ladder accidentally overturned, and Potts fell backwards, over the neighbor's fence, landed on his head and shoulders, and fell heavily on a concrete road.

Potts weighed 107 kilograms, which he said meant that his head and shoulders carried a weight of 107 kilograms.

He said that when he fell, the smart watch he was wearing suddenly heard a voice. The caller told him that his smart watch automatically dialed 000 after detecting a serious fall, and the other party asked him if he needed to call an ambulance.

Not only did the watch alert the emergency services, it also automatically sent four messages to Mrs. Potts, who was listed as an emergency contact, telling her that Potts had fallen and attached Potts' location.

After being sent to the doctor, Potts was found to have misaligned clavicle, fractured spine and ribs, and severely injured his head, so the phone call from the watch can be said to have saved his life.