Recently Angelababy became the "realistic version of Gu Jia".

For the children to go to aristocratic kindergarten, try to mix with the ladies circle.

The same thing as Gu Jia is that the Wannian C-place Baby took a photo in the ladies circle, but hides in the corner.

Some netizens were even more powerful and immediately dug up all the materials of these ladies.

Said she was forced to stand helplessly in the corner, obviously this isThe difference between old money and new money, Has no essential relationship with actual net worth.

The embarrassed Tianbao immediately tweeted:

It doesn’t matter whether you stand or stand, just keep it simple..

But the TV series "Thirty Only" has long told us:

The position of the ladies circle is a symbol of status.

We are still vividly remembering the incident of our "Zhang Niangniang's domineering C-position photo shoot".

In this kind of "human-tip" situation, you don't care about the photos you take, but the "information" reflected in the photos will be seen by everyone.

Then why did Baby endure the "high on the top" of the ladies circle, and still hug the thighs of these ladies?
Baby has already given the answer in a variety show before:Go to kindergarten for the children.
In this "ladies circle", there are friends who walk with her baby.
Some netizens said:Baby joined this "Lady Circle" in order to let Xiao Sponge go to the aristocratic kindergarten in Shanghai.