Beautiful human body, so beautiful to suffocate!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

There are three beauty: The first is a kind of completeness or perfection, everything that is incomplete is ugly; the second is proper proportion or harmony; the third is bright, so bright colors are recognized as beautiful. --Tor Aquinas

Such a beautiful human body, beautiful oil painting!

 Huo Bukovac

霍·布科瓦克于1855年7月4日出生在杜布罗夫尼克附近的察夫塔特。他在童年时期就表现出喜欢画画,但由于家庭贫困,他无法继续接受教育。十一岁的时候,他叔叔把他带到了美国,在那里呆了。他的叔叔很快去世了。1871年,他回到杜布罗夫尼克,开始在 – 敖德萨 – 利物浦正规航线的商船上当学徒。

In 1873, he went to Latin America and worked as a mail sender and receiver in a factory in Peru.Three years later, he returned to Cavtat.He found a poet, Medo Pusik (Muco Pucic) Patron, the poet recommended him to Strossmayer, a very famous and influential Croatian archbishop at the time. In 1877, he painted Turkinja u haremu for Strossmayer (Turkish woman in the harem).Thanks to the financial support of Strossmayer, he entered Paris in 1877 and entered the Academy of Fine Arts (Fine arts).His teacher is Alexandre Cabanel.He completed his education in 1880.

In 1878, Bukovac appeared in the public as a painter at the Paris Salon.It was one of the 32 paintings exhibited in Paris at that time. For this reason, he participated in the exhibition and created for 16 years. Appeared at the Paris Salon in 1888 and was awarded the Medal of Honor.This work was taken by the grandson of a wealthy industrialist family, Fox (SamsonFox) Bought it and the source said that Fox owned 18 paintings by Bukovac.

In 1888 and 1891, he was in England作为肖像画家工作了更长的时间。他的艺术经历了几个阶段,不仅在和技法上有所不同,而对绘画有了更深的And master.Zagreb period (1894-1898) Is the most active part of his life.He brought fresh ideas to the art colony of the city, but because he was the only educated Croatian artist in France, he quickly became an advocate of the Vienna and Munich schools.He made famous curtains for the Croatian National Theater, Gundulic's Dream and Dubravka's large-scale paintings.During the Cavtat period (1898-1903) Is characterized by finding new expressionsAnd new color solutions.

Prague period (1903 – 1922) Characterized by portraits, he pays more attention to color and less attention to painting figures.He served as a professor at the college there.Bukovac died in Prague on April 1922, 4.
hisIncluding about 400 portraits, And more than 150 other.

From 1893 to 1897, he was in Zagreb, where he introduced Europe at the time-mostly the spirit of French art.Later, due to a dispute with the painter and statesman Isi Kr?njavi, he moved back to Cavtat until 1903 when he was called the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (Vytvarnyh Umeni of Akademie) Teaching.A series of famous portraits belong to this period.

Huo Bukovac is one of Croatia's outstanding representative painters. In 1897, he founded the Croatian Artists Association, the most contributing painter in the millennium. In 1915, he became a professor of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts.

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