Suppose this scenario:


You really want to buy the latest mobile phone, you must buy it.But you don't have enough money, and you don't have money at home.


It takes a long time to save this money, and you don't want to borrow it from others.


What would you do?


"Loans, even all kinds of high-interest online loans." This is the way many people choose.


There are also some girls who choose what they think is more decent:


Sell ​​eggs.


The savage black market for eggs


Not long ago, a female college student in a university in Wuhan owed an online loan of 6 yuan.


Desperate, she chose to believe in the small egg selling advertisements on the street of the school.



With fear, she took out 17 eggs from her body for the first time without anesthesia.


After that, I took anti-inflammatory drugs for three days.


Twelve were taken out for the second time, and they were left with anti-inflammatory water for four days.


The small price makes her feel that this approach is worthwhile.


It's just a fluke that she still doesn't know that her body is already full of holes.


A little carelessness can lead to infertility and even death.


Like her, there are many girls who don't know the cost of selling eggs.


In October 2016, 10-year-old girl Xiao Chen collected more than 17 eggs, and her classmates also sold eggs one after another. (Source: Today's Frontline)




In August 2018, a 8-year-old girl was cheated by netizens and sold eggs. (Source: Today's Frontline)


Behind the endless egg selling incidents is an underground egg selling industry chain that is growing wildly.


I believe you will not be unfamiliar with egg selling.


In many public places, there are often small advertisements for recruiting egg donation girls.



Especially in major universities, it is not uncommon.


In many college forums, post bars, QQ groups and other places, there will also be egg donation advertisements.


Without exception, the conditions are very attractive.


These small advertisements and the black intermediaries of the egg black market will emphasize to you:


As long as you donate the eggs that are released every month, you can easily get a generous compensation.


The higher the height, the better the appearance, and the higher the education level, the more generous the reward.


The point is that there is no damage yet.


Screenshot of black intermediary dialogue


With all kinds of beautifying packaging, selling eggs has become a profitable thing without any harm.


Coupled with the name "presenting love", many girls are eager for it.


In recent years, female college students have become the main force in the black market.


What the girls didn't know was that when they climbed onto the operating table, they were dancing on the tip of a knife.


A heavy price may be paid for this at any time.



Horrible underground egg sale


From believing in small advertisements, the girls have become lambs to be slaughtered and can no longer retire.


Every girl who is determined to donate eggs will be taken to a private hospital for physical examination.


After passing the medical examination, they will inject something called a nutrition needle in a privately renovated operating room.


Source: Pear Video


The so-called nutrition injection is actually just a hormone drug for ovulation.


Not only is it not nutritious, it also produces great side effects: vomiting, ascites, body edema...


In order to promote the ovulation of more eggs, the frenzied black intermediary will overdose.


In this way, the side effects will increase, and even life-threatening.


Later, they will let the girls strictly control their diet and eat more high-protein things.


Just for the egg to mature better and faster.


Screenshot of black intermediary circle of friends


After the eggs are fully mature, they will take the girl to the previous operating room for egg retrieval.


During this period, all communication equipment will be confiscated.


Most operations are performed without anesthesia.


The egg retrieval tool they used was a hollow needle more than 30 cm long and 2 mm thick.


The needle will penetrate into the girl's body, pierce the vaginal wall, and pass through the ovaries and follicles to suck out the eggs that are expelled.



The pain caused by this is very tolerable.


Because there are more eggs, you need to pierce a few more holes from other directions to get them.


Toss like this, the ovaries will become riddled with holes, and the consequences will be unimaginable.


Some people may say that it is better to run away when something is wrong.


But in fact, trying to escape is really not that easy.


Each of the above processes will be controlled by the black interposer.


Driven by interests, the black intermediary will not easily let go of every prey it gets.


For girls who repent, they will do both soft and hard, trying to convince the girl that egg retrieval is painless and harmless.


When the girl is determined, the black intermediary will let her pay all the expenses.


Girls who come to beg for money generally can't afford these expenses, so they choose to bite their teeth and continue.


If not, they will also carry out a series of personal threats to the girl until the girl compromises.


In other words, since the beginning of the dream of egg donation woven by the black intermediary, the girls have already stepped into the swamp of the black egg market.



The consequences can be imagined, it will only sink deeper and deeper, until it is completely swallowed.


You can’t even think of how harmful the egg retrieval is


When the girls actually climbed on the operating table to retrieve their eggs, they realized:


Egg retrieval is far less beautiful than the black intermediary said.


In August 2018, someone photographed the whole process of underground egg retrieval. A 8-year-old girl was crying on the operating table during the egg retrieval.


Source: Pear Video


Without anesthesia, every girl undergoing an egg retrieval operation will collapse in pain.


However, the hazards of egg retrieval are far more than pain.


You may not know that about 400-500 eggs are released in a woman's life, and only one egg is released a month.


The evacuation injection before the egg retrieval can help people to expel a lot of eggs in a short period of time. One can imagine how dangerous it is.


If excessive excretion is promoted, it can cause many complications and even death.


In addition, when pregnant in the future, it is more likely to cause bleeding or miscarriage, and it is difficult to guarantee the health of the fetus.


In the process of egg retrieval, trauma will definitely be caused, and improper operation may also injure surrounding organs.


Source: People's Medicine


Especially for egg retrieval operations performed in irregular operating rooms, the risks are often difficult to estimate.


These operating rooms on the egg black market are hidden in apartment houses, which can only be described as dirty and messy.


Such conditions are difficult to achieve a sterile environment, so it is easy to cause bleeding, infection, and inflammation to the girls during the operation.



In addition, there are no complete medical facilities, and in many cases, when a medical accident occurs, it is impossible to take immediate measures.


Even more frightening is that the vast majority of doctors who perform operations are not qualified to practice.


Just imagine, let an unprofessional person hold a 30-centimeter-long needle that has not been completely disinfected and stabbed it in the body. It feels scary to think about it.


Source: People's Medicine


Compared with the hazards after the eggs are taken, the above is just insignificant.


Many girls have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after egg retrieval.


Enlarged ovaries, ascites, systemic edema, liver and kidney damage, thrombosis, etc. are common sequelae.


In July 2018, a 7-year-old girl in Hubei was unable to repay a cosmetic loan. Under the guidance of a black intermediary, she received an oviposit injection for 23 days.


As the egg was not retrieved, she left the hospital without any money.


Later, symptoms of general weakness and swollen belly appeared.


When sent to a regular hospital for treatment, he was transferred to the intensive care unit, and the doctor also issued a critical illness notice.


With that comes high treatment costs.


Although she was out of danger later, she has lost the ability to bear children.


Source: Surging News


There are really countless such girls on the assembly line of the egg black market.


After some tossing, the money earned from selling eggs may not be worth the fraction of their treatment.


Not only that, the shadow of their psychology caused by egg selling is also indelible.



And the price they may have to pay is the right to be a mother.


Even the right to live.


The ignorant girl is jumping into the pit


We all know how harmful drugs are, compared with the harm of egg selling.


The speed of its destruction can be said to be faster.


As early as 2003, the National Health and Family Planning Commission clearly stipulated that any form of commercial egg donation and egg donation was strictly prohibited.


Most of the reasons for the explicit prohibition are because the dangers of egg selling are incalculable.


But many girls don't know anything about it.


Black intermediaries will penetrate into the lives of many girls who are ignorant or short of money and impose various temptations.


They referred to egg selling as egg donation, and described this behavior in a wild way:


Instead of wasting the eggs released every month, it would be better to sell them and help others.


After all the hazards are covered up, ignorant girls can always be easily fooled.


When the girls who donated eggs were asked about the consequences of egg donation, many girls felt that egg donation would not cause serious health problems.


Source: Screenshot of Black Intermediary Moments


And the small advertisements all over the sky will always give girls a shot:


Love egg donation is safe, painless, quick to come, and high income, and it can help people.


After some flattering, the girls jumped into the pit dug by the black agent one by one.


Even some girls will have a second and third time after the first egg sale, until the body is hollowed out.



It is said that poor people must have something to hate, and what these girls hate is ignorance.


They are really stupid and stupid, overdrawing the health in front of them, how can they live well for the rest of their lives.


When the dream of egg donation begins to disillusion, what awaits them will be endless tragedies.




Girls ruined by vanity


Admittedly, it is undeniable that ignorant girls account for a part, but there are also many people who know the harm and still go their own way.


In the impetuous society in front of us, the surrounding and even the Internet will always bias the values ​​of girls:


Girls must lead a high-quality life, and everything must be the best.


Under the preaching, the three views of the girls began to collapse.


What followed was vanity.


How many girls sell eggs for an iPhone, to buy expensive cosmetics, to wear LV, to live a luxurious life...


They have both made a bet on their future at the expense of their own health.


This is not stupid anymore, this is really stupid!


Desire is hard to fill, but how many eggs do girls have enough to spend in this lifetime?



Schopenhauer said that human desire is the root of all suffering: when desire cannot be satisfied, it will fall into pain; even if it is satisfied, happiness is only very short-lived.


When one day my body can no longer be overdrawn, I really can't imagine what it will be like.


Perhaps it is the road of online loans, or the road of illegal crimes.


And this all points to a dead end.


I know that no amount of scolding can wake up a person who pretends to sleep.


But girls should know that the best way in this world is to go downhill.


Beauvoir once said in "Second Sex":


The misfortune of women lies in being surrounded by irresistible temptations. They are not required to work hard, but are only encouraged to slide down to bliss.


When she realized that she had been fooled by a mirage, it was too late, and her power had been exhausted in a failed adventure.


The satisfaction of these short-lived desires will only bring you greater pain.


The debt owed by the body will one day be compensated in a more painful way.


Therefore, those vanity dreams should really wake up.