The first move: one move to get the hands and feet cracked


In autumn and winter, there is less skin fat secretion, dry and rough skin, cracked hands and feet, severe fissure bleeding, and more middle-aged and elderly people.
A very useful recipe: 3-5 orange peels after eating, put them in a basin and soak in water for 2 minutes, wash your hands and then soak your feet until the water is not hot, wash once every night for 3-4 days , The dryness and roughness disappear. It works better than any cream, so try it.


No. 2: How to catch a cold and cough


First take a white radish, wash and peel.Cut the radish into cubes, the size of soybeans.Pour the cut radish cubes into honey and soak it. After 2 hours, pour out a tablespoon of this radish honey juice, dilute it with warm water, and drink it 4-5 times a day. It also has a certain effect.


The third trick: apply egg yolk to your face to remove acne


Mix the egg yolk with tomato and cucumber juice evenly, apply it on the face for about 1 minute, and then wash it off with water, which is very helpful for acne recovery.


Tip 4: Use this for chapped lips


In winter, the weather is dry, the lips are dry, and the skin is peeled. I will teach you a trick: grab a handful of white fungus, take 10 red dates, put rock sugar and boil.Drink once in the morning and evening.After a few days, the skin will rise and the dry hair will disappear naturally.


No. 5: Itchy skin in winter is super easy to use


Itchy skin in winter is a manifestation of blood dryness. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you should also eat more dry and nourishing foods. White radish, Chinese cabbage, grapefruit and orange are also good.


The sixth trick: stay up late to eat more yam


Yam contains a variety of trace elements, rich vitamins and minerals, which can enhance immune function and delay cell aging.Friends who stay up late for a long time often eat yam, pumpkin, beans, and fish are very helpful for their own immunity and nervous system.


No. 7 trick: prickly ash to remove blackheads


Boil water with pepper to remove pepper, wash your face with filtered water, pepper water can kill mites and other bacteria very well, and is very helpful in preventing and reducing blackheads.


No. 8 trick: a small recipe for rhinitis


Wash the fresh green onion, take the white onion and mash it, soak a small cotton ball in the green onion juice, first wipe the nostrils with a cotton swab dipped in light salt water, then put the cotton ball soaked in green onion juice into the nostril, breathe gently, and hold for a few minutes Take it out until the irritation disappears, and then replace it with a new cotton ball, 5-6 cotton balls once a day, the rhinitis will recover quickly.


The 9th trick: cucumber wrinkles


Half and half of fresh cucumber juice, add the same amount of egg white (about one egg) and mix well. Wash your face every night before going to bed, and then apply to facial wrinkles. Rinse with warm water the next morning. It will improve wrinkles.


Tip 10: Bananas are easy to repair sensitive


There are many friends with sensitive skin and red blood streaks appear in winter. I will teach you a trick. Take a banana and mash it and apply it on the face for about 10 minutes. It has a good improvement.This method is convenient, simple, and the effect is very good. Friends with sensitive skin eat less seafood, eat more fruits and vegetables, it will be much better.


The 11th trick: quick hangover tips


Wash the Chinese cabbage, cut into thin strips, add some vinegar and sugar, mix well, pickle for 10 minutes and eat, cool, sweet and sour, and hangover.Eating tofu while drinking alcohol is the smartest choice, because there is a major amino acid in tofu, which can dissolve the "toxicity" of ethanol and promote the rapid excretion of ethanol in wine. Try it.


Twelfth trick: hemorrhoids with light salt water bath


Use light salt water + warm water to take a bath at night, about 10 minutes, usually 1-2 cycles can be easily eliminated.另外平时Also usually
Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink less alcohol and eat spicy and irritating foods, and you won't do it again later.


The 13th trick: myopia small coup


I often use computers, mobile phones or myopia, and often drink wolfberry chrysanthemum tea.A moderate amount of goji berries, eat goji berries after soaking.每天清晨洗脸时,用半干不湿的热毛巾敷于前额和双眼,眼睛轻闭,头稍仰,毛巾凉后再重When washing your face every morning, apply a semi-dry, non-wet hot towel to your forehead and eyes, lightly close your eyes, and tilt your head slightly.
New replacement, lasting for one minute, long-term persistence, you will find the magic is by your side.


The 14th trick: white radish for chilblain


Radish is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and other vitamins.Cut the radish into slices, use an electric stove or a charcoal fire to bake it softly, and stick it on the frostbite area.


15 tricks: hot compress with large salt grains for frozen shoulder


Frozen shoulder is more stubborn. I will teach you a simple and effective method. Use a pound of large salt particles to heat up, put it in a cloth bag and tie it firmly (not to let the salt particles fall out), and iron it back and forth on the shoulder. It feels very comfortable. Appropriate, once a day at night, 1-2 weeks is enough, long time is also fine.


No. 16: Use mung beans for acne on the back of the neck


Some friends are prone to acne on the neck, back, and chest. This is called folliculitis. You can use mung beans to crush and add water to apply acne, which is helpful for acne recovery.


Trick No. 17: Get a stiff neck


As long as you lift your feet, break the big toe, massage and rotate slowly in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, your stiff neck will get the maximum repair.If you notice that your hallux muscles are tight, it means you have a sprained neck and you have to go to the hospital to see a doctor.Remember, the left leg is on the left and the right leg is on the right. Regular massage will directly or indirectly relax the muscle strength of the neck and help prevent neck injuries.


The 18th trick: fresh milk to remove freckles


Apply fresh milk on the face: prepare a small cup of fresh milk, soak up the fresh milk with a cotton pad, apply it to the face for about XNUMX minutes, remove it, and wash the milk on the face with water.


Tip 19: Use rice vinegar to remove gray armor


Using rice vinegar to soak diseased nails for about 20 minutes will effectively inhibit the survival of fungi under the nails and reduce the survival and spread of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms.


20th trick: enhance memory


Take a fresh goose egg every morning, put it into a container, add appropriate amount of sugar to your taste, stir well, put it on the cage, steam it, eat it on an empty stomach, it has brain-clearing and intellectual functions, and has special effects on enhancing memory. It can be eaten regularly.


No. 21: Use white vinegar for athlete's foot


Use warm water and white vinegar to soak your feet with a ratio of 10:1. Once a day, it can effectively relieve the symptoms of athlete's foot.In addition, pay attention to the breathability of the shoes at ordinary times, so you will not repeat it.


Tip 22: Eat too much and become dumb


Some foods contain a certain amount of lead, and regular consumption can cause lead poisoning.The manifestations of lead poisoning are insomnia, hyperactivity, anemia and mental retardation.Such as pineapple eggs, stinky tofu, MSG, etc., eat these foods as little as possible in the future.


No. 23: Fresh ginger to remove dandruff


Pour slices of fresh ginger into a pot and boil, wash your hair after the water is warm, gently massage the scalp with your hands, then rinse it off with clean water, and dry it with a towel, which effectively reduces dandruff.


No. 24: Stop hiccups in ten seconds


Keep hiccups, use massage to cure hiccups, press two Yuyao points (the midpoint of the eyebrows) with both thumbs at the same time, press from bottom to top, with force from light to heavy, with a feeling of soreness.When massaging, hold your breath forcefully and then exhale forcefully. Repeat two or three times to stop the hiccups.


Twenty-fifth measure: Periodontitis is easily resolved


Rinse mouth with light salt water every morning and evening, and after meals, to remove oral bacteria.Raise your head and gargle to make the salt water rinse the pharynx more effectively, just 2 days without other methods.


No. 26: Easy solution to constipation


Use 2~3 taels each of rice and millet, add 4~7 taels of sweet potatoes, boil sweet potato porridge, eat before and after dinner, the next morning, the stool will be relieved, the effect is faster than medicine, and it can be eaten regularly without side effects.Constipation can disappear after eating sweet potatoes for a period of time.


No. 27: No scars left on the wound



It is easy to leave scars after wound healing.If you just use fresh ginger slices to rub the keloids immediately after the scab is removed, rub it 3 times a day for 2-3 minutes each time, and use fresh ginger two or three times continuously to prevent the granulation tissue from continuing to grow, and the wound does not remain Scars, the skin surface is as smooth as ever.   

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