Following the release of the budget for everyone’s "wallet" last night,The immigration quota for fiscal year 20-21 is long overdue.


Maintain the 16 immigration quota unchanged,
Investment immigration and family quotas doubled,
GTI global talent immigration 3 times the quota,
Become a dazzling "new immigrant star" directly!


There are 6 new cases in Australia,
Net immigration has negative growth for the first time in more than 70 years


In the past 24 hours, 6 new cases have been diagnosed across Australia, including:
There were 6 new cases and 2 deaths in Victoria;
Other states/territories have not reported new additions today.


The media had previously reported thatAffected by the epidemic, the number of net immigrants in Australia will be reversed for the first time in more than 70 years, which will reflect the blow to economic growth in the federal budget next week.


(Image source: SMH)


As thousands of people leave Australia and fewer return home, the end result will be the first negative population growth since 1946.


That is,Australia is facing the risk of a demographic decline that has not occurred since the Great Depression.
The direct impact of the decline in population will be the decline in consumption and insufficient domestic demand, which hinders the recovery of the market after the epidemic.
Therefore, the Australian government has also made some adjustments in the immigration quota for the new fiscal year.


Families arbitrarily grab quotas
Or pay language fee


The quota for households this fiscal year is 77,300, which is nearly double the quota compared to 47,732 in the previous fiscal year.


The family category here mainly refers to spouse immigrants and parent immigrants, and the group of children is a separate category and does not occupy this quota.


It is worth noting that this increase in household quotas is a temporary one-off increase on a "one-off basis", and does not mean that this increase will occur every year in the future.


A one-time increase in the quota for family immigration will bring about $320 million in income to Australia in this fiscal year. This is the most direct measure of the Immigration Bureau to assist Australia's economic recovery.In addition, it is expected that the demand for language training from the new spouse immigrant group will also bring an incidental income of 1.2 million to Australia.


Another major change,The spouse visa will introduce English requirements.It is expected that those who fail to meet the language requirements can be satisfied by paying language fees.The government expects that this requirement will also bring Australia $490 million in revenue.


BIIP business investment immigrationQuota doubled,
Or priority trial privilege


Today's Budget once again confirms the future focus of the Immigration Bureau. The quota for commercial investment immigration has been increased to 13,500, which is nearly twice the quota of 6,862 in the previous fiscal year.This increase is no less than the family category mentioned above.


Business investment immigration has become a new star in the eyes of the Immigration Bureau. During the temporary state guarantee period that began in September, the entire investment immigration led the audience. From the invitation of 1c to the signing, the invitation of South Australia 9, and the invitation of Victoria's 188a&b, no immigration sector was so active.


In addition,The Immigration Bureau will continue to vigorously optimize the business immigration project. The specific ideas are as follows:


· All business investment immigration applications will receive priority approval
· The requirements for innovative business immigration may increase (188A)
· Investment business immigration (188B&C) will change and optimize its investment ratio, capital and time requirements
· The Immigration Bureau injects $120 million to promote the reform of the above business immigration
· Visa fees will increase by 11.3%


All the above objectives are very clearly directed, in order to more accurately screen out the best quality and outstanding investors, business owners and entrepreneurs.Australian immigrants no longer simply emphasize quantity, but have rapidly improved in terms of quality.


GTI Global Talent Program,
Weather vane for skilled migration


In today's budget, the GTI quota has soared from 5000 to 1,5000, which is tripled, which is far superior to the two types of immigrants mentioned above.As a new type of visa introduced in November last year, it continues to receive such great attention in the new fiscal year, which shows that its significance to Australia is very important.


The Global Talent Independent Program GTI has clear regulations on the applicant’s industry:


· AgTech (agricultural technology) FinTech (financial technology)
·MedTech (Medical Technology)
· Cyber ​​Security
· Space and Advanced Manufacturing (Space and Advanced Manufacturing)
· Energy and Mining Technology
· Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT (Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT)


All outstanding research talents in the above industries, or those with rich work experience in the industry, can quickly obtain PR through GTI.


It is not surprising that GTI has become a hot spot for Australian immigrants recently.The introduction of high-tech and outstanding talents has always been the development direction of Australian immigration.


GTI's seven major industries are the key directions for Australia's future development, and directly and precisely echo the most urgent and most important industry sectors for economic recovery after the epidemic.Therefore, it is not surprising that GTI will replace traditional skilled migration and become a new type of Australian skilled migration.


In addition, the budget continues to emphasize thatEmployer guarantee, GTI Global Talent Program and BIIP Business Investment Immigration will receive the top priority from the Immigration Bureau in this fiscal year..It can be seen that the ability to contribute to work, the ability to create research in the high-tech industry, and the ability to outstanding business investment are the three most important capabilities in Australia in the future.


"Regional and Onshore"
Highlight the advantages of immigration for the first time


Another important point, history is rare:Those who are in China, or whose spouse’s guarantor lives in the “regional area”, will enjoy the priority of the immigration authorities. The importance of "remote areas" in the heart of the immigration bureau has once again been highlighted.


Traditional independent immigrants 189 190,


First of all, the entire budget,No mention of independent skilled immigrants,It has been very chilling.


Again, from the total quota unchanged,Family category and investment category doubled, GTI tripledTo calculate,The shrinkage of 189 is obvious.If the numbers are as stated in the Budget, after removing the three categories of quotas above, there will be 3 quotas left for the remaining types of immigrants to share.


5 is not a lot at first sight, but 5 here Employers guarantee category 186, independent skilled immigrants 189, state government guarantees 190, and remote areas state government guarantees 491 & 494, and the total 5 categories of visas will be shared together.


In the past fiscal year 19-20, the employer guarantee category 186 quota was 3, and 2.9 were actually used. If 186 continues to occupy the 3 quota this fiscal year, there will only be 2 quota for 189. , 190 four high school visas were torn and robbed, the scene is unimaginable.


Two fiscal years, after a COVID-19, the immigration situation has changed dramatically. The quota of 16 remains unchanged, and the family category occupies half of the country. The ever-popular dream of studying abroad and immigration 189, but just like a toner cartridge and disappearing.


Investment immigrants have unique business economic value, job opportunities and creativity. In the immigration plan under the epidemic, they have unlimited advantages. Not only has the quota doubled, it has also become the first priority immigration optimization category.


As a talent introduction channel for the seven high-tech industries, GTI has topped the Australian immigration program in just six months and has become the most conducive immigrant talent group for Australian immigration programs to Australia's economic recovery and future long-term economic development.