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Music godfather Li Zongsheng remarried, he married a 27-year-old model Qianhui.
According to rumors, Li Zongsheng had long introduced to the public that Qianhui was his wife, and his wife and stepdaughter got along well.

The two have the most life-like daily routines, go out to dinner, go shopping in the supermarket, talking and laughing, they are the most ordinary couples.

Walking the dog:

Discuss where to eat:

Looks very affectionate. The person who sang "I never wanted to be single, but had a foreboding of getting married late, I am waiting, the only soul in the world", finally plunged into the honeypot of the world and lived a happy life.
It's really good.
He once wrote the twists and turns of thousands of people, trapped and hurt by love, and now it seems that the dust has settled.
Everyone is looking at each other, happy and nice.

The last time I heard the news of Li Zongsheng, the media filmed him and Lin Yilian reconciling, and the two had a private meeting with their 20-year-old daughter:

The former "difficulty of mind" has now been let go of each other.
The two were happy and smiling.
It's really embarrassing. This cross-century sensational love affair was originally the best sample of talented men and beautiful women, but it ended abruptly in such a decisive way.
Later, one of them recalled the other, only with music, with regret, with tears.
In this way, the two people stood at the opposite ends of the world in a decisive manner in a way full of misfortune.
Therefore, seeing this scene of their reconciliation, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief and feel that the world can be relieved and forgiven.
In 1992, Lin Yilian moved from Hong Kong to Taiwan and collaborated with Li Zongsheng on the theme song of "Farewell My Concubine".
The lyrics are sad and gentle, but also firm to let go:
Love and hate are still in my heart
Really want to break the past
Let's continue tomorrow
Don't ask me any more

The first collaboration went smoothly. The two hit it off and collaborated on a new album.
The lyrics of "Don't Care Who I Am" are very emotional:
It's sad if no one loves a womanEven if someone listens to my song, they cryI really look forward to someone chasing

Then, Li Zongsheng held a farewell concert in Taipei, and Lin Yilian was the guest.
Standing on the stage, they are a pair of Bi people full of tacit understanding.

As soon as Lin Yilian spoke, Li Zongsheng could no longer come out of her voice.
At that time, Li Zongsheng’s wife, Zhu Weiyin, wrote in her memoirs that from the farewell party, she knew that Li Zongsheng had become farther and farther away from her, even strangers.
Since then, Lin Yilian has been controversial because of Li Zongsheng's passionate pursuit, so she went to Vancouver.

Li Zongsheng was rejected after chasing after him. He stood in front of Lin Yilian's house and begged for a day and night, so he wrote this song "Blowed by the Cold Wind for You and Me":

I will try to let go of the pastNo matter how beautiful it used to beI also try not to rememberHow do you surround me with love

After Li Zongsheng and his ex-wife divorced, the two began to fall in love officially, considering the future.
The first song he wrote to Lin Yilian was "The Night Is Too Dark":

Night blackNo one has ever tasted true loveOnly blame the night for too darkNo one is worried about whether they will regret tomorrow

But this relationship was devastated when it came, and the two resisted all pressure and tried to be together, but in the face of the mess on the ground, they were still helpless.
In 1998, the two married in Vancouver.

Are he and Lin Yilian really in love?Maybe he doesn't know it too well.
Just like in Chen Shuhua's song:

"From strangeness to love, from conviction to suspicion, from love to hurt, from staying together to separation, a relationship would rather be short and exciting, or ask him if there will be a future?"

This marriage, Did not last long.

They are all life-style artists, born uninhibited and free, and the ordinary days after marriage are a stifling of the artistic talents of two people, and no one can digest them.
In the face of such a creative dilemma, their contradictions are getting bigger and bigger every day.

A palace-level queen like Lin Yilian, who stayed at home to take care of her children during Li Zongsheng's concert, surely the world can also appreciate that kind of grievance and loneliness.

In the following days, Li Zongsheng was not considerate, and Lin Yilian saw no hope.
Later, Li Zongsheng went to Shanghai, Lin Yilian returned to Hong Kong sadly, and the two separated.

In many concerts later, Li Zongsheng still wept sadly:

"Shanghai has made me lose a lot of things."

In 2014, he sang "When love is a thing of the past", and finally trembled with regret:
"I finally lost you, in the crowd."
Lin Yilian never mentions Li Zongsheng again. She is chic and firm, with a natural heroine temperament. It seems that only Li Zongsheng and thousands of audiences can't get out.

By now, two people have a new life, this may be the best ending.

Some fans said, I hope you will never understand Li Zongsheng forever.
If you don't understand it, it means you have a happy life, without regrets, and you have no intentions to settle down.

Now, Li Zongsheng has also lived the simplest and most secular life.

This passionate and talented man, after writing about love and hate for half his life, finally looked back at himself to find the simplest happiness.
When I was young, everyone wanted to be Li Zongsheng, rolling in love and hatred in the red dust;
Only in middle age did I find that a stable and suitable stay is the most worthy of happiness.
Go to the supermarket, run the road with her, walk the dog together, and look for food in the corners and alleys together.
He also put down the music, began to become a living, caring about food and vegetables, and started his favorite guitar business.

Those who love and hate when they are young are dramatic, intense, and painful.
But after the middle age, you will feel that these are too tired, vigorous and heartbroken, and it is too exhausting.
And middle-aged people need a stable relationship life, get up and walk the dog together, take care of the elderly, and welcome the sunshine.

A life, no matter how earth-shattering before, will eventually return to peace.
Reconcile with previous love and hatred, and reconcile with your own stubbornness and regret.

Give yourself to the family, to the wife, and become the role that should be in the family.

In fact, these are also very good. Only those who have this kind of happiness can live happily and fulfillingly.

I hope you can understand Li Zongsheng, but you don't have to experience his regrets and regrets.
But like him, find the person who is willing to go shopping and grocery shopping with you.
Sharing and watching, I hope everyone can get this simple happiness.


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