Where did you go today~
Today is the first day of unblocking Melbourne,
New in Victoria2 casesConfirmed,
2Death cases.

To celebrate the unblocking of Melbourne,

Some stores in major shopping malls and supermarkets,

Open to the public at midnight last night!

Mr. News today at noon,

I went to the City and the Chinese district,

Have to sigh,

Old Melbourne,

at lastcame back!

The flow of people on the street has obviously increased,

Coupled with this good weather,

Everyone is wearing summer clothes,

Made these more and moreThe things you want!

Enter the restaurant to eat,

Shopping in the mall,

Buy milk tea,

Do manicure and haircut,

In the most familiar place of these Melburnians,

Life seems100%Back before the epidemic.

But I still have to sigh,

Freedom is hard to come by,
Everyone cherish it!
On the first day of Victoria's unblocking, 2 cases and 2 died!

In the past 24 hours,

New in Victoria2 casesNew crown cases,

2Cases of death.

Of the two new cases confirmed today,2 casesAre all related to the known infection chain, Who are close contacts of other positive cases, are currently isolated at home and pose no risk to public health.

Today’s deaths, one man in his 1s and one man in his 70s, are all related to the outbreak in elderly care homes.

The governor said at today's press conference: "Both of these are deaths a few weeks ago, not today. "

So today there is no community transmission in Victoria,

There are also no deaths.

Another day of good news~

Melbourne's average daily growth rate for 14 consecutive days has now dropped to 2.7.There have been 3 mysterious cases in Melbourne in the past two weeks-a drop of 3 cases compared to yesterday.

This means that Melbourne has achieved the two reopening goals set in the state government roadmap!

There is also good news. The number of new cases in remote areas of Victoria has been zero in the past 14 days.

Today is the first day of unblocking Melbourne. Retailers, restaurants, cafes and bars have not opened for 4 months.

Finally open!

The whole city started at midnight yesterday,

Woke up completely!

Some stores in major shopping malls and supermarkets have opened at midnight,

Look at this grand queue,

Lively Melbourne,

Finally home!

A shopper said:
"I've been queuing here from 6pm,

I'm so excited,

Don't even know what to say. "

And wearing pajamas,

At the moment the store opens,

Can’t wait for the shoppers rushing into the mall.

Susan Wakefield, who went shopping this morning, said:

"The meaning of my going out today is not simply shopping. Human beings are social animals. We have been hungry for hundreds of days and now we can finally meet our needs. Today I enjoy not shopping at K-mart, but little greetings. Sharing a cheerful mood is freedom."

OnBoxhillAfter the epidemic was finally brought under control,

Today’s Box hill Central also swept away the desertedness of the past,

People come and go.

There are long queues waiting for the meal at the entrance of each store,

People performed well with a social distance of 1.5 meters.

Various merchant stores opened their doors for business,

The mall is crowded with people,

Everyone has accumulated things that have not been purchased for a long time,

Pushing the car out.

Beauty lovers who haven’t done nail art for a long time,

I finally made an appointment for the nail salon,

The shop assistants and customers were all smiling.

There were a lot of people eating outside,

under the sun,

Everything feels back to what it was before the epidemic.

Look againCity.

People are also carrying shopping bags,

Happy to go out~

Wearing summer clothes,

Into the city in this good weather,

Eat and drink.

Haven't seen so many people in a long time~

The flow of people in Melbourne Central,

It was almost 100% back before the epidemic,

Melbourne woke up real hammer!

People have grown on the grass~

Mala Tang,

Milk tea shop,

Hot pot restaurant,


Everyone's favorite gourmet shop

All are open for dine-in!

It may be that the line is a little long.

Let alone the people in the mall,

After all major retail restaurants opened,

Everyone seems to be coming

"Retaliation consumption",

People everywhere,

And the front team,
I feel at a loss if I catch a store and don’t go shopping~

Chinese area

Glen Waverley Shopping Center,

It's full of cars.

The popularity is obviously much stronger than in the past,

But overall there is still not as much traffic as City.


I can see the scenery outside,

In this weather, it’s absolutely amazing~

I also ran into a shop specializing in masks,

Although you have to wear a mask,

But the beautiful ones must also be dropped~

Celia in Melbourne did not work from home as usual this morning but went to a cafe.

"My coffee this morning was done on the coffee shop table. I miss this happy feeling so much, this is the right way to open the workday."

Kmart is crowded by crazy shoppers, you can only enter by appointment!

It's like booking a restaurant,Anyone who wants to go shopping at Kmart must make an appointmentTo help maintain the customer limit in the store.

Kmart has launched an online system that allows shoppers to book their estimated time of arrival at the mall, with the goal of giving themselves and other guests social distance.

Before making an appointment, shoppers must first choose their favorite store, then enter the number of shoppers, then choose the time they want to go, and finally enter the name and phone number of the reservation, so that the reservation is completed.

Shoppers who have successfully made an appointment will receive a confirmation text message and show the text message to the Kmart staff upon arrival at the store.

Kmart wrote on its website, "We will open on October 10, but for the safety of shoppers, we will limit the number of customers allowed to enter the store at the same time in the Melbourne city store."

The appointment time interval is 20 minutes, but there is no regulation for customers' shopping time.

Netizens’ evaluations of this system are also very different. Some shoppers said, “This system is too silly to make appointments. Why don’t you count the number of customers entering the store directly at the door? A few people go in, isn't this what the supermarket does? I think the effect is pretty good."

Another netizen said: "I can guarantee that many people don't know to make an appointment."

What did you do on the first day of unblocking~