The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

//A city with more than 100 beaches//




A big brother rushed out from the roadside
While shouting, rush into the sea!

The tourists on the beach did not realize what happened.I saw this tall little brother throwing down his backpack while running and swimming towards a few people in the sea.


There were more than a dozen people swimming in the sea at that time




At this moment, someone nearby seems to understand the situation
Rush over to help


Two strange men cooperated with the little brother, dragging people back from the sea one after another...

Several young people who were packing up saw this scene. Although they were confused, they felt that the situation was urgent and they all rushed to help!

With everyone's help
The little brother rescued 8 people from the sea!

The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...

"I saw 8 of themBeing swallowed by the sea"

When people were dragged out of the sea one by one, everyone found out,These 8 young people are dying!But just a few minutes ago, no one found that so many people almost drowned!


This superhero who suddenly rushed out of the gods is called Anthony Carroll, nicknamed "Harries", and is a very famous lifeguard at Bondi Beach!


He has rescued people from dangerous seas countless times

He saved "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman 8 years ago!

The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...

These 8 people are simply luckier than winning the jackpot!


Because yesterday Anthony did not work as a lifeguard on the beach, but taught yoga classes at a gym near Bronte Beach.At that time, he had just left work and was walking on his way home.


When passing the beach
He habitually checks the situation of the beach in front of him

The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...

Just by this glance, he saw a terrible scene!


There are offshore streams!
Several people are being swallowed into the sea by offshore streams!
Someone has been rolled over, head buried in the sea!
Some people are buried under water!
The people on the beach didn't even notice it!




Too late to call for help
After a second, people will be swallowed by the sea!


So he ignored his hungry body just after work, dropped his backpack and rushed into the sea.


He shouted hoarsely
To get the attention of others
More than one person involved in the offshore stream
He cannot complete this rescue alone


Anthony, who has been playing at the beach since he was young, and has worked at the beach for 23 years, is no stranger to offshore streams.plentifulLetThe rescue plan and order have been figured out in the shortest time!


But nevertheless
Already a little powerless
Almost bet his own life


幸好沙滩上也有几个有救援的小哥,当他们意识到危险时,二Besides, he rushed into the sea to help Anthony save others.These young people who had encountered offshore streams were rushed to the hospital and escaped their lives.


If Anthony comes one minute late
If no one else rushed to help
Today’s news will be a complete tragedy


Fortunately, there are so many brave and strong unknown heroes in this city.These 8 playful young people have encountered the luck of misfortune in life,


There are so many strangers
Willing to go all out to save them


But Anthony has something to say:

"In front of the sea, never be too confident"



It's impossible that someone will come to rescue you at a critical moment
In front of the sea, never be too confident

He told everyone,Because of the frequent offshore currents, Bronte Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in Australia.There will be special safety zone signs and there will be lifeguards on duty. Any situation outside of the safe zone or there is no lifeguard on duty is at risk.

Bronte beach lifeguard patrol time
And these 8 young people are still playing in the water after 6pm...


Many people are confident in their water and physical strength,The understanding of the sea is very superficial,So I always don't care about these risks, and as a result, I get an accident, which not only ruins my own life, but may also hurt the people who saved them.

He wanted to remind everyone that there is no absolutely safe beach.even if最热闹的Bondi海滩,也常常发生意外。

No one understands the terrible sea better than a lifeguard!

//Pay attention to warning signsPay attention to the patrol time of lifeguardsWatch out for the red and yellow flags on the beachDon't swim in unprotected waters//


Each人都应该知道的"Offshore Stream"

What is offshore

离岸流英文叫做(RIP Current)。大家都知道海浪再海岸后,就会退回海里。可是,有时候,因为地形、天气等各种复杂的原因,这些退回海里的海浪被层层叠加在一起,然后形成了一股巨大的水流。


This stream of water goes straight to the depths of the sea
If you accidentally enter this current
Then they will be dragged into the sea desperately
There is no way to parry!


Due to the many and complex factors that form offshore currents, there is no way to predict and judge.


Any beach, any weather
There may be offshore currents!


而且离岸流变幻莫测,就算是丰富的海滩救生员,There is no way to warn you in advance that offshore currents may occur.


In the past year, many of the people who died of offshore currents were swimmers or surfers.Whether they are water or physical, they are stronger than ordinary people!However, in the face of offshore currents, they are too small!


This shows how powerful the offshore current is!
After most people are involved in offshore currents,
Soon you will be exhausted and drown in the sea

Close at hand

Unlike many dangerous marine creatures, offshore currents are the killers right in front of us!


Even if you just play on the shore
It may also be taken away by offshore currents!


Because many offshore currents start to accumulate power from the beach, this power will continuously push you into the depths of the sea!and so,If you are playing on the beach, you may be sucked in accidentally!




The most terrifying thing about offshore streams is that they come silently!Regarding the big winds and waves, everyone may have one more thought,However, where there are often offshore currents, there will be abnormally calm waves, making you not at all vigilant!
Look at the place pointed by the white arrow in the picture below, which is the offshore stream!


Most people would think this piece of sea water is safe!
But once you swim in it will be miserable!


The biggest feature of offshore currents is calmness!


Generally speaking, the waves that hit the beach are connected in a line. If you see that there is a sudden calm in this wave, then you have to be careful!


This is most likely an offshore stream!
It will quickly drag you into the deep sea!
Stay away!



What to do if you encounter offshore currents

Regardless of whether you encounter offshore currents or not, you must know how to get a chance in offshore currents!This is the only way to save lives in times of crisis!

Pay attention to identification

Regardless of whether there is a warning sign on the beach to be careful of offshore streams, you must be more mindful!As mentioned earlier, if you see that kind of calm zone in the waves, you must stay away!


The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...
That is the most terrifying abyss!

Don't look back

If you are unfortunately caught in an offshore stream, don't look back!Because human survival instinct will make you want to flop back to the shore!


Note that many swimmers died because of this!


Because any force that prevents water from returning to the deep sea will make offshore currents stronger!and so,You will only make the offshore currents that kill you more and more powerful, and you will exhaust your energy!


So, remember to swim to both sides!


Although offshore currents are powerful, their width is limited.In other words, the offshore stream is a long and narrow one.只要你向两边游去,离开这段可怕的水流!


Or swim forward!


If you don’t have the strength to swim to both sides, swim forward!Because the power of offshore currents will decay with the distance from the shore, the harder you swim towards the deep sea at this time, the easier it will be to escape from the shore current!


In short, don't look back!

The Australian brother passed by the beach and saw an unforgettable scene of his life, 8 people are being swallowed alive!He rushed into the sea like crazy...



The offshore stream is too scary, I hope everyone will never encounter it!But the weather is unpredictable, soBe sure to warn yourself and your family and friends to observe the surrounding situation more and be more careful!

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