Some time ago, Bangladesh made a vicious move against rapists-they changed the lawwillThe maximum sentence for rapists has been raised todeath penalty,


The local government hopes that using this highest punishment, which is the same as that of a murderer, can give an explanation to the rape victims and an answer to the angry people who have taken to the streets this month.



At that time, the protesters were actually not satisfied with the official decision of Bangladesh. They were worried that it would reduce the conviction rate of rape cases, and they were even more worried that rapists would kill their victims.


More importantly, they feel that this is just a perfunctory approach to a society with a deep-rooted "rape culture".


However, just two days after the legislative amendments to this law, an exciting news came that a vicious gang rape case occurred in Tangailby, Uttar Pradesh eight years ago, has made significant progress.All 5 male criminals were sentenced to death!


The swift judgment made only 2 days after the law was amended was a forceful implementation and aroused response.



In 2012, the victim girl was in a relationship with her boyfriend at the time, but perhaps she did not get the girl's request for her excessive demands. The man ignored the past feelings of the two and launched a heinous act of revenge.


He invited his girlfriend who fully trusted him and didn't have the slightest defense to the river for a nice date, and his girlfriend did not have so much scruples, so he went to the appointment alone.


Unexpectedly, when she arrived at the agreed place, she was waiting for her not her boyfriend, but her boyfriend and his four male friends.


Instinct told her that something was wrong, she wanted to turn around and escape, but never left the land...


Two of them rushed over and pinched her down. Then, her boyfriend sexually assaulted her first, and then he asked the remaining two friends to repeat the bestial behavior.


In her extremely painful situation, her boyfriend and his friends kept doing nothing and ended her life...


This case aroused fierce opposition from all over the country that year. People demanded severe punishment and thorough investigation. The five people who committed the crime were quickly arrested and brought to justice.



However, for 8 years, they were not convicted, and the girl’s family was also trembling in fear of being threatened and revenge.


The gang rape case 8 years ago now has a happy ending. It is conceivable that without this change in the law, how this case would end in the end...


For the victimized girl and the girl’s family, justice has been delayed for 8 years, but it is comforting that the girl was not forgotten in the end. The perpetrators who violated her will pay the price for their actions...



In the past, the conviction rate of rape cases in Bangladesh was less than 5%. Of the 100 rape cases filed, only about 3 cases were convicted.


Knowing how high the chances of escaping from conviction are, the rape cases in Bangladesh are getting rampant every year.Among the more than 8 rape cases in Bangladesh in the past eight months, more than one-fifth of them were gang rapes.


These are still data recorded by the media and police. In this country of "victim guilt", I don't know how many times more tragedies are happening every day.


But today’s death penalty reform and immediate implementation are undoubtedly a happy event that the people of Bangladesh have not heard of for several years.


Will the rape culture in this country get better because of the strengthening of the law?This is undoubtedly a good start.


In recent years, various countries have successively introduced various measures against sexual assault. From South Korea to the first Asian country to introduce “chemical castration” to Nigeria’s new “physical castration” law passed in September this year, these world advances are worthwhile People are pleased and learn.



Chemical castration means that a doctor injects drugs into male sex offenders to reduce their testosterone to pre-pubertal levels, so as to physiologically reduce the sex offender’s sexual desire and fantasies, thereby reducing preventive measures against violence against children.


But the disadvantage of this method is that there is no continuity. Once the drug is stopped, the level of libido will return to normal, and it must be injected again every few months to maintain the effect, which is very troublesome and costly, and they have to worry about their anger and hatred. The mentality of revenge increases the risk of secondary harm to society.


Some people also believe that, in fact, these criminals who sexually assault children are not because of excessive sexual desire, but because of their own anti-social personality and the desire to control children during the process of sexual assault...


In other European and American countries that have introduced chemical castration, chemical castration has also been promoted as an opportunity for sex offenders to reduce their sentences. Sex offenders actively accept chemical castration in exchange for probation or other benefits.


However, as a preventive measure, this method is still recognized by most of these countries.



As for a country with zero tolerance for child sexual abuse, Kaduna State in Nigeria recently made the list.



In September,Kaduna State, NigeriaIn order to end the domestic "rape culture" for many years, and in response to the explosive increase in rape cases during the epidemic, the law of "physical castration" of child sex offenders was first introduced!



Under the existing laws of the state, the victim is a rapist of a child under the age of 14. Both men and women will be subject to the strictest punishment of "physical removal of tools of crime".


For men, everyone can guess the crime tools removed,


AndFor women, the state assembly decided to remove their fallopian tubes as punishment!



This physical castration is really fierce compared to chemical castration that sounds fierce and actually gentle...


And this is not the ultimate destination of punishment. For child sexual assault, their highest punishment is the death penalty.


For child sex offenders sentenced to death,Before the death penalty, the state will still physically castrate offenders so that they can experience the loss of body parts.


At the same time, Kaduna State will extend the sentence for adult sexual assault cases from the original maximum of 21 years in prison to life imprisonment.



For this country where a quarter of girls have experienced various forms of sexual violence before the age of 1, this hard-core move should be the biggest theoretical change that can be made.


From amending the law to introduce the death penalty to trying to make rape the most feared punishment, the whole world is now turning its attention to the victims of sexual assault.



In such a firm and slow progress, the sexually disadvantaged groups in this world will also feel hopeful...




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