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Governor Mark McGowan said that the continuous arrival of ships carrying crew members infected with COVID-XNUMX in Western Australia will be one of the "weakest links" in our control of the epidemic, and there is also the greatest risk.

The evacuees on the Al Messilah ship will be tested in Fremantle this morning.Currently25 peopleThe crew tested positive, The remaining 27 crew members may also be infected.

One crew member is currently undergoing quarantine at the hotel, while the rest remain on board.Nearly ten other people who had close contact with the infected crew members of the ship are now in isolation.Including port workers and hospital staff.

There was also a positive test on the other Key Integrity bulk carrier from Geraldton to Fremantle.The test results of 19 of the crew members are expected to be confirmed later on Tuesday (today).45 travelers from New Zealand are now being taken to the hotel quarantine area.

Another accident happened in the Australian isolation hotel. More than 200 people are afraid of getting AIDS and hepatitis!

More than 200 people in Victoria who were previously quarantined in hotels were asked to be tested for HIV and other viruses because they may have had cross infections during the quarantine.

The Victorian Safe Care Centre announced yesterday that it will be between March 3 and August 29. The 8 people who were tested for blood glucose levels during isolation in the hotel were at risk of being infected by a blood-borne virus because multiple people used the same testing tool.The CEO of the Nursing Center, Associate Professor Ann Maree Keenan said the agency is conducting an investigation to find out how the problem occurred.

Burst!7.5 magnitude earthquake in the United States

Burst!A magnitude 7.5 earthquake in the waters south of Alaska!The sirens sounded throughout the island, and residents fled to the high ground to avoid the tsunami.


Great white sharks appeared on the northern beaches of Perth, and divers were a few meters away!

On Sunday, in Burns Beach, north of Perth, a diver came into close contact with a great white shark.The Surf Life Saving Organization tweeted that the shark is estimated to be 3.5 meters long and less than 5 meters from the diver.The appearance of sharks prompted the closure of Burns Beach.

Last Saturday, after a Westpac helicopter spotted a shark in the air, the authorities drove about 100 people from the Margaret River surfing spot.On Saturday, another shark was found east of Dunsborough.On Monday, a swimmer spotted sharks on the beaches of two metropolises.Just after 11 am, after a shark was found near City Beach, both City Beach and Floreat were closed.

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