Everyone has heard
The longest river in the world isNile
The widest river in the world isAmazon River
But you know
WorldThe most "expensive"The riverWhich river is it?
The most expensive reason in this river
It’s not that there are any special creatures in the water
It's not that there are gold and diamonds in the river
Just because of the "stone" here

The stones in this river are not ordinary
MostlyEmerald Rough Stone
And this river isLocated in MyanmarWuluhe
According to relevant statistics
occupiedworldwide95%Emerald Market
So for the Burmese
The rough jade stone isGift of nature
we all know
There are many different types of jade
Lantian jade

Dushan Jade etc.

Empress Dowager Cixi liked jade very much back then

And there is a saying
It is because Jade has been
Cixi's Favor
So that it becomes valuable

After all, the evolution of trends
From top to bottom
And Empress Dowager Cixi was the first person at the time
It can be regarded as a "trend leader"

As long as she wears things
There will be a wave of craze among the people

Like this famous jade cabbage

This should be the world
The most expensive cabbage
Now stored in the National Palace Museum in Taipei
Is the treasure of the museum

Every exhibition
Always three floors inside and outside three floors full of people

And the raw material used to carve this jade jade cabbage
From the Wulu River in Myanmar

Maybe someone has questions
Origin of jadeite raw materials in the world
It’s not just the Wulu River in Myanmar
So why is it so famous

In fact, the value of jade is also divided into levels

Such as glass


Ice glutinous species, etc.

And the most valuable is the glass kind

And this kind of glass
Only the Wuluhe mining area in Myanmar
Have output
So this gives Wuluhe
Distinctive meaning

The formation of jade is extremely harsh
It needs a high pressure and low temperature environment

However, most places
High pressure must be high temperature
So this is an abnormal condition

And this abnormal environment
It happens to be available in the Wuluhe area

In addition, the rough jadeite is hardened jade rock
This kind of rock is very rare

And the surrounding rock that wraps the jade rock
Must also be high magnesium, high calcium, low iron rock

With the above conditions, in the geological movement
Hydrothermal fluid flows to form jade
And the geology should be relatively stable
Otherwise it’s easy to break the jadeite

Because of such harsh conditions
So the place that can really produce jade
No more than 10 in the world
And the top jade is the only Wuluhe mining area

The Wulu River is over 250 kilometers long
People have been mining since the Ming Dynasty
Time is not too long

At first people picked rocks from the river
At that time, Wulu River surrounded by dense forest
Like a paradise

The locals are not having fun
Will pick up some rocks here
Just picking it up may be a piece of gem

To the back
People started mining on a large scale
The jade on the ground was soon dug out

Everyone started to dig the river bed again
Dig out the soil above
Enter the mine belt for excavation

Sometimes luck, dig down
A ore belt full of jade appeared

After the riverbed was hollowed out
People started to head towards the nearby hill again

Thousands of excavators started here
Digging here full of holes

As more and more people come
Caused great damage to this river
So the local government has banned private mining

And sent troops
Armed patrols take turns 24 hours a day
Ordinary people can't approach easily

It is said that in this area
Now there are thousands of companies
An industrial chain is formed around jade

Someone responsible for digging rough

Is responsible for flushing

Someone is responsible for selling rough

There are those responsible for cutting rough

This river has been mined for more than 600 years
until today
Still producing jadeite continuously

Worthy of being the most expensive river in the world
Don't hide after watching
Quickly put it in the circle!