The post-90s girls want to buy to death, but the horror inside story is deeply rooted!The industrial chain, which is dirtier than waste oil, turns out to be it...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

I believe you must have heard such a sentence: "Young people now rely on milk tea to survive." In a bad mood, come with a cup of milk tea.Friends gathering, a cup of milk tea.When the spring is sleepy and autumn is exhausted, come with a cup of milk tea. It seems to young people that milk tea is a panacea. In the streets and alleys, we often see long lines in front of the milk tea shop. Even now, there are special scalpers for buying milk tea.      
       Some girls can wait 6 hours for a cup of milk tea.      

This kind of fanaticism seems to be no less than young people chasing stars.

They are addicted to drinking milk tea. And this addictive psychology has become the capital for some black-hearted businesses to do evil!

Seeing the two pictures below, I don't know how you would feel.      

Image source: Zhihu
"Drink flies in milk tea", this is the personal experience of Zhihu netizens. Some people feel that the pearl is not right when they drink pearl milk tea. When he picked it up, he was really taken aback. It turned out that I just chewed it turned out to be a dead fly.      

       You might say that this is just an exception.
That would be very wrong. Food hygiene and safety in milk tea shops has always been worrying. Once, a reporter was undercover in a milk tea shop called Gan Cha Du in Beijing. Do n’t know, do n’t know. The pure fresh fruit juice that the public thinks is actually hidden tricks. In order to save costs, they will directly squeeze the juice from rotten and smelly fruits. Of course, it will also be mixed with a little good fruit to prevent it from being noticed by customers.      
       Their verbal sign is "pure fresh juice." But privately, even the water used to rinse the juicer is added.      
        In the shop, making milk tea with stinky fruits seems to have become an open matter. The store manager did not let it throw away because he was afraid of waste. Continue to sell watermelons that are not sold out. Even in the hot weather, the fruit is easy to spoil, and there are coups of its own——
"Put it in the refrigerator to taste, and then sell it."      

        In the raw material warehouse reserved in the store, bananas are rotten and smelly, and water can be squeezed out. The next day, it was put in the juicer as it was called "Banana Milk Juice", and it was sold.      

        They swept the fruit residue left on the fruit plate into the juice purchased by the customer. It was so disgusting that they couldn't stand it.      
        In many cases, we drink the juice and milk tea outside as boiled water. Stupidly thought that he had supplemented vitamin ABC indirectly.As everyone knows, these things harm our bodies invisibly. As the People’s Daily questioned:"Are you drinking sweet tea or swill?"      
       Not long ago, in a well-known milk tea shop, it was found that the raw fruit was rotten.      

        Everyone’s favorite pearls were also placed by some merchants along with the mops used to mop the toilets.      
        They unscrupulously used buckets of milk tea to wash rags.      
        Selling moldy pudding to customers.      
        After many college students went to work part-time in the milk tea shop, they said "I won't drink milk tea to death". why? Look at this picture and you will understand.

This is a toilet taken by a college student in Chongqing while working part-time in a milk tea shop. You can imagine that the toilets of the milk tea shop are so invisible. Will this milk tea really be clean? the answer is negative. In the news of the college student, the reporter learned that all the materials used in the store were three non-expired products. First, it is a big bag of non-dairy creamer, commonly known as "creamer powder."     
        Using creamer instead of fresh milk to make milk tea has become an open secret in the milk tea industry. Do you think that the more fragrant milk tea is, the better milk is? In fact, the more creamer you put. Merchants say:"The taste of ten cups of fresh milk is not as strong as a spoonful of creamer." This is the good taste that merchants seek.Secondly, the evaporated milk used in the shop has expired for half a year.

        Of course, not only evaporated milk, but also various jams added to milk tea, all have expired.   
        Once the incident was exposed, it attracted the attention of many people.      
        Many people say:"Is this really the milk tea that I regard as the source of life?" I have to tell you a terrible fact————- "The food you eat and drink every day, in fact, these foods are also eating you every day." Of course, the most outrageous ones are those unscrupulous merchants. Many of them operate without a license. Let employees buy a health certificate and start making milk tea. I don’t care at all about the consequences for consumers. In the food industry, this is undoubtedly a taboo. In addition, many businesses are pursuing huge profits. He would spend more than ten yuan to buy a bag of creamer and then make 70 cups of milk tea.
Recycle the cheapest tea. In this way, a cheap cup of milk tea can be sold at double the price.        
        Some people say that it is correct for businessmen to chase their profits. But is this really right? They put the lives of consumers under their feet.What is sacrificed behind is their trust.What hurts is their health.

I was also a heavy tea addict. One cup a day is my daily routine. But until I drank the milk tea one time, my diarrhea continued, and my abdominal pain became faint. After my friend sent me to the hospital, the doctor called me "food poisoning". I gradually developed a fear of milk tea. Later I learned that some black-hearted businesses would add a "sunset yellow" thing to their milk tea.       
        This artificially synthesized pigment will cause chronic poisoning. In the inspection standards of the Food Administration, this is not allowed, not even a drop.      
        But how many businesses will sacrifice the so-called "taste" for the health of consumers? Once the taste is lost, their milk tea will encounter a sales bottleneck. Therefore, a trade-off between the two parties, most businesses will choose the latter with luck. In recent years, we have also seen more and more young people who almost endanger their lives by drinking milk tea. Some time ago, Xiao Wang, a post-90s girl, took a cup of milk tea a day and drank herself into the ICU. It took 26 hours to rescue him before he was out of danger.      
        There is also a 14-year-old girl.
I drank a cup of bubble tea 5 days ago and went to the emergency department of the hospital 5 days later. When the doctor checked her, she was completely shocked.
A lot of pearls condensed in her stomach.      

For 5 days, she couldn't eat, couldn't make bowel movements, and her face was very ugly.      
        The culprit is unscrupulous merchants. The pearl itself is made of pure additives. In order to make the pearls more elastic, they also added a lot of glue. This can easily lead to consumer intestinal blockage, which can be fatal in severe cases.      
        Some reporters have also visited some pearl wholesale factories. The scene is unsightly.       
        When the reporter asked the wholesaler:"Are these pearls really edible?" They said nonchalantly: "Pearls, to put it bluntly, we make this product, mainly to prevent people from getting sick, or whatever." "Some pearls are made of starch, some are taro, and some are really unknown."

        The implication of these black-hearted businesses makes people's spine chill.

Some people may ask: Doesn't the Market Supervision Administration care about these unscrupulous merchants? In fact, they have been in action. In 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued-
"Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Freshly Produced and Sold Milk Tea Fruit and Vegetable Juices." Whether it is the freshness of the ingredients or the health of the employees, there are express regulations.      

        But the status quo is still chilling. Unscrupulous merchants still hold a fluke mentality and continue to do business that violates their conscience. They ignored the messy food processing environment.      

        To reduce costs, they still use rotten ingredients.      
        Xiaoqiang patronizes everywhere in the milk tea shop.      
        Therefore, no matter how strict the supervision is, there will always be corners out of the sun. In recent years, the sanitary conditions of tea shops have plummeted. In the face of uncontrollable factors such as raw materials and rising rents, businesses have come up with the idea that "making money is more important than standards". They forgot the market norms.Forget the most precious trust between people.It has also forgotten that China is a country where "food is the heaven for the people".In this thriving age, we are beginning to worry about the most basic "eating". We are well aware that this is by no means caused by poverty. It is the lack of integrity of more and more businesses and the lack of conscience of more and more people. We have to live in the fear of unhealthy eating. For petty gains, some people try again and again. The immediate benefits, of course, can be exciting. But for unscrupulous merchants, have you ever thought about the huge punishment that will be waiting for you in the future? At last,Advise all businesses together to regain their bottom line.
Integrity,Keep your conscience,Compliance with regulations.I also believe that only such an enterprise can truly go far and become stronger.

Thank the original author for his hard work. If the content involves copyright and other issues, please contact us and we will deal with it as soon as possible.
The opinions of the article are for reference only and do not represent our position.

From the group: Chinese population in southeast Melbourne

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