Epidemiology believes that if parents have cancer, their children are also prone to cancer.So cancer is hereditary.This is actually a wrong conclusion.The real reason is that parents and children have a high degree of similarity in diet.


  • Long-term and severe lack of vitamin B2 in the body is the root cause of cancer and tumors.
  • Various peptic ulcers, bleeding, lumps, polyps, and liver cirrhosis are also caused by the lack of vitamin B2.
  • Hemorrhoids are also caused by a lack of vitamin B2.
  • Women’s cervical erosion is also caused by a lack of vitamin B2.
  • What is commonly referred to as "getting hot" is a short-term and acute deficiency of vitamin B2.
  • Supplementing vitamin B2 timely and adequately will relieve these symptoms until they are cured.
It can be seen that by supplementing vitamin B2 in a timely and adequate amount, the above symptoms will be alleviated, and it may be cured.

The human body cannot synthesize vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is an essential nutrient for the human body. It is an essential substance that forms the surface of human tissues and organs. Vitamin B2 cannot be stored in the human body, but it is needed by the human body every day, so it must be supplemented from food every day.


Foods, such as: animal liver, kidney, heart and other vitamin B2 content is higher (this also shows the importance of B2).Followed by dairy products, poultry and eggs, beans and their products, cereals, and general vegetables also contain a small amount of vitamin B2.


Among plants, vitamin B2 is mainly found in the skins and husks of grains, and most of them are lost during food processing.


Due to the diet structure of modern people, the human body cannot get enough vitamin B2 from food, so most people are in a state of vitamin B2 deficiency.

Consequences of lack of vitamin B2: congestion, swelling, bleeding from ulcers...

The human body will not feel any slight lack of vitamin B2, but obvious symptoms will appear when it reaches a certain level.


First, in the weakest part of the human body, usually the first and last ends of the digestive tract, that is, the mouth or anus, congestion and swelling appear, followed by ulcers on the skin or mucous membranes, and then bleeding. .


This is called mouth ulcers and hemorrhoids.If you are deficient in vitamin B2 for a long time, the same symptoms will appear in other parts of the body.


Lack of vitamin B2 will cause cerebral hemorrhage

The main reason lies in the blood vessels, the cells that make up the walls of blood vessels cannot do without vitamin B2.
When vitamin B2 is lacking, blood vessel walls (mainly capillaries, which are very thin in themselves) begin to thin, and under the action of blood pressure, blood vessels begin to bulge outward.
When the local blood vessels all began to bulge, a mass was formed, and finally the blood vessels began to split and bleed. If it happened in the brain, did you guess?Yes, this is cerebral hemorrhage.  

Why do lack of vitamin B2 cause ulcers?

Occurs in the esophagus, which is an esophageal ulcer.
Occurs in the stomach, it is gastric ulcer.
Occurs in the intestine, it is intestinal ulcer.
It is cervical erosion that occurs in the cervix of women.
If the ulcer surface does not heal for a long time, it will be infected by bacteria and cause inflammation. The simple use of anti-inflammatory drugs can only temporarily control the growth of bacteria, but will not heal the ulcer.
Adult nutritional supplement vitamin daily reference dosage: vitamin B2 is 1.7 mg.

Vitamin B2 has no side effects on the human body

Excessive vitamin B2 will be excreted directly from the urine, so it is recommended to supplement regularly.
There is also a problem that must be paid attention to. Vitamin B2 is easily decomposed when exposed to light, leading to failure.
If a bottle of vitamin B2 is not eaten for a month after opening the cap, the remaining pills are probably useless, and you will feel useless when you take it again.At this time, you need to re-purchase, preferably the production date is within half a year.



People who lack vitamin B2 are prone to cancer?

Epidemiology believes that cancer is hereditary, but this is actually a wrong conclusion.The real reason is:
Parents and their children have a high degree of similarity in their diet. Parents love spicy food, often get angry, and are in a state of lack of vitamin B2, so children must also love spicy food and lack vitamin B2.


Even if the child is separated from his parents in the future, his (her) eating habits will be preserved, so it is not surprising that the child suffers from the same disease as his parents.

Why are people who eat whole grains less likely to get cancer?

Now you should understand, it is actually the vitamin B2 contained in whole grains (mainly on the skin and shell) that plays a role. If the skin and shell are removed, the effect will be greatly reduced.
Some people often eat multivitamins, thinking that they will not lack vitamin B2.In fact, the B2 contained in the multivitamin is far from meeting people's daily needs, and it is recommended to supplement some separately. (Dosage: 1.7 mg per day for adults.)

Vitamin B2, a safe "nuclear" weapon

Vitamin B2 has a wide range of effects

  • Promote development and cell regeneration;
  • Participate in cell growth and metabolism;
  • Cooperate with other substances to participate in various metabolisms;
  • Promote growth and development, maintain the integrity of skin and cell membranes;
  • Prevent and eliminate oral reproductive syndrome;
  • Promote the normal growth of skin, nails and hair;
  • Promote the body's absorption of iron, which can prevent anemia;
  • Improve eyesight and reduce eye fatigue.
Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is a safe "nuclear" weapon.

Vitamin B2 has 3 characteristics

XNUMX. It is easily damaged by light (especially ultraviolet light);
XNUMX. It can be destroyed by heating in alkaline solution, so be careful when using it with food or medicine
Third, the body reserves are limited and must be replenished daily.  
We can usually supplement vitamin B2 through food or nutrition every day. If it can be taken together with vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C and folic acid, the effect will be better.Some special patients can be supplemented with medicine.
Under normal circumstances, vitamin B2 does not accumulate in the body, so it is generally not poisoned even if it is taken in excess.

Wide range of effects with vitamin B2

In addition to the aforementioned growth promotion, anemia prevention, vision protection, etc., research has also found that it has the following uses-  

1  Vitamin B2 can improve the blood circulation of the coronary arteries and prevent hardening of the blood vessels.

Pharmacological studies have confirmed that vitamin B2 can improve blood supply to the heart due to its participation in the body's energy metabolism.


In addition, vitamin B2 can also inhibit platelet aggregation, improve myocardial ischemia and reduce the scope of myocardial infarction, improve myocardial function, and have a promising future in protecting the heart!

Prevent migraine.

Associate Professor Luo Sheng, Department of Neurology, Beijing Hospital, Ministry of HealthIt is pointed out that the treatment of migraine in clinic is more complicated. According to the results of medical research and clinical practice, supplementation of vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) and magnesium is a safer and effective method for migraine patients.
Vitamin B2 is used to prevent and treat migraine, and the treatment amount of the drug should generally be controlled at about 400 mg or more.The effect is best for moderate patients who have only a few migraine attacks within a month, most of which have been used for more than 3 months.

3  Improve sex life Vitamin B2 is related to the quality of sex life, especially for women.

Lack of vitamin B2 can be manifested as vaginal dryness, vaginal mucosal congestion, ulceration, prone to labial inflammation, vaginitis, scaly skin, rough skin, which can cause loss of libido, frigidity and pain during intercourse.

4  not afraid cold!

Enhance cold tolerance The combination of vitamin B2 with vitamin E and iron can enhance the body's cold tolerance.This is because they can participate in and enhance human energy metabolism or participate in the process of human hematopoiesis.

What foods contain vitamin B2?

If you are lack of vitamin B2, you can choose milk and its products, animal organs (liver, kidney, heart, etc.), egg yolk, a variety of fish (especially eel, crucian, etc.), spinach, carrots, mushrooms, seaweed, eggplant, Eat vegetables such as celery and tomatoes, and fruits such as oranges and tangerines.
Some people with severe vitamin B2 deficiency should supplement medicinal-grade vitamin B2 tablets or multivitamin B tablets under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists.

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Compared with expensive health products and medicines, simple and reasonable vitamin supplementation can benefit your health!

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