导 言 : Western medicine has hundreds of different cancer names, but the treatment is always a trivial one. No matter what kind of cancer, it is radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.The use of these three axes was powerful and unfavorable, causing countless casualties.



Western medicine has invented many cancer names, such as brain cancer, blood cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, dental cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer and Prostate cancer, blood cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, vulvar cancer, penile cancer, bone cancer, etc.


Just looking at these names scares people to death, so it also appears that Western medicine is very "profound and scientific", as if knowing everything.


However, once the "treatment methods" are concretely implemented, the "mentally handicapped characteristics" of western medicine will be undoubtedly revealed.Hundreds of different cancers, there should be various treatments, right?But they don'tRegardless of the cancer, it will always be a three-pronged attack by "Cheng Yaojin":


One: Traditional cold soldier-knife cutting, using a scalpel to remove cancerous tissue;
Two: Chemical weapons-chemotherapy.Use chemicals to kill cancerous tissues;
Three: Atomic weapons-radiotherapy.Use atomic bombs (radioactive rays) to attack and kill cancer cells.


If the treatment is unsuccessful and the patient is put to death, Western medicine will call it an "incurable disease."


If the patient's life is too big and he actually survived the three barriers, and the examination found that the cancer lump became smaller or temporarily "disappeared" after the "treatment", they would advertise that "the treatment was successful."


As for the growth later, they said it was a "relapse";


It grew out of other places, and they said it was "transfer."


Anyway, I just don't admit that I don't have the ability to treat, everything is "successful".


Once bad luck occurs, it is the bad luck of the patient and it has nothing to do with them.As for why the cancer "recurs" and why it "metastases", they don't know or care about it.


But they will diligently go to "fights" again and again, and receive a large amount of "treatment fees" by the way.The treatment of cancer by western medicine in China often ruins the patient's family and loses money.


Analysis of the disadvantages of "cold weapon" surgical resection


Surgical resection is a "traditional tactic" used by Western medicine to deal with various human diseases. Anything that feels wrong, Western medicine will use "one cut" and think that everything will be fine.


In the history of Western medicine, this method of cutting off tissues was naturally used to treat cancer very early, and many people died because of this;But doctors think this is the inevitable result of "terminal illness" and don't think there is any problem with this approach.


It was not until 1986 that British doctor Holsjed discovered that surgical resection caused rapid metastasis of cancer cells.Surgical removal of human tissue will inevitably bring about the destruction of body tissue and the metastasis of cancer cells.


According to the theory of Chinese medicine, random excision and surgery,Will lead to the destruction of the vital system of the human body, thus causing greater disturbance of the vital system, It will only be worse. This is why cancer cells spread faster after resection!


But Western doctors don't think so.They believe that in the future, not only the cancer mass will be removed, but other normal tissues around the cancer tissue must be removed, so that it will not be easy to "metastasize".


This is the treatment that is still being used to kill good people and bad people together-"Large-scale excision of cancerous mass and surrounding normal tissues."


Of course, Western doctors are not stupid enough to take such a scary name. They have chosen a beautiful name for this cruel treatment method that has become more and more serious to attract customers.


What a wonderful "technical method", are you willing to go for surgery?This type of surgery is the "scientific method" still in use today, and it is considered a "big advance" in the history of surgical resection and treatment of cancer.Look: the little devil becomes a big devil, and it is even more harmful.


However, the American Cancer Institute reported on the surgical treatment of a woman’s breast cancer in 1977.Prove that the excision method does not solve the problem at all, but creates problems.


At that time, the diameter of this female patient's lump was 2 cm, which was considered "early and mid-term detection" and not very serious.


When the cancer mass is less than one centimeter, Western medicine equipment cannot detect it; when it is more than 3 centimeters, it is "late stage", and the problem of spreading is more serious.


Therefore, a woman with a 2 cm swelling is reasonably easy to treat.In fact, even if it is not treated at all, the average time from breast cancer discovery to death according to Western medicine is 12 years.


This woman should live longer than this, because she is a "patient with early detection and early treatment of breast cancer."


However, within three years, Western doctors put her to death.Because: Soon after the resection, her lumps quickly "recurred and metastasized", so she was removed again. In this way, she was repeatedly removed 38 times within three years, and finally "failed to rescue" and put her to death.


Even if a healthy, healthy person has continuously operated on the knife within three years and dug up some normal tissues from all over the body, playing 38 times in a row, I am afraid that everyone will die.


This female patient did not die of breast cancer at all, but died of a quack.
Obviously he was cured by Western medicine, but the case announced by Western medicine did not reflect on the mistakes in his own treatment.


Instead, they used this case to illustrate: Traditionally, it is thought that cancers more than 3 centimeters will “metastase”, but this case “proves” that cancers of 2 centimeters will also metastasize.


Therefore, he did not reflect on the ineffectiveness of the treatment method and stopped the surgical resection, but decided to "do it earlier", for example, if it was "detected in time" and "resected in time" at one centimeter.


This is the western early treatment method of "regular inspection, early detection, and early treatment".


Cancer cells are actually mutated cells. If the human body is in good health, there will be no problem with the existence of these cells.


Just like there are always various bacteria and toxins in the human body, as long as they do not disrupt the balance and health of the body, these bacteria and toxins will not harm the human body.


Only when the normal balance of the human body is disrupted, the mutated cells will grow uncontrollably and cause illness.


Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that "Yang Zheng" is the best way to "eliminate evil."To treat "evil diseases" (such as cell mutation cancers, etc.) with "treatment methods" that destroy human health and recruit evil into the body,It means "inducing wolves into the room" and "gutting out the flesh to repair sores."It is an act of suicide.


This theory has actually been proved by Western medicine clinical medical tests.


The American Cancer Society also issued a research report at the same time, stating: “Surgical trauma destroys the surrounding tissue for cancer cells. This is why some cancer patients quickly appear new tumor masses in other parts after surgery.”


Why are chemotherapy and radiotherapy destined to not be effective?


Since surgery is ineffective, Western medicine uses chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is actually a "remedy" after Western medicine finds that surgical resection is ineffective.


In fact, in Chinese hospitals, it is common for the three to go together, and patients die faster and more unjustly; Western medical brains, which have always only adopted a confrontational attitude towards diseases, are so simple.As long as you can kill the "enemy", you dare to use any means.


If you understand a little bit of basic "scientific common sense", you will know that these two so-called "treatment methods" themselves are serious carcinogenic means.


In 1936, Germany erected a monument to commemorate 110 scientists who died of cancer to study radiation.


When modern western medicine wants to do experiments on animals, they want to get cancer cases by irradiating monkeys.


This kind of carcinogenic method is used to treat cancer, not because Western medicine has learned the "fighting with poison" method of Chinese medicine, but simply because this kind of radiation is a “death radiation”.Can cause normal life cells to mutate and cause cancer.


Western doctors use this deadly method to "treat cancer", nothing more than using radiation to kill cancer cells.


However, while killing cancer cells,Good cells will also be killed together, even causing normal cells to mutate into new cancer cells.They can't take care of this kind of inevitably happening.


To say that these are "side effects of medical treatment" is an inevitable accompanying phenomenon!I don’t know how many people have been killed by this kind of western medicine thinking!


Chemotherapy is the same, it is also a strong carcinogen.In fact, in 1978, a police department in the United States reported that in order to eliminate unreliable members, some triad organizations infused them with large doses of chemotherapy, causing people to die in a short time.


But "pathological examination" is difficult to find evidence of murder, because it is not a medical "poison."These "knowledge" that even the gang knows, don't doctors who have been trained for many years still know?


Any kind of medical behavior should make the patient's condition get better and better, feel more and more comfortable, and the disease is getting milder.


However, the fact now is that many patients walk into the hospital and carry them out.Can eat, drink, sleep, and have energy.After radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the whole body was filled with tubes, unable to eat or move.


The patient quickly lost his hair, which is a sign of severe liver and kidney damage.


The patient loses his appetite and does not want to eat, which is a sign of damage to the spleen and stomach system.In fact, with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney of the patient are all damaged.This method of harming the basic vitality of the human body will only be "death". How can it be "treatment"?


In fact, there have been many cases proving that chemotherapy is the direct cause of death.Even in these special cases, some patients did not really have cancer, but were just misdiagnosed.


Some inconspicuous minor problems that are not serious illnesses at all are misdiagnosed as cancer and are treated as cancer by "chemotherapy."The fastest patient was cured a few months later, and the body was dissected after death, only to find that it was not cancer at all.


There are not one or two such cases, but thousands.The rate of misjudgment of cancer by Western medicine has been maintained at a very high rate.


Of course, they will only discuss these cases internally, and never tell the direct patients that they actually did not have cancer and that they died of treatment.
The hateful thing is that even if this is the case, Western doctors still do not need to take responsibility.


Because according to the "medical standard value of cancer misdiagnosis rate", this is an "acceptable misjudgment."Of course doctors accept death, but should patients accept it?


In fact, there have been many reports in the country that some patients took the wrong test sheet, and none of them thought they had cancer. As a result, they were cured after only one or two years.But those who had cancer originally thought they didn't have cancer, but were still alive.


The reporter attributed these strange cases to "the patient's excessive psychological pressure led to death." In fact, it is also possible that the treatment method killed people who were not sick.


If we become ill, we should keep our eyes open and study it carefully.Think someone "treatment" is a "good thing"?Unreasonable!Inaction is better than inaction.


Even if Western medicine does not understand China's traditional Chinese medicine theory, using Western medical technology and theories to explain it, it is easy to prove that the various cancer treatment methods of Western medicine are simply nonsense.


A doctor in the United States announced a discovery that during a pathological autopsy, 50% of people who died of non-cancer had cancer masses of a few millimeters in the body.


If Western medicine’s technical methods are more comprehensive, it can detect the presence of smaller “cancer cells” in the body,I believe that almost all people will be tested for "cancer cells" in their bodies!


According to the Western medicine method, should all people come to "cleanse cancer cells" and cut off all their flesh?


While a person is alive, Western medicine simply cannot detect small cancerous lumps in the human body.


At present, only a 1 cm cancer mass can be detected with very advanced equipment such as CT. A mass smaller than 2 cm cannot be found. Only a XNUMX cm mass can be seen with "B-ultrasound".


If you can't see it with the instrument, the western doctor thinks it "does not exist."


So once your physical examination says "no lumps" or "lumps disappeared",In fact, the true meaning is "the cancer mass on your body has not been detected by the instrument for the time being, it may not exceed 1 cm".


In other words: Western medicine only "eliminates" the large lumps that they can see, without thinking about the reasons why these cancerous tissues grow.


If you don't eliminate these reasons, you want to obliterate the subsequent results; isn't it as ridiculous and stupid as the Chinese people's "raising soup to stop boiling"?


To treat cancer, we must know the cause of cancer and eliminate it


The most important thing in treating cancer is not "how to get rid of lumps",Finding the special cause of cancer and using various technical means to eliminate this cause is the most critical means.


Buddhism said: mortals fear fruit, saints fear cause.Western medicine, which only works hard on the "results" of the symptoms of the disease, is "mortal" to be polite, or stupid, to put it bluntly.


It is not only a stupid question, but also irresponsible!


Western medicine has never figured out what causes cancer.Their simple one-element linear mind thinks that it is because the patient has been exposed to "carcinogens."


In the "Ten Major Cancer Factors" published by the American Cancer Society, it boils down to: You have cancer because you have been exposed to certain "carcinogens" in your life.


For example, smoking, eating barbecue, and environmental pollution, etc.They seldom think of human physical condition (the natural endowment of the five elements of Yin and Yang), and the disease caused by the physical condition (patient's lifestyle and emotional issues) caused by the acquired five elements of Yin and Yang.


This thought that the existence of "carcinogens" around them causes people to get cancer is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It also allows people to get rid of their responsibilities and feel at ease, pretending to be "helpless and innocent."But is this true?


Why do some people who live in exactly the same environment can't get cancer?Even after the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan, some people got cancer, some people just didn't?


If in the same environment, some people get sick and some don't get sick, can you say that environmental factors and material factors are the only factors?


Of course I am not saying that external causes are not important. I also admit that some diseases, including cancer, are lifestyle diseases.But just using "carcinogens" to explain the cause of cancer, I think it is a manifestation of mental retardation, not scientific.


Chinese medicine believes that if there is a disease in the human body, it means that the body's alarm system is sending you a signal to tell you what error has occurred.


You need to be aware of your problems and solve them.Then the alarm will be eliminated and the disease will heal.


If everyone recognizes this wisdom of life, it would be very simple to "cure cancer".Find the cause of the alarm and eliminate the cause. Wouldn't the problem be solved?


If cancer is terminally ill and you have "cancer", is your body telling you: you are on a "dead road"?


Moreover, each type of cancer is actually a special signal means to remind you which way you have reached a dead end.If you find this "dead path" and can assist the patient to get out of it, the "alarm" will be eliminated.


In other words, the cancer is "cured".Moreover, this is a "radical cure", unlike other simple and direct treatments, it is easy to "relapse".Because these methods of treating the symptoms but not the root cause will not really cure cancer.


In addition, if the patient has a "heart of death", there are external interpersonal relationships and humanistic environment that trigger this "heart of death", such as the patient's family, children's relationship and work relationship, career status, etc. Is there a "dead knot"?


For example, patients with breast cancer and uterine cancer often have problems with their mothers and husbands and have intractable "dead knots".If these "dead knots" can be found and resolved, the condition will be significantly relieved.


The next step is to study the patient’s lifestyle and diet. Is there a "death mode"?Then guide and change, let the patient embark on the road of recovery.


Moreover, this comprehensive treatment method has also solved a big problem: Western medical cancer experts often die of cancer. It seems that cancer is contagious. Why?


If you think about it for yourself, you will find clues and ideas.At least, you will know that so-called cancer specialists can't even cure their own cancer.


Isn't this also an obvious sign of "untrustworthy"?Just like a psychologist, practitioners will eventually suffer from mental illness, and the suicide rate ranks first in all professions.


In addition, if the cancer is only temporarily cured with ordinary medical treatment and medication, without removing the "heart root", even if the lump seems to disappear, it will repeat.


Without changing the life model choice of "Road to Death", patients will still die from other cancers.This is the so-called "cancer metastasis".


This is why many doctors are at a loss for the treatment of cancer.They only saw cancer cells in their eyes, but they simply ignored the causes of these cells.


"Treatment" only on the "final symptom manifestation" of course cannot solve the fundamental problem.


It is of course not difficult to treat cancer according to this line of thinking. The difficulty is that to find someone who can really cure it, it takes "opportunity."From the perspective of pure Chinese medicine, treating cancer is not more difficult than treating high blood pressure and diabetes, and it may be simpler.


Because patients with "terminally ill" patients should be more willing to obey medical treatment and face them than patients with chronic diseases.


The reason why many chronic diseases cannot be cured is not that they are intractable, but that the patients simply do not cooperate; the so-called "mind growth, various methods".


"Huangdi Neijing" says: If the patient has no desire to cure the disease, no matter how good the medical skills are, it is useless.What Chinese medicine does is only the outer edge. Unless the patient is willing to cooperate with the medical treatment, even the easy diseases cannot be cured.


TCM treatment of cancer is the foundation of strengthening the foundation and strengthening the vitality!


Because cancer is a major and life-threatening disease.This is equivalent to the human body being attacked by a powerful enemy.Therefore, how to deal with it has become a major issue.


The first and most natural idea is of course "invite foreign aid."This is the use of various external medical methods and drugs to treat "kill the enemy."


However, it is okay to ask for foreign aid occasionally, but obviously not in the long run.It's like when Japan attacked China and wanted to invite the British and Americans to help?no way,Mainly have to rely on oneself to become strong.


Illness is like the war with Japan in the past, it is a protracted war, relying on outsiders, who will accompany you to consume it?Cancer is not a sudden illness, but a "chronic disease." Therefore, the most important way is of course to "enrich the country and strengthen the army."


Therefore, the treatment is very simple:Trying to use medical technology to enhance the body's own resistance is the right way.


Based on the judgment of the life principle that "the greatest healer in life is not the doctor, but the life himself".


If the human body encounters a major threat, the first step is to "help the body and consolidate the foundation". After the body becomes strong, the body will automatically solve the problem.According to the medical classics, "the righteous qi is inside, the evil cannot be done. Where the evil is combined, the qi must be empty".


Therefore, how to foster the "righteousness" of the human body is the most concerned issue of authentic Chinese medicine.


The so-called "three grades of Shangyao Jingqishen",All medical treatment is wrong if it does not point to this goal.


The human body’s "righteousness" requires the cooperation of many factors. The five elements are all righteous, and the five internal organs are healthy. Of course, "righteousness is stored inside." However, almost all severe patients have different levels of problems in the five internal organs. Where do you start?


What is this "base" of the human body?What is the most critical part of human body treatment?


"Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" actually said long ago: "The five internal organs are all in the stomach."Cultivating the body's Ying and Wei two qi is the general principle of treatment.The five elements in the human body produce gram, which ensures the healthy operation of the body.Among the five elements, soil is the fundamental.


The soil nourishes all things, is the center, the core, and the foundation for all life to change.For people, soil is the foundation of acquired nature and the source of life.


Therefore, to consolidate the body, first of all, it is necessary to protect the "rust" of the human body-the spleen and stomach.


Many ancient physicians said: "People who have no stomach qi will die."If a person loses the ability to eat, or if there is a problem with the digestive system, even a small disease cannot be cured.


Therefore, the "medical taboo" of ancient physicians was: once a patient was found to be unable to open his stomach, he would refuse treatment.


Treat the spleen first.For some critically ill patients, smart doctors will never "cure" the disease with a single hand, and prescribe a powerful "White Tiger Decoction" to eliminate the disease.


Instead, it is necessary to prescribe various types of "Buzhong Yiqi Decoction" first to regulate the patient's spleen meridian system and cultivate vitality before starting treatment.In fact, curing a disease is curing the Qi.


This is the core of the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is the principle of Chinese medicine.This kind of medical thinking is far more scientific than Western medicine, which doesn't care about the three-seven-one, just "kills the disease."


Moreover, the medical classic says: "The spleen governs movement and transformation, and promotes clearness", "all dampness is swollen, all belong to the spleen"If the spleen has strong transport and chemical functions, there will be no excess tissue in the body.


Of course, there will be no "malignant organization".Even if there is, it will "vaporize".Western medicine says it is "absorbed".


At the same time, the strong function of the spleen will allow other systems to function normally, making it difficult to get sick.Even if there are some minor problems, it can be cured quickly and automatically.This is the meaning of "righteousness is inside, evil cannot be done".


If everyone understands the principle of "helping the yuan and consolidating the foundation", you will know why it is impossible for western medicine to cure cancer.Because the "three axes" of western medicine for cancer treatment are all destroying the essence of the human body and destroying the "righteousness".


As long as surgery is performed, especially after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the first thing that appears is that the patient has no appetite and the patient does not want to eat.


At this time, even if the food is forced down, it is useless, it will only be worse.Moreover, due to the damage of the two qi of the human body, any food can not be digested after eating, but it brings a greater burden on the human body.


In fact, almost all western medicines have side effects that make people "cannot eat".In other words, Western medicine destroys the human stomach.


Smart people know: In this way, the body tells you that western medicine cannot be taken at all.
Some people will question: Can people treat cancer if they have an appetite?


The treatment of cancer is certainly not that simple, but this is the basis of treatment.Among them, cancer masses that are probably not serious,It can be easily eliminated unknowingly through "appetizing" means.


Because the "effect of gasification" and "work of movement and transformation" in Chinese medicine mainly refer to the function and effect of gastric qi in a good state.


It can make all kinds of waste materials in the body, allogeneic tissues are wiped out (in fact, it is excluded from the body).


Western medicine refers to this phenomenon of the human body as "absorption", but they cannot understand exactly how "absorption" occurs and how doctors help the body to strengthen absorption, and Chinese medicine knows it.

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