The weather in NSW has been very good recently
Many people will take advantage of this great springtime to go on an outing
More people likeGet close to natureOf
Take advantage of the weekendGo to the sea to pick up a small seafood, climb a mountainEverything fits perfectly
Walking in such a forest,
The smell of oxygen in the air
Is it spicy, fresh and natural...
Australia never disappoints
Don't think you go camping in the forest
You can relax your mind and body and relax your vigilance
Except for poisonous spiders and snakes
Here, even a green plant
I want your life!
Camping and hiking to see this plant
Don't touch it!It will be fatal!
Dendrocnide Moroides
Usually called Gympie-Gympie
Stinging Tree / Suicide Plant
AKA —— Golden Bark Tree
This nettle plant grows widely inNortheast Australia, most common in Queensland, Especially along the slopes and ravines of the rainforest.It is one of Australia's most poisonous plants!
Studies have shown:
Golden bark toxin is a neurotoxin!
The same toxins as snakes, spiders, and scorpions!
Accidentally bumped into,
Like being poured with concentrated sulfuric acidSame as being shocked
Double the "pleasure"
"Electricity" lasts for several months!
The serious ones can last for several years!

Although the golden bark is among the treesLooks very average
Even a little bit ordinary
The height of the tree is only about 1-2 meters, and there are heart-shaped leaves, etc.
There is even something like what often appears in Korean barbecue:
Su Ziye...Don't eat it by mistake!


This is Suzi Ye
This is golden leaf
But don't be fooled by its harmless appearance!
Its most unique is:
No matter where the golden bark tree is,
BothSmall burrs like needles.
This is the golden bark treeThe deadliest weapon

These golden bark trees are covered with leavesNeedle-like hair
LikeHypodermic needle
They are injected with toxins immediately when they come in contact with the skin
For any creature, there is a fatal danger
Once a horse was poisoned to death like this!
With luck, the pain will last for several months
And it will relapse within a few years!
Someone once said on Reddit that after being stung
The pain lasted for 2 years!
Every time I take a bath, I feel painful!
Someone accidentally wiped PP with this leaf in the wild
Painful enough to shoot and end my life...
Do you think this is all the big tricks of the Golden Bark Tree?
... not!


It's not safe to stand around!
Small burrs on the tree,
Will be scattered in the air around Ta!
Anyone who enters this neighborhood will be poisoned by inhaling these burrs!
Itching, sneezing, nosebleeds
In severe cases, there will be shock!life threatening!
Dr. MARINA HURLEY, botanist
Used to travel in the forest
Just to study this plant, she described:
After being stabbed, the first thing is like being splashed with sulfuric acid and electric shock
Wearing rubber gloves and masks were not spared
I had to go to the hospital for treatment once
This time caused anaphylactic shock
My eyes are like being splashed with sulfuric acid
Even loss of vision, It takes a while to recover




Life in Tuao is not easy
It's not easy to go out for a holiday
In case you encounter golden bark trees,
Never come near!
You must be careful when you see such street signs
Otherwise, it’s too painful for a few years
seriously!Don't just "get into the flowers"!
It will be fatal to encounter flowers and plants that you shouldn't touch!
Say nothing
Don't touch it when you go out to climb mountains, especially:
Take care of the bear kids!
The old fairy collected it for everyone
A Guide to Taboos for Wild Plants in Tuao
Do your homework quickly!
Don't be rubbed on the ground mercilessly by nature!


Don't be cheap!These plants in Tuao are highly toxic
The more harmless to humans and animals, the more harmful it is


# Giant Hogweed Giant Hogweed
Toxic part: sap
Growth environment: river bank
Toxic index:

This kind of little white flower that looks very literary
Has been on the blacklist of the world!
heracleum mantegazzianum
Or called Giant Hogweed, Cartwheel flower, Giant Cow Parsnip, Hogsbane, Wild Parnsip, Wild Rhubarb
Chinese generally call it giant pig grass!
It was originally introduced as an ornamental plant
Australia also has it, mainly in Adelaide
Its juice contains a kind of
The chemical substance of furocoumarin
Can cause human skin to be more sensitive to sunlight
If accidentallyin the sunCame into contact with giant hogweed
Fear of skin appearanceThird degree burns consequence

And the symptoms of skin reaction to poisonous plants
May include bulgingHuge blisters and pustules
And these areLeave a scarof…
If you see huge plants with white flowers in the wild
Don’t panic right away,
Because plants with similar shapes are not just giant hogweed
Report to the local environmental protection agency after the photo is taken.
If someone accidentally ran into it
Or got the juice of giant hogweed
What should I do urgently?
1. Be sure to wash your hands with soap before exposure to light, and choose cold water;
2. In the next 48 hours, be sure not to expose to the sun;
3. Go to the hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible;


# Belladonna Belladonna
Toxic part: fruit
Growth environment: inland
Ta is also called wild kangaroo, beauty grass, and Beladona grass
English also called it DEADLY NIGHTSHADE
Belladonna’s name is in Italian
beautiful womenBeautiful womanthe meaning of
Mysterious purple, deep purple fruit of the flower
Don't be fooled by this mysterious appearance!
This was discovered inland
One of the most poisonous plants
Eating Ta berries can causemental illness,
Gastrointestinal disease and cardiovascular disease
Symptoms of poisoning include: blurred vision,
Fast heartbeat, loss of balance
Headache, rash, and severe dry mouth and throat
#Black bean
Toxic part: fruit
Growing environment: moist soil along the banks of NSW and Queensland
Toxic index:

Also calledMoreton Bay Chestnut
Grows in the moist soil of the banks and mountainsides of the coastal rainforest
Between March and May, it will grow a soybean pod
It is filled with poisonous seeds weighing about 30 grams each
Ingesting seeds can cause vomiting and diarrhea
It can be serious if you don’t seek medical care
But... still remember an internet celebrity a few years ago
Primitive Technology Channel
The little brother said:

This kind of pods are in the hands of Australian indigenous people
You can even eat it!
But it needs some processing
Everyone should increase the useless knowledge
Don't try it lightly!


# Strychnine Tree
Toxic parts: flowers, fruits, bark
Growth environment: inland
Toxic index:
Maqianzi is a deciduous tree
Also called nux vomica, poison nut,
semen strychnos, quaker buttons
Native to India and Southeast Asia, Australia
It is a medium-sized tree species of the tree family
Although Maqianzi is a traditional Chinese medicine
Contains strychnine
But improper handling or overdose can cause poisoning
This small orange fruit is poisonous and neurotoxic
They damage the body’s nervous system,
Cause convulsions, paralysis and even death
Tree flowers and bark may also be poisonous
Strychnine and strychnine with alkaloids
#Angel's trumpets
Toxic parts: leaves and fruits
Growth environment: garden plants
Toxic index:
Named after its huge flowers
Although there is an angel in the name
But it has a devilish heart!
Ta is a medium-sized tree or shrub,
Flowers are red, white, orange, or pink
Despite their pleasant appearance and strong aroma
But these ordinary garden plants are highly toxic
Especially theirLeaves and seeds
Rich in alkaloids
Such as scopolamine and oligocyanamide,
If ingested by humans, it can cause diarrhea, confusion,
Migraines, paralysis and even death


Milky mangrove
Toxic part: sap
Growth environment: river bank
Toxic index:
Another name for Milky mangrove is
In Western Australia, Queensland and NSW
And growth in Asia and some Pacific islands
Of this plantMilky liquidVery toxic
If it comes in contact with human eyes, it will cause temporary blindness
Other side effects may include skin irritation and blistering
Spurge Euphorbia
Toxic part: sap
Growth environment: inland
Toxic index:
There are more than 2000 species of Euphorbia,
Often referred to as'spurges'
The sap in these plants is called "latex"
Highly toxic
Contact with this liquid can cause eyes and nose
Or severe inflammation of the mouth, or even blindness
This plant is found all over the Australian continent!
Don't feel good when you see it
Be sure to go around!


# Nettle Family Nettle Family
Toxic part: leaves
Growth environment: woods
Toxic index:
Nettle family includes many kinds of herbs, shrubs,
Vines and small trees
The golden bark tree mentioned at the beginning of the article
Actually it is also of the family Urticaceae!
The whole family of nettles is not easy to mess with!
Australian native nettle species,All have glitches
This will cause great pain to those who come into contact with them
Although not as painful as golden bark
But... enough for you to cry for a while
Especially in the forests of Queensland
Traces of nettles are everywhere!
Be careful not to touch it when you go camping or hiking in the forest!
classmates!Poisonous plants in Australia are everywhere
Get acquainted with them in advance
In case of outdoor travel "meeting on a narrow road"
Can't afford to provoke, still can't hide!
• end •
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