Total number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in Australia: 36452

– NSW: 4438 – Victoria: 20307

-Queensland: 1160-South Australia: 475-Headquarters: 113

-Western Australia: 687-Northern Territory: 33-Tasmania: 232

*Data statistics are as of 10:13 on May 13th, please understand if there is any delay.


The introduction is still the most reliable waiting for the vaccine...
In the past 24 hours,
New in Australia25example.
Rumors say,
"The order to close the country keeps going, and you can get PR directly in Australia?"

The federal government expects this fiscal year,


The permanent visa will be issued to people in Australia.

New in Victoria12Cases are diagnosed,
1 die.
The Victorian epidemic is in a bottleneck period,
Double digits for 5 consecutive days,
Box Hill hospital cluster added7 cases.
Going down,difficult!
The Governor of Victoria confirmed,
Even if the unblocking conditions are not met,
Will still be announced on SundayUnblock!
The unblocking predictions starting next Monday:
The 5km measure will be cancelled,
The maximum number of outdoor gatherings is 10 people,
Indoor gatherings of 5 people are allowed,
Allow more outdoor activities,
Restaurants and coffee shops will remain closed.
New state added today13example,
7 cases of local transmission,
Unblock it again on Friday!
The ban on the country is not stopped, and the PR directly in Australia?

Under the closure order, the number of people leaving Australia is expected to exceed the number of people arriving in Australia this fiscal year, but the federal government still hopes to issue 160,000 permanent visas.

Some immigration experts said that under the influence of the epidemic, it has become almost impossible to attract overseas workers.

If the border has been closed,

Most permanent visas will go to people in Australia.

Earlier, the federal government believed that Australia needs registered nurses, so it gave overseas applicants the priority to apply, allowing them to quickly apply for temporary visas and travel exemptions, and obtain permanent visas by the way.

But former Deputy Immigration Minister Abul Rizvi said,

"We have to consider the upper limit of the number of overseas immigrants, as well as the epidemic and international movement of people. These urgently needed occupations should still be filled by people already in Australia. This is inevitable."

The federal government expects this fiscal yearTwo thirdsA permanent visa will be issued to people who have already obtained a temporary visa in Australia.

This message represents people in the country who desire to immigrate

There will be fewer overseas competitors in the future,

But it’s not what some people think.

Just wait for PR~


12 new cases in Victoria


Victoria added again12Cases of new crown,

1Cases died.

Victoria’s 14-day average daily increase is now10.4, Higher than Monday's 10.3.

In the past three days, Victoria’s daily new additions were 14, 12 and 15 cases respectively.

The daily increase of COVID-5 in the past 19 days has been greater than 10 cases every day, and it has even begun to increase again.

And what worries the Chinese,

Box Hill hospital cluster has been added7 cases.

A total of 18 cases.

The 7 additional cases were related to a family contact of a staff member of the hospital, 4 of which were from the same family.

Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, said that in theory, it is impossible for Victoria to achieve the unblocking goal set in the roadmap on October 10, which is an increase of 19 cases a day.

Prior to this, the Governor also confirmed that Victoria’s third phase of unblocking would be "castrated."

What everyone is most concerned about now is what restrictions will be gradually relaxed starting next Monday.

The governor stated that next week’s ban changes will "Focus on the social realm, not start the economy. "

The New South Wales epidemiologist Mary Louise McLaws still predicted which rules may still be safe to relax, including the 5km limit.

She thinks the 5km limit,

Can extend to 10 kilometers,

Even farther.

At present, the Australian media predicts that the unblocking will begin next Monday as:
The 5km measure will be cancelled,
The maximum number of outdoor gatherings is 10 people,
Indoor gatherings of 5 people are allowed,
Allow more outdoor activities,
Restaurants and coffee shops will remain closed

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said that due to the social harm caused by the strict home ban,

The health authorities are reviewing,

Daily case threshold,

To relax future restrictions on unblocking.

Professor Sutton said that before our daily decline in the number of cases seemed to be more positive than the roadmap forecast, but this trend did not continue.

He said: "This is the reality of this virus, and we have to make a judgment on the number of mysterious cases we have obtained."

"We are reviewing the number of cases every day. This is one of the most important things that Victorians expect us to do. We have to make judgments about where we are, so we will not take unreasonable risks to reissue the ban. Or change the ban.

"no doubt,

I admit that the status quo is frustrating.

People have been harmed by existing restrictions,

We will also adjust and change the ban."

Relaxing the ban is a good thing, but expert modeling shows that if an average of 10 new cases are added every day, the chance of a third wave of epidemics before Christmas is 10%.

10 cases per day, the probability is 10%; 5 cases per day, the probability is 3%. "

He said: "The government chose the goal of 5 cases a day because it wants to maximize the chance of eliminating the virus. If we can do this, it is very good, but it seems that we cannot achieve this at the moment."

Professor Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist, said that “the new unblocking plan is still a reliable plan, but the goal of 5 cases a day is quite strict.” “We may have to relax this number to 10 cases a day, and then learn how to coexist."

It's still the most reliable to wait for the vaccine