Australian supermarket giant Woolworths will add nine pilot Metro stores for cashless shopping in Sydney and Melbourne in the coming weeks.These stores will no longer accept cash, or will affect the way some consumers shop.

The controversial expanded trial will begin on October 10 and will no longer be accepted in Metro stores in the Yarraville and Caulfield North districts of Melbourne and Woolworths in the Roseberry district of Sydney cash.

Woolworths said that the purpose of adding pilot stores is to help customers in the city centre get in and out of stores more quickly, as more and more Australians no longer use cash to shop.

At present, Metro stores in Bourke St and Elizabeth St in Melbourne’s city centre, as well as in York St, North Sydney and Manly in the centre of Sydney Cashless shop now.

Although cashless stores provide a quick way to shop, they have also been questioned by some customers.A customer posted on the Internet that they walked through three different stores in Sydney to buy something.

According to NCA News Agency, a Woolworths spokeswoman said that as more and more customers choose to pay for shopping with cards, a small number of Metro stores have very few cash transactions, so all electronic payments are tried out in these stores. the way.However, cash payments will continue to be accepted in all Woolworths supermarkets and most Metro stores.

She said that during the pilot period they will "closely monitor" customer feedback, but said that most customers welcome the change.


According to the survey, for a quarter of consumers, if they can no longer use cash, they will face major inconvenience or real difficulties.