[Viewpoint] If I were an American voter

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

The U.S. general election went beyond everyone's expectations. Biden did not lie down and Trump did not win a big victory; instead, the votes were evenly matched and the election was stale.On Saturday, the mainstream media suddenly announced unanimously that Biden had won the general election with more than 270 electoral votes.Biden also officially announced that he won the election and held a celebration party.On the other hand, Trump did not admit defeat. He believes that vote fraud occurs in almost all swing states. This result is unfair and untrue. He has already taken court to defend the dignity of American democracy.

We have noticed that when Biden announced that he won the election and Trump issued a statement at the White House, refusing to acknowledge the result and claiming that he had gone to court; the mainstream media in the United States almost interrupted live broadcasts.This is something that shocked the whole world.

When a friend who supported Biden and I discussed this incident in a group, he found a reason, saying that the media’s move was to protect the face of the United States.He said that the biggest face of the United States is democracy. It is democratic elections. However, as President of the United States, Trump even slandered millions of votes as illegal votes, leaving Americans to hide their faces, and had to stop broadcasting.

I think the above statement is a kind interpretation of the sinister intentions of the media.I believe everyone is well aware that the mainstream media in the United States dislikes Trump. As early as four years ago, when he took office, he initiated an incident involving Russia, claiming that Trump and Russia were in collusion with the help of Russia. Win the election.Why did you ignore the face of the United States at that time?A newly elected president of the United States is under the control of Russia. This is simply a big joke!

In fact, it’s very simple. The mainstream American media just doesn’t like Trump because he broke the rules of the game in the United States in recent decades; therefore, they completely ignored the objective, independent, truthful, and fair principles that the media should have. , To block Trump and turn the US election into a farce.

In my opinion, it is the American media that really makes the United States lose face.

It has always been said that the three powers in the United States are separated and media supervision is the fourth power.The separation of powers involves mutual supervision and checks and balances, but what about the media?Who will supervise, who will check and balance?

I thought four years ago that democracy in the United States had entered a bottleneck period. Now, I suddenly discovered that it is not a bottleneck period but a dead end.Democracy with one vote and no voting threshold at all will ultimately only become violence by the majority, leading to the tyranny of the majority against the minority.This precisely violates the principle of equality advocated by democracy.This is a paradox.I don't know if the elites of the world will find a way to solve this paradox.Otherwise, the world will return to the chaos before World War II.


Came to Sydney to study and settle in 1989.

Former member of Liaoning Branch of Chinese Writers Association

Published more than 200 million words in short stories, essays and reviews

He is currently the president of the Chinese Writers Association of NSW, Australia.

Editor-in-Chief: Peter / Coordinator: Rae / Editor: Rae

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