The last second is still you and me, the next second is forever!

Unexpected disasters are always terrifying.A Russian billionaire, who was relaxing in a sauna with his glamorous female partner, unexpectedly encountered a gang of gangsters who robbed the house. After being tortured by the opponent, he was killed!
On the evening of November 11, a Russian man was in his villaWas shot and killed with a crossbow.Although the police did not disclose the identity of the victim, many media have already certified that the man is the 54-year-old rich man Vladimir Marugov (Vladimir Marugov) known as Russia's "Sausage King".
Marugov owns a large meat company Ozyorsky sausages and several "Meat Empire" sausage processing plants.He was involved in a divorce lawsuit with his ex-wife, the beauty poet Tatyana Marugova (Tatyana Marugova) last year. The property dispute between the two attracted a lot of media attention.
At the time of the incident, Marugov was enjoying with his 36-year-old girlfriend Sabina Gaziyeva in their traditional Russian Banya sauna.Unexpectedly, two masked gangsters suddenlyBreaking in with a weapon in hand, the two people in a completely relaxed state were unexpected!
Two fierce robbers tied up the unsuspecting men and women and tried to blackmail them for money.Hit Marugov in the chest with a crossbow!
The female companion of the wealthy businessman took the opportunity to escape by jumping out of the window when the gangster was not paying attention, and Marugov was shot by the gangster againCruelly tortured for nearly an hour, Want to dig out more information about his money, and finallyDied of excessive blood loss!
After successfully escaping, his girlfriend Gazieva ran to nearby residents for help and called the police. After the police arrived at the scene, they found that Marugov’s body had wounds on the back and shoulders.Obviously he was injured many times by the gangster before he died!
The crossbow discarded by the prisoner was also left at the scene. The police tracked the robbers and found the silver Citroen (Citroen) used by the opponent to escape in the village of Istra near the accident site. Two prisoners who abandoned their car and escaped into the surrounding forest were arrested.
The police are now investigating this case in depth.Sadly, Marugov and his ex-wife’s 25-year-old son Alexander was also in a motorcycle accident last year.Accidental death, Unexpectedly, after only one year, this billionaire himself would suffer an accident!
As for the female companion who was held hostage by gangsters as Marugov and escaped in a thrilling manner, it must be an unforgettable horror experience.It can only be said that accidents always come more suddenly than expected, and wealthy families like them must always pay attention to being targeted by malicious gangsters!