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Just now, Biden with 284:214 votes
Successfully elected as the 46th President of the United States!
Trump's White House career is coming to an end.
at the same time,
The first female vice president in American history: Harris
She is also the first African and Asian Vice President of the United States!
old photos
Looking back on Biden's lush years
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr (Joseph Robinette Biden Jr) was born in Scranton Pennsylvania in 1942 to an Irish-American Catholic family.He is the eldest of four children.
The biggest problem faced by the young Biden was stammering. He was troubled until middle school.Later, he practiced speaking hard in front of the mirror, and finally overcome this problem a few months later.
Biden attended the University of Delaware and then into the Syracuse University Law School.After graduation, he married his first wife Neilia and embarked on a political career.
Biden in the 70s
In 1972, Biden was successfully elected to the Senate, but unfortunate things happened.His wife and newly born daughter were killed in a car accident, and sons Bo and Hunter were seriously injured.
He was sworn in by his son Bo’s hospital bed, and his first time as a Democratic senator is widely known.
After being elected to the Senate, Biden was sworn in in the hospital.Standing aside was his father-in-law Robert Hunter, and lying on the hospital bed was his son Beau Biden.
Biden in the 80s
Biden's first 14 years in Washington politics, he started a new life after experiencing the pain of losing his wife and daughter.For the sake of business as usual for his two sons, he travels between the capital Washington and his home in Delaware every day.Eventually he remarried, his wife was Jill Jacobs who taught at the school, and he had a child, Ashley.
Biden is committed to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In 1987, he tried to run for president for the first time, but after being accused of plagiarizing the speech of Neil Kinnock, the leader of the British Labor Party, he withdrew from the campaign.
Biden in the 90s
On October 1991, 10, the American public gathered in front of the television to watch Anita Hill, a law professor at the University of Oklahoma, testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.The hearing was held by the committee because Clarence Thoma, an African-American, was nominated to serve as Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.Hill alleged that he had sexually harassed her several times while working with her in the administration of President Reagan.
Biden presided over the hearing as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.His handling of the evidence presented by Hill has been criticized.
All the members of this hearing were white and male.Some female witnesses who intended to support Hill were not required by Biden to testify at the hearing.
In April 2019, Biden said in a TV interview that he "felt regrets about the treatment she has received."
Biden in the 2000s
In 2008, Biden ran for president again and then withdrew.Although his campaign did not win much support, he won widespread international attention when he reappeared that year. On August 2008, 8, Obama announced Biden as his running partner.
Obama and Biden teamed up and won the election twice in a row.Apart from establishing a close working relationship between the two, Biden often referred to Obama as a "brother."
Biden in the 2010s
Obama unexpectedly awarded Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a ceremony before the end of his term.This is the highest medal of honor awarded by the President of the United States.
Obama said: "When you know Biden, you know what candid love is, what is dedicated service regardless of personal gains and losses, and what is to live a complete life."
Biden's cooperation with Obama was successful, but suffered another personal blow during the period. In 2015, his son Bo Biden died of brain cancer at the age of 46.Bo Biden was once regarded as a rising star in American politics and planned to run for the post of governor of Delaware in 2016.
The next four years
What will Biden change to America?
Obama joined hands with Biden during the Michigan campaign before the election. Biden proposed to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which Trump “retired”.
In addition, Biden has an ambitious climate plan, includingCompletely reform the US energy industry to achieve 2035% zero-emission electricity by 100, Which specifically includes investing US$2 trillion in clean energy infrastructure, while committing to build 150 million new energy-efficient residential and social housing.
The huge source of funding for the climate plan will be the government plus an increased corporate income tax rate (from 21% to 28%), requiring "the richest Americans to pay their fair share."
Biden avoided talking about the ban on fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas, and focused on encouraging automakers to produce zero-emission electric vehicles.In the second presidential debate, Biden mentioned that he would “excess from the oil industry”, which is obviously unlikely to please the US oil lobby.In a plan once outlined,Biden promised to spend US$4 trillion in the first four years after taking office to reduce carbon emissions, including measures such as transportation electrification.
The removal of subsidies for Shiyouhe Natural Gas Company and the prohibition of drilling on federal land will further hit traditional energy groups.
International relations
Biden often said that he hopes to restore America’s position on the world stage. As a Democrat, Biden’s relationship with allies, especially the NATO alliance, has shown strong support. However, Biden criticized Trump’s "America First/America" Priority” nationalism.
he stillSeeking to repair U.S. relations with NATO and WHO, And will also reach an international agreement with Iran that Obama had agreed to but was torn by Trump.Despite pressure from the left in the party, Biden also supported Israel and proposed new sanctions against the Russian regime and criticized Brexit.
Biden will cancel the iconic tax cuts for Republicans,The marginal tax rate is increased for the wealthy with an annual income of more than US$40. The more people who exceed the threshold, the more tax will be paid. Most of the people with the highest income in the United States will be affected by the highest income of 1% to 2%.Although low-income people will not be directly taxed, critics of the Biden plan say that the Democratic Party plans to increase corporate tax from 21% to 28%. The indirect cost is that workers will be forced to accept lower wages and lower investment returns. .Biden also hopes to tax capital gains and dividends at the income tax rate.
Biden also plans to apply a maximum marginal tax rate of 100% to the capital gains of taxpayers with incomes of $39.6 million and above, effectively doubling the tax rate.
Wall Street Bank estimates that if all of Biden’s tax recommendations are implemented, it will reduce S&P 500 earnings by 9%, excluding any potential secondary effects from economic, business confidence or other factors.
JPMorgan Chase strategist said: "It is worth noting that the tax rate has been declining since the 1960s, and strong political will is required to greatly increase the tax rate. The overall risk may be greater than the actual policy, similar to many previous panics."
Biden made it clear before the election that medical insurance is still his top priority.This is very personal to Biden. His first wife and youngest daughter were killed in a car accident in 1972, and his eldest son died of brain cancer in 2015.Biden said during the campaign: "I can't imagine what it would be like if we didn't get the medical insurance that we needed immediately."
therefore,Biden will expand the iconic legislative achievement of the Obama administration-"Affordable Care Act", The bill will extend medical insurance to millions of Americans and will implement a plan in which approximately 97% of Americans are insured.Biden will achieve this goal by providing Americans with the option to participate in similar medical insurance public medical insurance, and will also provide medical insurance for the elderly.
But Biden does not support the universal public health insurance plan advocated by Progressive Democrats such as Sanders.
Biden's victory makes investors expected to substantially increase infrastructure spending, because the Democrats want to fund their "Khufu Dam" level projects.Analysts say this may raise stock prices and help offset the Democratic Party’s planned increase in corporate taxes.Goldman Sachs strategist David Kostin said: "The substantial increase in fiscal expenditures (partly funded by tax increases) will promote economic growth and offset the adverse effects of high tax rates." The impact will also extend to public utilities as new projects. Provide impetus, "its financial multiplier will be much larger than anything Trump has ever put on."
New Crown Outbreak
Biden has said that he will lead the United States back to the WHO as soon as he takes office.
A national mask task will be formulated, calling on the governor to do the same, requiring people to wear masks in public, taking national testing and close contact tracing actions, including doubling driving test points, and providing federal funds for on-the-job Regular and reliable new crown tests by employees.
Biden is skeptical about the safety of Trump's approval of the new crown vaccine.
Call on schools to decide whether to restart based on the local epidemic, and call on Congress to provide the school district with billions of dollars in emergency funds to carry out necessary transformations and purchase protective equipment.
Police station
Resolutely refuse to divest the police station,Advocating that an additional $3 million is spent on community security maintenance each year, And adjust existing funds. "The vast majority of police officers are decent and honorable people, but there are also bad guys." He plans to change the way he teaches the police and publish all information.
Biden believes that the police exemption needs to be stopped, but he does not agree to terminate it directly.
Biden's criminal justice planAims to legalize recreational and medical marijuana, Asking states to reclassify cannabis for more research on effects.
made in America
It is proposed to punish American companies that transfer manufacturing and services overseas and sell products in the United States, and call on the federal government to spend 4 billion U.S. dollars on materials and services made in the United States within four years.Spend 3000 billion US dollars on research and development of similar technologies such as electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.
社会 保障
Pledge to prevent cuts in social security,And provide more benefits to the oldest Americans.During his tenure in the Senate, Biden suggested changing expenditures such as social security to solve the problem of increasing deficits.
The Biden administration will study how to make compensation for enslaved descendants as part of a racist policy.
Death penalty, prison, bail
"We can't ensure that the death penalty is correctly judged every time," so Biden decided to eliminate the death penalty.
Biden hopes to end the federal use of private prisons and encourage states to stop using private prisons.
He also wants to end cash bail, calling it a "modern debtor prison."
Supreme Court seats
Biden said in October that he would appoint a bipartisan committee.Come to propose major changes to the Supreme Court and the Federal Judiciary.
Immigration policy
Biden said in August this year that in his administration the lieutenant generalThe separation wall will no longer be built, and the immigration policy will be changed to “invest in improving the infrastructure for screening at ports of entry”.
Biden said that in his first year in office, 125000 refugees will be allowed to enter the United States, and that this limit will be gradually increased in accordance with American values ​​and unprecedented global demand.
For highly skilled immigrants, Biden hopes to reform the temporary visa system, Support the expansion of the number of high-skilled visas and eliminate restrictions on work visas in various places.
Biden supports public universities to waive tuition for families with an annual income of less than $125000.
It does not support a widespread ban on guns, but supports the formulation of a state-level red flag law and a ban on the sale of assault rifles and accessories, and a resource plan to buy back offensive weapons.But BidenPlan to conduct background checks on all gun sales.
Biden was a supporter of same-sex marriage in the early days and proposed a plan to achieve LGBTQ equality, including expanding the scope of civil rights protection to gays and transgenders.
Vice President of the United States
He Jinli is full of slots
Let's talk about the new vice president of the United States.
In August of this year, Biden suddenly announced an important news: mixed Indian and African descent, California Senator Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris, He Jinli) as his partner in the 8 presidential election.
At that time, the Democratic Party's polls once fell.
1. He Jinli was a policeman
Compared with other vice presidential candidates, He Jinli's law enforcement background is stronger than anyone else.In the recent wave of anti-police, He Jinli’s background does not seem to bring advantages, instead it has become a weakness. Some people continue to ridicule "Harris is a cop"(He Jinli is a policeman)!
Others pointed out that He Jinli was biased towards the police and hostile to suspects during her tenure as the San Francisco District Attorney General and the California Attorney General.She has publicly stated that she opposes the death penalty, but she actively supported capital punishment during her tenure.
However, since the Floyd incident, He Jinli's support for police reform has won her praise from progressives, but many people still doubt her.
2. Repeated positions
At the beginning, He Jinli appeared in front of the public with a moderate attitude, and her proposals were also quite satisfactory, such as supporting free university education, supporting universal medical insurance, and so on.
But when she was running for the Democratic president, she was very radical and left-leaning.After being selected by Biden as deputy, she returned to the moderate again.This allowsMany voters have doubts about her core values, Believes that her values ​​will change with changes in political positions, or that there are no core values ​​at all.
3. Some unpopular regulations
I believe everyone has heard of the wonderful Prop 47 bill passed by He Jinli when he was the California Attorney General. One of them is:The value of stealing property outdoors did not exceed US$950, changed from a felony to a misdemeanor.In other words, as long as the theft of property is caught by the police, it is immediately arrested.Now even if caught by the police, if the stolen propertyIt is worth less than US$950 and will not be sentenced.
Since then, California’s creative thievesStole the calculator!The rising incidents of package stealing and car smashing have made Californians miserable.
The other is the legalization of cannabis proposed by He Jinli.Remove marijuana from the list of "Controlled Substances Act",Cannabis is no longer an "illegal drug", Does not need to receive federal control, on the contrary, it is a crop,Its production, sales and smoking are all legal acts.
And the reason for supporting legal cannabis is simply becauseIn the United States, the number of people of color prosecuted for marijuana is much more than that of white people. He Jinli thinks this isDiscrimination against people of color.
This is a historic moment
The Trump era is over
What kind of situation will Biden bring the United States into?
Will America get better and better?
Welcome to speak freely


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