Australian Channel Seven News reported on November 11 that Toyota recalled 9 vehicles due to concerns that fuel pump failure may increase the risk of accidents.

It is reported that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued a recall notice in April, but because the failure of the fuel pump may "increase the risk of accidents and cause injuries and deaths to vehicle personnel and other road users", the commission expanded the recall notice.

The sales date of the affected vehicles is from October 2013 to October 10, including popular models such as Camry, Corolla, Prado and Hilux.

Toyota recalled 7.2 vehicles (photo source: News from Australia XNUMX)

Product Safety Australia stated in a statement: "A fuel pump failure may cause the car to stall. If the fuel pump stops working, warning lights and messages may be displayed on the dashboard."

Vehicles that need to be recalled (photo source: Australia Seven News)

Toyota will contact the owners affected by the recall in writing and issue a temporary notice.The company will provide free maintenance for the recalled vehicles, and it is expected that from April 2021, parts and components will gradually be in place.