There is less than one week left before the date of the new US presidential election.

And this time is especially important for Trump and Biden.

Because if anything happens in the middle, it will have a particularly unfavorable impact on the two of them, which will further reduce their support rate.

But the facts have proved that it is impossible without accident.

Recently, people around Trump have been exposed to scandals, and the exposed images are also quite eye-catching, which has attracted people's attention.

It is understood that the cause of the incident was that Trump's 76-year-old private lawyer and model opened a room and was breached. Just when the lawyer just untied his belt, a group of people broke into the house.

According to a report in the New York Times, Giuliani was recently interviewed about the new crown pneumonia epidemic as the personal lawyer of US President Trump.

During the interview, it was obvious that the reporter from the other party had been "discharging" Giuliani all the time, and Giuliani also had a deep understanding, so when the following female reporter invited Giuliani to drink, Giuliani could not wait and agreed.

Unsurprisingly, the two eventually came to the hotel room.

Because the true identity of this female reporter was not a reporter, but a female model from Bulgaria, Giuliani gradually relaxed her guard with purpose.

All of Giuliani’s attention was deeply attracted by the female model. A camera was installed in the pre-arranged room. The video showed that the two had close contact soon after entering the room. Then Giuliani He began to pull open his shirt eagerly, ready to take off his belt.

Never thought that at such a critical moment, a large group of people ran in with guns, pointed at Giuliani and said that this female model is not yet 18 years old!

Faced with such a situation, Giuliani was obviously stunned. As a man of nearly eighty years of experience, Giuliani was still stunned in the end.

Giuliani was at a loss for a while, but he calmed down quickly, put on his own clothes and left the room.

After leaving the scene quickly, Giuliani did not really get rid of the crisis. Soon, the relevant video pictures were released, and Giuliani’s relevant pictures were also quite clear. I am afraid I can’t get rid of it.

Giuliani did not approve of this, and he repeatedly refuted to defend himself, saying that this incident was definitely a trap Biden prepared to retaliate against him!

In fact, Giuliani's claim that Biden framed him is not really unworthy of consideration.

For so long, Biden himself has been very dissatisfied with Giuliani because of the exposure of a large number of "indecent photos" of his son.

Now that a small strategy can ruin Giuliani, why not do it?

What's more, as Trump's personal lawyer, Giuliani's affairs are likely to affect Trump himself.

It can only be said that through this incident, it is obvious that Biden is not really better than Trump.

Both parties are just "hypocrites" who choose unscrupulous means for their own benefit.

The general election is imminent, and you don't need to think about it. You can understand that the sudden calculation of Giuliani was definitely not accidental. It must have been premeditated.

As for the exposed images of Giuliani, whether Giuliani will affect Trump's approval rate is still an unclear question.

On the whole, it seems that it will not produce too obvious effects!

After all, no matter what, the voting results in some parts of the United States have already been released. If you want to go back halfway, you may not even have a chance.

However, if Giuliani is really implicated in Trump because of his own affairs, then I am afraid that his life will not be better.

Of course, because of this matter, the vigilance of the teams on both sides to each other will definitely be further improved in the later period. If any party wants to make other actions, I am afraid it will be even more difficult!

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