Epidemic hot spots in Australia today

Victoria added 0 todayAn example, 0 people died.

Average daily growth rate in Greater Melbourne dropped to 0.4

Congratulations to Victoria for the 9th double duck egg!

Queensland continues to add 0.
Today, Victoria ushered in the most concerned unblocking!
And the results of the U.S. election
Two heavy news in the morning!

The Governor of Victoria just announced:

Unblock further relaxation!Next time on the 22nd!

This morning, the Governor of Victoria attended the press conference on time and he announced the relaxation of Victorian restrictions that will take effect at 11:59 tonight.
Summarized as follows:
  • The 25km travel restriction will be lifted
  • Border travel restrictions around Victoria will be lifted
  • Overnight visits will be open, but there are some restrictions: only one family, plus two adults and their children from other families.
  • Indoor restrictions on restaurants, bars, etc. will be relaxed to 40 indoors and 70 outdoors
  • Religious gatherings will increase to 50 people outdoors and 20 people indoors
  • The funeral is relaxed for 20 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.
  • Nursing home visit, one or two hours a day
  • The time limit for the partner to go to the delivery room is cancelled, but individual hospitals may have their own regulations
  • Gymnasiums and gymnasiums are open, and each gymnasium carries out physical exercises of less than 20 people.
  • The indoor swimming pool relaxes to 20 people.
  • Indoor skate parks, indoor trampoline centers, libraries, toy libraries and community venues, amusement centers and art galleries, cinemas, museums, each venue can relax up to 20 people.
  • Game machine hall, 10 people in each venue.
  • Each room in the casino can accommodate up to 10 people, and up to 10 separate rooms can be used for electronic game machines and gaming tables.
What will stay the same
  • Masks are still mandatory
  • If you can, you must still work from home
  • The maximum number of people for public gatherings is 10.
  • For indoor or outdoor weddings, the wedding also retains a maximum of 10 people.
The following is the detailed statement issued by the governor:

Please note that the next Victorian unblocking will be on the 22nd!

The details of unblocking Australian media also released:

Andrews said the state of disaster and emergency in Victoria will continue to extend.
The following is a list of other restrictions that will be relaxed from November 11.
  • Private parties at home will allow up to 10 visitors
  • 公众聚会将允许最多50人室内密度放宽到每四平方米1人,室内可放宽到100人;室外密度放宽到每两平方米1人,而室外放宽到200人。
  • The gym has a group of 20 people at most and can accommodate 100 people.
  • A group of up to 20 people for indoor sports, up to 100 people.
  • Large-scale sports venues account for 25% of the overall capacity.
  • 500 people in outdoor sports and leisure, 50 people in each group.
  • The indoor swimming pool can accommodate up to 50 people.
  • Accommodation, any family can accommodate up to 10 people
  • If the wedding is held in a private residence, then the wedding held in a private residence will be relaxed to 100 people.
  • There are 100 people at the funeral, and if it is held in private, an additional 10 people are allowed.
  • Cinemas and theaters will reach 100 people, one for every 20 square meters, and a density of four square meters per person.
  • The same is true for libraries and other community venues, with a group of 20 people for a total of 100 people.
  • Casino, one person per four square meters
  • Nursing facilities will allow five people from two families to visit with no time limit
  • For the beauty industry, facial mask can be removed
  • Indoor inspections, the density is 20 people, and the density is 50 square meters per person.Outdoor auctions will be relaxed to XNUMX people.
In addition to the mask issue that everyone is concerned about, the governor said:

It is not possible to give an estimate of when to cancel the mask rule. I know the weather is getting hotter and hotter. This is not a pleasant experience, but it is a low-cost and high-return measure.