Restless protesters

Protest march broke out again

The scene was chaotic!

On November 11, large-scale protests broke out again in Melbourne, and clashes broke out between police and protesters.

The police stated in a statement:

"404 arrested

395 penalty notices were issued"

"Punishments include not wearing a mask, violating the rules of public gatherings, being more than 25 kilometers away from home, assaulting the police, and refusing to disclose their names and addresses."

In addition, a police officer was injured with a suspected broken arm.

According to News Corp Australia, the Victorian police said in a statement that they were "disappointed" by the protesters who gathered today to protest against the governor and chanting "freedom".

"Herald Sun" reported that at 1:10 pm yesterday, 300 protesters gathered in Melbourne city centre.

Many of them did not wear a mask, even if they did wear a mask, they did not wear the correct way...

During the protest, clashes broke out between the demonstrators and the police.

Around 12:40 noon, the police used pepper spray to control the rioting crowd.A protester threw a plastic bottle at a police officer.

The protesters were surrounded by police groups and held at the intersection of Bourke St and Spring St.

In the end, the police stated that "a large number of protesters" were arrested and "(the protesters) once again showed a disregard for the safety of the wider community and the instructions of the Chief Health Officer."

"A senior female police officer was injured during the arrest. She has a suspected broken arm and was taken to the hospital." "Victorian police will not hesitate to impose fines on those who clearly and flagrantly violate the instructions of the Chief Health Officer."

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