A sister of Tsinghua University was "touched" by her younger brother: I want you to die socially!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

That Tsinghua school sister was violent online.

Here's the thing.

On November 11, a girl from Tsinghua University was accidentally touched by a freshman boy carrying a schoolbag in the cafeteria.

Because the sensitive buttocks were touched, the girl exploded.

He scolded the boy for sexual harassment on the spot, and also asked the security guards to monitor him.

During the verification process, she scolded people in Moments.

And in the second circle of friends, he asked the other party to apologize in writing and at the same time tell his classmates and family members.

But after the video was checked, it was discovered that it was just the boy's schoolbag accidentally hitting it.

After a misunderstanding, the girl apologized to the boy through the instructor.

Also issued a statement in the circle of friends.

The teacher from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts responded that the two sides have settled.

However, netizens are overwhelmingly violent against girls.

The Tsinghua school sister is not wrong in catching salty pigs.

She was wrong about being justified, abusing punishment and apologizing insincerely.

In the current reversal, there is also a tendency to overly criticize the seniors.

They turned over the girl's picture and mocked her looks.

He also threatened to "remove his body by his own way."

There are also some men who speak very nasty things.

This group of people seems to swear not to stop if they don't put each other into hell.

There is a saying in "The Crowd" very well:

We think that we are rational, we think that our every move is justified.

But in fact, most of our daily behaviors are the result of hidden motives that we don't understand at all.

But the posture of netizens using violence to control violence made me feel scared.

They even made a cartoon, which is a naked humiliation.

In the picture, the female's buttocks are enlarged and extended, deliberately on the boy's backpack.

Yan Yan feels deeply that this picture is not just a satire of the woman's practice in this matter.

Still sarcastic, except for this, all the women who were caught in the subway and bus.

People should not be scolded by Tsinghua Sister,

The blame is the real salty pig hands.

It is precisely because of these salty pigs that the girls become frightened.

Even if he has entered a civilized society, there are still countless cases of being caught in public.

They hide behind the crowd, molesting innocent women.


The "Report on Sexual Harassment in Public Transportation in the First Half of 2017" shows that sexual harassment in public transportation is more serious on subways and buses during the morning and evening rush hours in big cities.

Approximately one-third of the incident was located in a subway car, and most of the victims were women.

The perpetrators of sexual harassment in public transportation are mainly men, who often violate the victim's chest and buttocks through "hand touch".

Even deliberately collide and rub the victim's body.

Moreover, when women are being sexually harassed, most of them choose to "make big things smaller" and swallow their anger.

As everyone knows, the condition for evil to prevail is the silence of the victim.

The victim remained silent, fueling the arrogance of the mole.

There was a piece of news some time ago, a girl who dared not say anything after being molested for 90 minutes.

On a flight from Changsha to Beijing, she and 35-year-old Zhang were sitting next to each other.

After taking the seat, she accidentally dropped her earphones to the ground.

35-year-old Zhang, under the pretense of helping a woman pick up headphones, put his hand on her thigh grandiosely.

It didn't end until the plane landed.

The entire harassment process lasted 90 minutes.

She did not resist fiercely because she was afraid, and she did not dare to ask for help.

Zhang felt that his behavior was reasonable, so he was bold and arrogant.

This kind of evil hand from oneself is impossible to guard against.

There is a young lady on the Internet. When riding the tram, she always feels that the stranger sitting behind her is sneaking her.

However, she was not sure. She was worried that she would just think too much and would wrong the good people, so she didn't care much.

As the movements behind her became more frequent, she began to use her mobile phone to record videos.

It turned out that a black hand sneaked out from behind her, moving on her body little by little.

When a girl was getting on the bus and was about to put coins, a man suddenly stretched out his hands to grab the girl's chest.

A man quietly stretched out his right hand on a crowded bus.

See the elementary school girl passing by, touch it.

In 39 seconds, he tried to touch 5 female students.

Someone avoided, some did not escape.

The last girl was touched by him for at least 3 seconds.

There are also men who start following the girls in the carriage, and they have kept close to the girls many times.

When the girl took the escalator, the man quickly went up to a bear hug and gave the girl a strong kiss, and then left calmly.

Whether it's sneaky obscenities or blatant sexual harassment, these people are like scary ghosts, hiding quietly beside the girls.

Zhihu netizens have also seen this disgusting and terrifying scene.

At that time, there were many people in the carriage, which was not too crowded.

But there is a human-looking man whose body has been close to a girl.

The girl obviously stepped back when she felt the man approached, but the man walked along like a shadow.

In the obviously not crowded carriage, the man has been closely behind the girl.

The man walked aside until the netizen reached out and pulled the girl to his side.

The girl took a sigh of relief and said thank you to her. She was really frustrated.

The stranger's blindness, and the victim's daring to speak out, made the moles more and more arrogant.

Such shameless wicked people are everywhere in life.


Why, facing the salty pigsman, many people choose to be silent?

I have seen a lot of similar news.

At Dongsi Station of Beijing Subway Line 5, a man kept harassing the girl standing beside him.

After a eldest sister discovered the man's nasty behavior, she told the girl to sit next to her.

Unexpectedly, the man turned into anger from embarrassment and uttered wild words:

"I like her and I will touch her!"

In Huainan City, a girl was molested by a man while riding the bus, so she reported to the police.

In the face of the girl's accusation, the man was unmoved and said calmly:

"Why am I touching you! Can I go? I have to go to work!"

He has never admitted the illegal facts and did not cooperate with the police.

Until everyone went to the bus company to check the monitoring.


It was clearly seen in the video that he took the opportunity to fall on the girl during the bumpy phase when the vehicle started to stop, and reached out and touched the girl's hip a few times.

He had to admit his illegal facts.

These people, in front of the silent person, have made progress, and it is plausible to be caught upright.

In fact, the reason why the bad guys dare to be arrogant is because they see through the weakness and helplessness of the victim.

If we remain silent, it will only make these moles more and more unscrupulous.

The malice in this world has always been to bully silent people.


As Zhi Yuhe said:

"In this age, too much gentleness will suffer."

When we dare to fight fiercely, evil people dare not be too arrogant.

When a girl is on the bus, she always feels that something is stuck on her denim shorts.

She stretched out her hand and found it was a human hand.

The arrested man initially explained that he did not mean it, but then he lowered his head and did not speak, and asked the driver to open the door and let him get out of the car.

The driver did not open the door, so he offered to give the girl 200 yuan, hoping that she would let him go.

Of course, the girl was unwilling to agree, so she called the police directly.

Just like in "Twenty Do Not Confused", Luo Yan encountered a "salty pig hand" on the bus and immediately resisted loudly.

Faced with the uncle, she also said that she was talking nonsense, and Liang Shuang, who was also in the car, offered to help when her brain was sick.

Girls, protect yourself and face evil bravely!


Freud said:

"In any relationship, we must dare to use anger to guard our borders. People are not angry, just like a country without arms."

Going back to the case mentioned at the beginning of the article, I don't support Tsinghua Sister, and mistakenly thought that when I was molested, I overreacted.

But I hope that girls will bravely stand up and resist when they encounter the "salted pig hand", and speak up when they see others being molested.

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