Australia recently announced 17 priority immigration occupations!Want to take permanent residence, these jobs are the most delicious!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Australia has a shortage of skilled personnel, so that the federal government does not hesitate to provide permanent residency for qualified immigrants.

A total of 17 occupations have been identified on the Federal Government’s Priority Immigration Skilled Occupation List to help Australia recover from the recession caused by the new crown pandemic.

The immigration authorities will give priority to the introduction of talents in the medical, construction and information technology industries.

The list includes nurses, doctors, midwives, psychiatrists, software engineers, computer programmers and mechanical engineers.

Acting Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Immigration Services and Multicultural Affairs Alan Tudge said these changes will strike the right balance for Australia's economic recovery.

Dugie said: "Our first priority is to get Australians back to work, but we also need key health workers to help fight the virus, and skilled immigrants to increase employment opportunities and help the economy recover." 

These occupations are carefully selected from more than 200 occupations on the list of skills granted by the Ministry of the Interior under the Skilled Migration Program.

The skilled migration program will provide 2020 places in 2021-79,600.

The project belongs to the 189 independent skilled immigrant visa, allowing workers to apply for permanent residency after three years.

Applicants must be under the age of 45 and pass skills and language tests before submitting a letter of intent for visa.

Immigration agency Ranbir Singh said that due to the new crown pandemic, many immigrants are less likely to enter Australia through this visa.

"Only 2020 places will be allocated for this type of visa in 21-6500. But we hope that after the epidemic is under control, the situation will improve." He told SBS News.

"Visa authorities are currently focusing on applicants who work mainly in key skill areas, especially in the healthcare sector." 

Skilled migration visas were once considered the most ideal way to immigrate to Australia.

However, because the new crown epidemic has caused the unemployment rate in Australia to soar, the authorities therefore urge unemployed Australians to actively upgrade their personal skills to fill existing job vacancies.

Other ways to immigrate to Australia include obtaining a guarantee from an employer or government authority.

The 190 sponsored visa provides permanent residency for skilled workers who are nominated by the state government and live in Australia.

They must also pass a skill test and submit a letter of intent before they will be considered.

The 491 type of technical work visa for townships provides short-term residence for immigrants who are willing to work in rural areas of Australia.

They must stay locally for up to 5 years, but if they meet the income requirements, they can apply for permanent residence after 3 years.

Immigrants can also obtain permanent residency through 186, 482, and 494 visas, but these visas need to be sponsored by the employer.

The federal government also provides talented experts with the opportunity to obtain permanent residence through the Global Talent Independent Program.

The project is aimed at experts in seven industries: agricultural technology, medical technology, space, financial technology, energy and mining technology, cyber security and data science.

This project is the fastest way to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

However, immigrants applying through this program must prove that they are capable of earning an annual salary of more than A$15.36 in the counterpart industry.

Their application must also be supported by Australian experts working in the counterpart industry.

The 2020 priority immigration occupations in Australia in 2021-17:

  • CEO or general manager 
  • Construction Project Manager 
  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • 全 科 医生 
  • Resident medical staff 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • licensed doctor 
  • Midwife 
  • Registered Nurse (Elderly Care) 
  • Registered nurse (intensive care and emergency) 
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) 
  • Registered Nurse (mental health) 
  • Registered nurse (perioperative period) 
  • Registered nurse 
  • Developer Programmer
  • software engineer 
  • Maintenance project clerk

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