Blessed Victorians in Australia, children will be admitted for free from next year, and the government has invested 1.7 million yuan in this

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Victorian children in Australia will receive free Kindergarten services next year. The governor of the state, Daniel Andrews, announced the government decision on Tuesday (November 11) morning.

According to information released by the Victorian government, the state government has set aside up to 2020 million yuan in the 21/1.696 annual budget to help Victorian children get free childcare services next year.This funding will allow every child registered under the childcare subsidy program to save about 2000 yuan in expenses for the family.

According to the budget, the state government will provide subsidies to early education service agencies that provide childcare subsidy programs, which means that 4-year-old children and eligible 3-year-old children can be free in the first half-day nursery.

Benefiting from high government funding, those children registered under the childcare subsidy program and attending full-time nurseries can save the family about 2000 yuan in childcare fees.

For those three-year-old children who are half-time and have not received the childcare subsidy program to fund the nursery, their families will also receive a childcare fee reduction.

Victorian Minister Ingrid Stitt, who is in charge of childcare, said: “This is a wise investment. Free childcare can not only save families thousands of Australian dollars, but it will also allow more children to enter the childcare to support The childcare service and its staff support more parents, especially women, to return to the labor market."

Governor Andrews said: "Women have been hit hardest by this pandemic. Real recovery means ensuring that they are supported, return to the workplace, and are guaranteed safety and stability."

Editor in charge: Yue Ming

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