Burst!Immune to 90% infection!New crown vaccine welcomes a major breakthrough!Australia grabs 1000 million doses!The timetable for opening to the Asia-Pacific is announced!The Chinese are angry after watching...

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good news!

Just late last night, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, said: The new crown vaccine under development is in the third phase of trials.Reached 90% effective!

It will be used on a large scale in the United States within this month, and hopefully it will be available globally before the end of the year!And just signed last week1000 million dosesAustralia of the subscription contract,Or will become one of the biggest beneficiaries!

Netizens lament:

"It's really a big plus, for everyone!"

Also yesterday,

Australian media announced a timetable for opening up the border to the Asia-Pacific,

India, Japan, South Korea are all on the list,

But there is no China alone?
The latest research on vaccines shows thatCan prevent 90% of new coronavirus infections!

Just last night, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies,

Pfizer announced a big news!

A model jointly developed by Pfizer and German biotech company BioNTechNew crownMajor breakthroughs have been made in vaccine research and development:

In Phase III clinical trials, this vaccine to prevent the new coronavirus

Immune effectiveness exceeds 90%!

According to the information disclosed on Pfizer's official website,

Since it entered Phase III clinical trials in July, it has recruitedMore than 4 volunteers.

42% of them have different backgrounds.

In a double-blind trial, 7 days after the second injection, it was detected

The vaccine is more than 90% effective

At the same time, in terms of safety,

No serious adverse reactions and safety issues were found,

Expected to beEnd of this monthSubmit an emergency use authorization to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

Put into use in the United States!

In addition, Pfizer also stated that
Expected5000 million doses of new crown vaccine produced by the end of this year, Enough for 2500 million injections,
By 2021, production will also expand to 13 billion doses.

It can be said that inA second global outbreak, a record high infection rate in many countriesAt this moment,
at thisVaccines are most needed in the worldwhen,
The breakthrough progress of this vaccine has given everyone hope!
BBC News even said,
"This is the first milestone in stopping the global epidemic."

Speaking of this, some friends may be a little confused,
Hasn't a vaccine already been released in China?Why is this vaccine so popular?
Looking at the sauce, I will give you a brief introduction to the 2 reasons behind this.

First of all,Pfizer's vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, Belongs to a branch of nucleic acid vaccine.
According to the introduction of Xinhuanet,
The mRNA vaccine is to inject the gene encoding the S protein, that is, mRNA directly into the human body, and use human cells to synthesize the S protein in the human body to stimulate the body to produce antibodies.

In layman's terms, it is equivalent to a detailed record
The virus file is given to the body’s immune system,It is also equivalent to painting a "portrait" for the virus.

With this file and portrait,
The immune cells in our body can work more clearly,
Whenever an enemy with this characteristic is found, it will be destroyed.

At the same time, the process of mRNA vaccine development is simple and the safety is relatively high.
But the disadvantage is that as a brand new technology, there is no successful precedent.
Most countries cannot produce on a large scale,
It may also be difficult to spread to low-income countries due to the high price.

And the existing domestic vaccines belong toInactivated vaccine, Is the most traditional classic technical route:
Culture the new coronavirus in vitro,Then inactivate it to lose its toxicity,
But the "corpses" of these viruses can still stimulate the body to produce antibodies, allowing immune cells to remember what the virus looks like.

The advantage is that the preparation method is simple and fast, and the safety is relatively high.
It is the usual means to deal with the spread of acute diseases.
But inactivated vaccines also have disadvantages,
AsLarge vaccination dose, short immunization period, single immunization routeand so on.

In addition to the characteristics of the vaccine itself,
As a multinational pharmaceutical company, Pfizer can be said to be
One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.
Is also presentThe world's largest research and development-basedBiopharmaceutical company.

The fields cover cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and metabolism, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, anti-tumor, blood health (including hemophilia), etc.
Many common drugs well-known in China are products of Pfizer.

Many netizens also said:"Pfizer produced it, too convincing."

Now Pfizer’s new crown vaccine is only one step away from its release.
It’s great news for the fight against the epidemic all over the world.
In addition to the benefits of the United States,
Australia will also become one of the biggest beneficiaries.


Australia has ordered 1000 million doses!Australian media said: Or soon to promote in Australia!Australian media reported that this vaccine willIt will soon be promoted in Australia.
Because Australia had booked it last week1000 million dosesThe vaccine.

This also means that Australia will be
One of the first countries to be vaccinated!

At the same time, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy told reporters that the vaccine will be produced overseas.
"MRNA vaccine development and production technology is unusual. We do not have the ability to produce this vaccine. Of course, Australia does not have a commercial scale for large-scale production. So we think that booking 1000 million doses of vaccine is our first choice."

"If this vaccine proves to be the most successful new crown vaccine, then we will order more vaccines and explore whether we can establish a local production base. Even if Australia does not currently have the ability to produce locally, we will continue to explore."
"Just like Morrison said, our attitude towards vaccines is not unique. We will continue to study the current scheduled plans and production plans to provide the public with more diversified choices."

In addition, Australia has already begun to produce a new crown vaccine candidate at Oxford University, with a planned output of about 3000 million doses.

The Australian pharmaceutical company CSL's factory in Victoria began on the 9th to produce a new crown vaccine candidate developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom.

If this vaccine is proven to be safe and effective and is approved by the regulatory authorities in Australia, the first batch of vaccines is expected to be available in the first half of 2021.

Australian media announced the timetable for opening up to the Asia-Pacific, India, Japan and South Korea are on the list, but China is not the only one!As the good news of vaccines keeps coming,
Australia begins to announce
Timetable for opening the border to Asia-Pacific!

Federal Trade and Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said,
Australia is expected to open its borders to the Asia-Pacific region in the coming months.

Singapore, Japan and Fiji will be the first countries.
This is a copy released by the media
Estimated timetable for opening ↓↓↓,

It is expected that at the end of this year or early next year, Australia will open its borders to Thailand.

It will open to Japan in April next year,

Open to Fiji and South Korea early next year,

Incredibly, India, the hardest hit by the epidemic, is also listed.

In contrast, China, where epidemic control is quite effective, has not seen it.
This news makes many Chinese and Chinese students feel very sorry.

This year, everyone has been affected by the size of the epidemic, and I hope to be vaccinated as soon as possible!Let everyone no longer worry, let everyone take off their masks and go out!

Editor: Short Ze Yamei, Haha Sister

Source of materials: Dailymail, BBC, Xinhuanet, etc.

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