Continue to add 0!Several tons of lobster could not be exported, and the price plummeted. $60/only will continue to drop!These seafood also followed by diving

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
The recent epidemic has been very stable,

The people are slowly returning to normal life,

Starting today, more restrictions have been lifted.

If you want to make a big meal to celebrate this time,

Then you can consider putting the lobster in the list,

Because trade is blocked,

Local lobster prices have dropped again!

10 new in 0 consecutive days

According to the latest data released today, Victoria has zero new additions and zero deaths again.

This is the 10th day Victoria has maintained a "double zero" record!

The number of active cases in Victoria has also been declining. There are currently only 4 cases left. I believe the zeroing is just around the corner!

There are currently 4277 unknown cases in Victoria.There were 2 hospitalized patients, and 0 received treatment in ICU.

A total of 24 tests have been conducted in the past 10,653 hours, with a total of 20350 confirmed cases.

The health department said that there was 1 new case today, but it has been cleared from the newly confirmed cases after verification.

(Image source: The Age)

Victoria’s coronavirus test commander Jeroen Weimar said that after further investigation by the expert team, it was decided not to count this very low positive case in the cumulative total of confirmed cases because the person “has been isolated in Western Australia before”.

The life of the Victorian people is returning to normal little by little. If you want to celebrate the initial victory in the fight against the epidemic recently, you can consider buying a lobster for a feast.

Because the price of local Australian lobster is really "beautiful" recently!

Imports of lobster are blocked, and local prices are drastically reduced

On November 11, Australian media reported that several tons of Australian live lobsters were stranded in China's airports and customs clearance, while waiting for inspection by customs officials.

This delay also made Australian lobster farmers very anxious.If the delay in customs clearance is too long, these tons of lobsters will face the risk of death and deterioration.

(Image source: SMH)

Tom Cosentino, CEO of Nanyan Lobster Co., Ltd. said,The delay in customs clearance of lobsters in Australia was mainly due to China's increased import inspection level.

Any live seafood may need to be tested for cadmium and other heavy metals at China's ports of entry.

In response to China's new regulations, more than 230 lobster fishing vessels in Western Australia have suspended operations.

Local lobster once again faced an oversupply situation, which directly led to a sharp drop in the price of local lobster in Australia.

Judging from the prices of some seafood sellers,South Australia lobsters have begun to be marked on specials, only 59.99 per piece.

Some businesses started to warm up for "Double 11",Lobster in Western Australia only costs $79.99/KG, which is much cheaper than the previous period when the epidemic was slow.

At the beginning of the outbreak this year, Australian fishermen were unable to export lobsters to China due to the virus, which caused the local lobster prices to drop sharply to 85 Australian dollars/kg.

Later, as trade resumed,The price of lobster also rebounded again to 140 Australian dollars per kilogram.

If this situation continues, the price of local Australian lobster may continue to dive...

Although lobster dealers may be depressed recently, local consumers should be quite happy and wait for the "Lobster Promotion" again.

In addition to lobster dealers, companies engaged in the seafood trade recently should be quite distressed.

Prime Minister Morrison has issued a reminder to the fishermen,Due to China's new customs inspection system, any seafood sent by fishermen to China may stay for 2 weeks or even longer during customs clearance.

The Australian Department of Agriculture said, “At present, this department is aware that the export of other seafood products such as abalone, Atlantic salmon, grouper, etc. will be affected by the new regulations.”

(Image source: AFR)

But the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out thatThe Chinese side did not give official information, these news are all from certain commercial channels.

The implementation of China's new import regulations will also cause major losses to these industries. After all, once the time for customs clearance is delayed, the freshness and quality of seafood cannot be guaranteed.

The Seafood Trade Advisory Group, which represents Australia’s largest lobster company, urged the Morrison government to “restore meaningful dialogue and communication with China to resolve the current trade disruption”.

Although the Trade Advisory Working Group pointed out that Australia’s lobster industry is planning to sell to other markets, fishermen have begun to worry that due to the suspension of trade with China and the sharp drop in prices, they will not even be able to recover the costs.

At last,

China has strengthened its quarantine procedures on imported food after multiple occurrences of imported seafood discovering the new coronavirus to ensure that the virus will not re-enter China in this way and cause a new round of transmission.

For Australian strait export traders, if adjustments and changes are not made in time, then what awaits them is high losses.

But the good news is,Australian local consumers can realize "Seafood Freedom" again, and maybe in addition to lobster, abalone, salmon, etc. can also cut prices!

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