Fight for freedom, stay with Hong Kong!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Regardless of the existence of the "National Security Law", the voice of "Fight for freedom and stay with Hong Kong!" once sounded!

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国际 新闻

The US media disclosed on November 11 that the defendant went to Pennsylvania court in mid-October because he was accused of investing huge sums of money in the swing state and even paying the judge "remuneration" in an attempt to influence the election results.

2020-11-14 23: 08: 43

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Victoria continues to have no new additions! [Finally] After nearly 9 months, China Southern Airlines resumed the Guangzhou-Melbourne route; South Australia will end the blockade ahead of schedule; Sydney New Year’s fireworks open for admission

2020-11-21 12: 07: 14

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