Is it the same as Australia?China released: Strictly approve the entry and exit of citizens

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NSW 4486, Victoria 20345, Queensland 1185, South Australia 522, Western Australia 783, Tazhou 230, Northern Territory 46, Capital Territory 114, Australia has a total of 27711 confirmed cases, 907 deaths, 74 people have not recovered.
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Victoria’s first weekend to lift the 25-kilometer limit, where did you go?

(Victoria Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Cheng said today that the requirements for wearing masks may be relaxed within 1 month. At that time, it may only be mandatory to wear masks indoors (in public places). This will depend on the situation in the next few days)

On November 11, the National Immigration Bureau of China issued:

 [1] Strictly control cross-border activities of unnecessary personnel, and strictly examine and approve applications for entry and exit documents;

[2] Continue to suspend entry of foreigners with some valid visas and residence permits, continue to suspend port visas and regional visa-free policies.

[3] Strictly examine and approve applications for entry-exit documents for non-essential reasons such as travel by Chinese citizens, and discourage and restrict non-essential and non-urgently-needed entry and exit activities such as travel, visiting relatives, and friends of mainland residents.

However, although the notice stated that "strict examination and approval will be discouraged and restricted," there is no clear stipulation.

Director, when I set off from Guangzhou to Sydney on October 10, I met border guards repeatedly to confirm why I left the country.

The Consular Protection Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China reminds that it is necessary to pay close attention to the safety reminders issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and consulates abroad and the information on overseas epidemics, and fully assess the serious risks of cross-infection, staying abroad, and long isolation period that may be caused by current international travel ,Adhere to the principle of "non-essential, no travel", try to avoid traveling abroad when you are at home, and avoid long-distance cross-border movement when you are abroad.

In late March, Australia had begun to prohibit citizens and PRs from leaving the country unless they first applied for an exemption for specific reasons. At that time, it was regarded as one of the most stringent exit restrictions in major Western countries.

This week, the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne issued a reminder:

Recently, our museum learned that individual Victorian Chinese citizens originally planned to undergo COVID-XNUMX nucleic acid and serum IgM testing when transiting through Sydney, but after arriving in Sydney, the quarantine hotel only provided nucleic acid testing and could not provide serum IgM testing, resulting in failure to complete the “double testing” , Affecting the itinerary of returning home.

In view of this, the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne reminded Chinese citizens in Victoria that the border between New South Wales and Victoria is still closed due to the epidemic, and that they will be placed in a government-designated quarantine hotel when they return to the country via Sydney and are not allowed to go out on their own. Perform testing.Please be sure to do a "double inspection" in Victoria before transferring to Sydney and submit the report in time through the WeChat Mini Program of the International Version of Epidemic Prevention Health Code.

If you want to know more about "double inspection" related questions, you can check the "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Taking Flight with Double Negative Certificate of Nucleic Acid Test and Serum Antibody Test" published on our website or send an email to[email protected]Consult.

The National Cabinet of Australia passed the new crown vaccination policy yesterday.

Some temporary visa holders such as international students and working holidaymakers can vaccinate free of charge together with citizens and permanent residents.

However, holders of 771 transit visas, 600 visitor visas, 651 electronic tourist visas and 601 electronic travel permit visas are not eligible for free vaccination.

People can choose not to get vaccinated.However, the government stated that Australia or other countries may change their entry policies in the future:Passengers may be required to show proof of vaccination before entering the country.

Attachment: Australian Customs has released the "Needless to say I'm sorry" entry quarantine reminder video (Chinese version)

From January 2021, 1, if an immigrant deliberately conceals an item with a potentially high biosafety risk, the biosafety officer will have the right to issue a fine of up to A$1; and the right to cancel the visa based on biosafety-related reasons will Housing visitor visa holders are expanded to student visa and temporary work visa holders.

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